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Radiantly beautiful, timeless and humorous at the same time: Boucheron jewelry is pure expressiveness. From vintage to high-tech look or cute protection animals – look around you among manifold wonders!

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  • Sapphire (9)
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  • Turquoise (4)
  • Emerald (3)
  • Amethyst (2)
  • Citrine (2)
  • Garnet (1)
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  • 170 mm (1)
  • 19.0 (60) (1)
  • 222.2 mm (1)
  • 25.4 mm (1)
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  • 381 mm (1)
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Boucheron – in radiant beauty through the times

Brilliantly beautiful, timeless and humorous at the same time: Boucheron jewelry is pure expressiveness. From vintage to high-tech look or cute protection animals – look at these manifold wonders!


What makes Boucheron so distinctive?

  • Parisian chic with inspirations from faraway lands

  • prized by royalty

  • Animals as talismans

  • jewelry from vintage to timeless

  • haute joaillerie

Golden dreams with Parisian charm

The "Clou de Paris" is an important motif of the Maison, as it traces the paving of the Place Vendôme. In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron was the first jeweler to move his boutique to the legendary Place Vendôme, because the light was particularly beautiful there! 

But Boucheron's inspirations can also come from distant lands like Russia or the Orient.

The snake is the star of the Serpent Bohème collection. As a prehistory: Frédéric Boucheron gave a snake necklace to his wife Gabrielle as a symbol of protection before one of his journeys in 1888.

Boucheron also stylizes animals as protective companions in A Collection of Animals: every year this line receives a new member – see below for an overview.

All the exquisite pieces of jewelry are created from materials such as rose-, white- or yellow gold and platinum – paired with highlights of diamonds, coloured gemstones or ceramics.

His reputation precedes Boucheron – even Queen Mother Elizabeth took a special liking to a tiara of the Maison. Boucheron is now also part of the Kering Group, together with major brands such as Gucci and Pomellato.

How much does the French jewelry cost?

An official price list for Boucheron jewelry is hard to find. The jewelry is usually available from $1.000 - 20.000. In addition, you can of course purchase special treasures – particularly animal-shaped creations set with gemstones: a colourful hummingbird ring costs about $59,700, a swan bracelet with black sapphires about $ 80,500. The width of the jewelry and its diamond setting can sometimes influence the amount.

The price range is open at the top, as Boucheron has been in existence since 1858 and has breathtaking vintage pieces to offer! Haute Joaillerie is also part of the Maison's repertoire.

Selected Boucheron ring creations and their prices


 Price range

 Pieces of jewelry

 Boucheron Quatre

 $1,980 - 47,200


 Boucheron Serpent Bohème

 $870 - 33,700


 Boucheron Ava


 Engagement Ring

Overview: The most popular Boucheron collections

  • Quatre

  • Serpent Bohème

  • Jaipur

  • Bleu de Jodhpur

  • Clou de Paris

Boucheron Quatre – artistic, modern jewelry

The Quatre collection brings together gold varieties and artistic textures such as "Clou de Paris". Even colours such as black and white can set accents – and create a particularly modern high-tech look. Prices start at around $1,130.

The variants of Boucheron Quatre

  • Quatre Radiant Edition (the most expensive version)

  • Quatre Classique

  • Quatre White Edition

  • Quatre Black Edition

Good companions: A Collection of Animals

Every year, the Maison Boucheron adds another animal to its repertoire. The result is playful pieces of jewelry with creative names. Which animal should be your protective talisman?

Some fabulous Boucheron animals

  • Kaa, the Snake

  • Hans, the Hedgehog

  • Masy, the Chameleon

  • Shibli, the Lion Cub

  • Cypris, the Swan

  • Hera, the Peacock

  • Noctua, the Owl

  • Oulu, the Owl

  • Pégase, the Horse

  • Nuri, the Parrot

  • Hopi, the Hummingbird

  • Honu, the Turtle

  • Chinha, the Eagle

  • Fuzzy, the Leopard Cat

  • Nara, the Doe

  • Arctic, the Penguin

  • Arctic, the Polar Bear

  • Hirunda, the Swallows

  • Foxy, the Fox

  • the Falcon

  • the Wolf 

Rings from Boucheron – simply unmistakable

The Boucheron ring is available in many different forms. Be it the graphic Quatre ring, the characteristic Jaipur ring with an oval cabochon and horizontal and vertical ring patterns... or the humorous Tentation Macaron ring with matching earrings. Numerous animals are also available as ring motifs. Conclusion: Boucheron rings attract attention – maybe even a conversation start!

If you are looking for the ideal diamond ring for an engagement today – or you are already busy making wedding plans: Boucheron also offers a fantastic repertoire here!

The most popular wedding and engagement rings 

  • Quatre

  • Clou de Paris

  • Serpent Bohemian

  • Ava

  • Pivoine

  • Pont de Paris

  • Facet

  • Epure

  • Godron

  • Beloved

  • Eternelle Grace (high-priced version)

Practically speaking, there is often a jewelry collection of the same name. Because suitable bridal jewelry is indispensable for the ladies! For the men, a black wedding ring from the Quatre collection in a high-tech look becomes a special highlight.

Buy real jewelry by Boucheron secondhand online

Due to the long history of the brand, some Boucheron jewelry may be difficult to find. So it is worthwhile to have a look at our marketplace: Here you will find original Boucheron creations – both new and used. So even treasures that were thought to be lost come to light! And often at interesting prices. These are especially welcome when collecting different Boucheron animals or vintage pieces.

Please use our wish list to make comparisons – also under different brands! If you like animals that have become jewelry, you might also like collections like Panthère de Cartier. Or, in direct comparison to Boucheron Serpent Bohème: Bulgari Serpenti. Go ahead, have a look around the different offers!

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