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Carrera y Carrera is characterised by a unique style, imaginative designs and opulent pieces of jewellery in which gold and precious stones come to life.

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  • Sapphire (15)
  • Topaz (12)
  • Amethyst (8)
  • Pearl (8)
  • Quartz (8)
  • Citrine (5)
  • Opal (3)
  • Ruby (3)
  • Ametrine (1)
  • Aquamarine (1)
  • Tourmaline (1)
Length / Size
  • 19 mm (5)
  • 45 (4)
  • 53 mm (4)
  • 20.3 mm (3)
  • 42 cm (3)
  • 50 (3)
  • 101.6 mm (2)
  • 16.5 mm (2)
  • 199.4 mm (2)
  • 22.1 mm (2)
  • 28.4 mm (2)
  • 38.1 mm (2)
  • 41.1 mm (2)
  • 42 CMS (2)
  • 44 cm (2)
  • 54 mm (2)
  • 6 CMS (2)
  • 10.2 mm (1)
  • 11.4 mm (1)
  • 12.7 mm (1)
  • 17 mm (1)
  • 17.0 (54) (1)
  • 17.5 (55) (1)
  • 18 cms (1)
  • 18 mm (1)
  • 18.0 (57) (1)
  • 19 (1)
  • 20.5 (1)
  • 20.5 mm (1)
  • 21.8 mm (1)
  • 25 mm (1)
  • 25.4 mm (1)
  • 260.4 mm (1)
  • 31 mm (1)
  • 31.8 mm (1)
  • 33 mm (1)
  • 34.8 mm (1)
  • 36 mm (1)
  • 40 CMS (1)
  • 42 (1)
  • 42 mm (1)
  • 420 mm (1)
  • 431.8 mm (1)
  • 45 CMS (1)
  • 45 cm (1)
  • 48.3 mm (1)
  • 4CMS (1)
  • 50 cm (1)
  • 50.8 mm (1)
  • 52 (1)
  • 52 mm (1)
  • 53 (1)
  • 54 (1)
  • 55 (1)
  • 57.1 mm (1)
  • 6 ES 46 FR (1)
  • 6.5 US (1)
  • 6.9 mm (1)
  • 68 (1)
  • 7 ES / 47 FR (1)
  • 70 (1)
  • 88.9 mm (1)
  • 95.2 mm (1)
  • Ring size: 8 (1)

What makes the world of Carrera y Carrera so fascinating?

Carrera y Carrera stands out with their unique style, imaginative designs, and opulent jewelry. They use gold and precious stones to bring their creations to life. Read on to learn more about this exclusive Spanish luxury brand and their extraordinary craftsmanship.

What We Love About Carrera y Carrera

•       Unique, unmistakable designs

•       Endless imagination

•       Creativity paired with exceptional craftsmanship

•       A combination of power and beauty

•       Spanish character

Carrera y Carrera's Unique Style

Carrera y Carrera takes most of their inspiration from Mother Nature. The Madrid-based jewelry maker pairs symbolic and figurative designs to create their own signature style.

Another hallmark of this brand is its special matte-shine finish. It both adds to and completes each creation's unique character.

The unmistakable look of Carrera jewelry is what makes it so highly coveted. This is especially true of their imaginative, sculpture-like pieces made of matte-shine gold and massive gemstones. We know we can't get enough! Can you?

Bringing Animals to Life

This Spanish jewelry maker has been delighting fans with their spectacular, animal-themed collections for over 130 years.

Master goldsmiths work tediously to craft these works of art. Their detailed creations capture the subtleties of the animal kingdom. The resulting pieces are so realistic that they almost feel alive.

The Most Popular Carrera y Carrera Collections

The iconic brand started receiving international attention in the late 1970s. Two collections played a major role in catapulting them to worldwide success:

•       Bonadea: Detailed representations of hands

•       Edén: Inspired by love and the sensuality of the human body

Since then, this Spanish company has released innumerable other treasures.

Circulos de Fuego: From the Realms of Fantasy

The Circulos de Fuego is among Carrera y Carrera's most successful collections of all time. Inspired by East Asian cultures, dragons are at the heart of every design.

Good or evil, protector or destroyer? These mythical creatures appear in folklore across the globe. Dragons are unbelievably strong and symbolize luck in many cultures. This collection's jewelry is as diverse as the fantastical beings it's based on.

Circulos de Fuego contains pieces made of yellow, white, or rose gold, many of which feature gemstones. The selection of stones is nearly endless: from yellow and white diamonds to blue topazes, amethysts, rose quartz, and yellow sapphires. However, the collection's highlight is the classic, diamond-studded dragon ring in 18-karat yellow gold.

Aqua: Elegant Masterpieces Inspired by Water

The popular Carrera y Carrera Aqua collection celebrates the relationship between water and life. These fresh and refined creations pull you in with the interplay between these two concepts.

The pieces and their distinctive ornamentation are powerful symbols and good-luck charms. They're meant to strengthen your flow of energy and provide you with balance, vigor, and harmony.

With its curvy lines and paisley pattern, the classic Aqua ring is a brand icon. More recent rings – so-called "Reversible rings" – are dynamic and captivating in their own right.

Bestiario: Capturing the Animal Kingdom in Jewelry

Carrera y Carrera have dedicated the Bestiario collection to the brilliance of wild animals. Leopards, snakes, panthers, monkeys, and butterflies are just a handful of the creatures you'll find in Carrera's colorful zoo.

The Bestiario collection pays tribute to the strength, vitality, and unique characters of the animal kingdom. No other collection in this Spanish manufacturer's catalog is so full of life and energy.

The tiger ring is often considered this series' flagship piece. However, other masterpieces like the snake bracelet and leopard pendant have plenty of fans among the Carrera y Carrera faithful, including many celebrities.

Did you know that Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga all love Bestiario jewelry? These bold pieces add a wild note to their live appearances.

The Story of this Famous Brand

This legendary brand can trace its roots back to 1885, when Saturio Esteban Carrera founded a small jewelry shop. What was once a small workshop in Madrid is now one of the most important pillars of the Spanish jewelry industry and enjoys worldwide acclaim for its exquisite jewels.

It wasn't until Manuel Carrera, great-grandson of the company's founder, took over the business in the 1960s that the Carrera y Carrera brand truly began to flourish. Manuel revolutionized the entire industry with his unique, groundbreaking style.

The Carrera y Carrera team has preserved this style to this day. Modern pieces draw in fans with designs that apply Carrera's distinct aesthetic to the latest trends.

How much does Carrera y Carrera jewelry cost?

Carrera y Carrera stands for high-quality jewelry. They only use the finest gems and 18-karat gold to craft their works of art. Of course, all this luxury comes at a price.

It's difficult to find official list prices for Carrera y Carrera creations. However, prices for many bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and cufflinks begin around $1,300. That being said, prices in the mid-five-figures are par for the course.

For example, the Orquídeas (orchid) series within the Seda Imperial collection is an extremely exclusive line of luxury jewelry. These impressive jewels often cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Prices for especially exquisite pieces go up from there; for example, the Orquídeas necklace with 2,758 diamonds and 83 rubies costs almost $89,000 pre-owned. At $168,000, this necklace costs nearly double as much new.

Prices for Popular Carrera y Carrera Pieces

 Model name

 Price (approx.)

 Type of Jewelry


 Circulos de Fuego

 $34,500 - 45,500 


 Circulos de Fuego






 $5,700 - 7,300 




 $5,900  Ring



 $2,000 - 2,500 



 Mini Gecko

 $2,100 - 2,400 


 El Retiro

 Baile de Mariposa



 Baile de Mariposa


 $1,700 - 2,300 



 Caballo Amethyst

 $5,100 - 6,700 



 Baile de Bambu




Is it worth buying Carrera y Carrera jewelry second hand?

Many pieces from the most iconic collections are only available second hand. What's more, they are often offered at extremely fair prices, so it's worth checking out pre-owned jewelry.

Our marketplace is home to many treasures at very appealing prices. Perhaps one of them is the piece you've been dreaming of? Compare listings and find inspiration among our wide selection!

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