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Cartier represents elegance and luxury. Celebrities and royalty the world over turn to them for all their jewelry needs. Fittingly, it's a graceful big cat – the panther – that adorns many of this French jeweler's finest pieces.

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  • Cartier Love (329)
  • Cartier Trinity (147)
  • Cartier Panthère (103)
  • Cartier Juste un Clou (53)
  • C de Cartier (52)
  • Cartier Tank (38)
  • Cartier 1895 (18)
  • Paris Nouvelle Vague (14)
  • Le Baiser du Dragon (12)
  • Cartier Étincelle (11)
  • Cartier Pasha (11)
  • Cartier Amulette (9)
  • Cartier Diamants Légers (8)
  • Cartier Agrafe (8)
  • Cartier Diamond (4)
  • Hearts and Symbols (3)
  • Fauna et Flora de Cartier (1)
  • Cartier Trinity Ruban (1)
  • Pearl (24)
  • Sapphire (18)
  • Emerald (16)
  • Ruby (12)
  • Amethyst (6)
  • Garnet (6)
  • Quartz (5)
  • Aquamarine (3)
  • Citrine (3)
  • Peridot (3)
  • Tourmaline (3)
  • Jade (2)
  • Opal (1)
  • Topaz (1)
  • Turquoise (1)
  • UK (353)
  • France (339)
  • USA (300)
  • Russia (80)
  • Swiss (45)
  • Germany (42)
  • Belgium (24)
  • Netherlands (14)
  • Italy (6)
  • Poland (6)
  • Monaco (5)
  • Spain (3)
  • Newzealand (2)
  • Thailand (1)
Length / Size
  • Tour de doigt 5 (40)
  • 53 (28)
  • 51 (25)
  • 52 (22)
  • 50 (21)
  • 16 mm (16)
  • 54 (13)
  • 49 (11)
  • 5 mm (10)
  • 55 (10)
  • 17 mm (9)
  • 18 mm (9)
  • 6 mm (9)
  • Tour de doigt 4 (8)
  • 17 (7)
  • 18 (7)
  • 19 (7)
  • 19 mm (7)
  • 420 mm (7)
  • 50 mm (7)
  • 51 mm (7)
  • 52 mm (7)
  • 170 mm (6)
  • 49 mm (6)
  • 53 mm (6)
  • 55 mm (6)
  • Ring size 6.5 (6)
  • 54 mm (5)
  • 20 mm (4)
  • 21 mm (4)
  • 4 mm (4)
  • 400 mm (4)
  • 60 (4)
  • EU size 53 (4)
  • Ring size 5.75 (4)
  • 11 mm (3)
  • 15 mm (3)
  • 16.5 mm (3)
  • 177.8 mm (3)
  • 190.5 mm (3)
  • 25 mm (3)
  • 31.8 mm (3)
  • 35 mm (3)
  • 38 mm (3)
  • 38.1 mm (3)
  • 406.4 mm (3)
  • 410 mm (3)
  • 48 mm (3)
  • 56 (3)
  • 57 (3)
  • EU size 57 (3)
  • Ring size 4.5 (3)
  • Ring size 5 (3)
  • Ring size 5.5 (3)
  • Tour de doigt 6 (3)
  • 12 mm (2)
  • 14 mm (2)
  • 15.7 mm (2)
  • 165 mm (2)
  • 180 mm (2)
  • 199.4 mm (2)
  • 210 mm (2)
  • 23 mm (2)
  • 24 mm (2)
  • 25.4 mm (2)
  • 30 mm (2)
  • 390 mm (2)
  • 393.7 mm (2)
  • 425 mm (2)
  • 43 mm (2)
  • 45 mm (2)
  • 450 mm (2)
  • 470 mm (2)
  • 48 (2)
  • 5.2 mm (2)
  • 508 mm (2)
  • 58 (2)
  • 58 mm (2)
  • 6.4 mm (2)
  • 61 (2)
  • 62 (2)
  • 65 mm (2)
  • 7 mm (2)
  • 80 mm (2)
  • EU size 54 (2)
  • EU size 55 (2)
  • EU size 59 (2)
  • Ring size 49 (2)
  • Ring size 50 (2)
  • Ring size 6 (2)
  • Ring size: RW: (2)
  • 10 cm (1)
  • 10.8 mm (1)
  • 11.4 mm (1)
  • 110 mm (1)
  • 13,5 (1)
  • 13,50 cm (1)
  • 135 mm (1)
  • 14 inches (1)

Cartier: A Jewelry-Making Legend

Cartier jewelry plays many roles: It celebrates relationships, completes red carpet looks, and honors the small things in life. Does your style exude elegance? Then Cartier is the right brand for you!

What makes Cartier jewelry so special

  • A symbol of commitment
  • Makes the ordinary extraordinary
  • Narrow and wide pieces
  • Haute Joaillerie
  • Worn by royalty

Cartier Jewelry: Inspired by Life and Love

From nails to nuts and bolts, many everyday objects have inspired Cartier's jewelry. There are also pieces with bolder influences, such as panthers or cacti.

Cartier jewelry is the perfect accessory for any classic look. Their simple beauty and intricate details captivate the imagination. Anyone looking to make a statement will find a wide variety of diamond-encrusted pieces.

Maison Cartier's prowess is on full display with their refined jewelry in precious metals like platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold. The brand is also famous for their tricolor jewelry found in the Cartier Trinity collection. These pieces combine three different types of gold, each of which has its own meaning.

The most famous collections continue to add pieces in an ever-growing variety of widths, which you will find listed as follows:

  • XS: extremely fine
  • SM: narrow
  • Classic: medium
  • LM: wide

How much does it cost to own a French masterpiece?

Official list prices for Cartier jewelry begin around $600. However, prices for most pieces start between $1,000 and $30,000. From there, the sky's the limit. For example, a gold Panthère bracelet with emeralds, onyx, and over 700 diamonds costs around $274,000. The platinum Flora and Fauna Collier features over 650 diamonds that combine with emeralds to form a leopard print. Prices for this piece reach up to $389,000. Some pieces, especially Haute Joaillerie, are so exclusive that their prices are only available upon request.

How much does Cartier jewelry cost?

Collection Official list price Type of jewelry Reference number Material

Cartier Trinity


Ring SM


White, pink, and yellow gold

Cartier Love




Yellow gold

Cartier Love




Yellow gold

Juste un Clou




Pink gold

Cartier Panthère




Yellow gold, tsavorite garnet, onyx

1895 Wedding Band


Wedding ring



The Cartier Love: Forever Yours

What's more romantic than a bracelet that only your partner can put on and take off for you? It's no wonder that the so-called "Love bracelet" is so popular! However, to let you in on a little secret: As nice as the sentiment is, there are also models you can put on yourself.

FYI: Opening a Love bracelet usually requires a screwdriver provided by Cartier.

The Love collection is full of jewelry to show that special someone just how much they mean to you—especially the Love ring. There are even engagement and wedding ring models!

The Cartier Trinity: A Symbol of Devotion

The Cartier Trinity takes three rings and intertwines them into one complete piece.

The playful Trinity ring is the focal point of this collection. When Louis Cartier first conceived of it for the poet Jean Cocteau, Cocteau was immediately taken by the ring and turned it into an icon. Since then, generations of men and women have delighted in this ring and its timeless design.

The name "Trinity" is perfect for this collection since the original ring was composed of three rings, each in a different shade of gold with its own meaning:

  • Pink stands for love
  • Yellow stands for fidelity
  • White stands for friendship

This emotional combination makes Trinity jewelry the perfect expression of attachment and unity.

Discover Your Wild Side with the Cartier Panthère

It's no coincidence that a former "it" girl is responsible for this iconic design. Join Jeanne Toussaint and channel the untameable energy of the panther! This big cat is graceful, playful, and driven by a hunting instinct. Just between us: These pieces pair particularly well with jewelry from the Caresse d'Orchidées collection.

Are you looking for the perfect wedding ring? Then you're sure to have stumbled across the feline-inspired elegance of the "Maillon Panthère" series and its chain-like design. If you haven't, it's worth taking a look!

Juste un Clou: The Nail Reimagined

The Juste un Clou collection takes an everyday object and turns it into something extraordinary. More specifically, it celebrates the simple nail by transforming it into the perfect accessory for your next road trip or party.

This collection's bracelet is especially famous. It looks just as good on men as it does on women, making it a great way for couples to match!

Tip: Do you love to mix it up? Cartier's famous nail combines beautifully with the jewelry from the Écrou collection, which transforms nuts into works of art.

Cartier 1895: As Precious as Love Itself

Cartier Solitaire 1895 engagement rings have been sparkling with diamonds since 1895. There are also wedding rings, necklaces, and earrings with this year in their names.

The Cartier 1895 collection covers these major themes:

  • Solitaire 1895: engagement rings
  • 1895 wedding bands
  • Haute Joaillerie 1895

Are you looking to get engaged or take that next step? The classic beauty of the Cartier 1895 is made to accompany couples for their entire lives!

The French Jeweler's Early History

Goldsmith Louis-François Cartier founded the Maison Cartier in 1847. It took very little time for it to become one of the most in-demand Parisian jewelers. Louis' son and three grandsons made trips to England, Russia, India, and the USA to establish the brand among each country's members of high society and find inspiration for new creations. Bankruptcy threatened the company in the early 1900s, so Jeanne Toussiant joined the team in 1918 and eventually became Cartier's creative director in 1933.

Toussaint was the "it" girl of her time and best friend to Coco Chanel. She led an unconventional life. Her nickname was "la panthère" or "the panther," as she shared so many qualities with the feline predator: She was beautiful, strong, agile, clever, humorous, and bold. The panther first inspired a Cartier wristwatch in 1914 and later made its way into the brand's jewelry. Many of the era's most powerful women became clients of Cartier, including Wallis Simpson – the Duchess of Windsor, Barbara Hutton, Daisy Fellowes, and many other icons of the 20th century. The Cartier Panthère collection continues to be produced at regular intervals to this day.

Jewelry for Royalty, Loved Ones, and Strong Characters

With his creations, Cartier quickly established himself as the jewelry supplier to many of Europe's royal houses. Initially, this was limited to the diadems adorning royal heads. Cartier even crafted an opulent headdress for the Maharaja, which contained a 117.4-carat emerald.

Cartier has also played a role in some of the last century's greatest love stories. King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for his love, the divorced American actress Wallis Simpson. In 1936, he had Cartier create her engagement ring with the engraving "We are ours now." Another famous Hollywood icon, Grace Kelly, received a Cartier engagement ring from her beloved: Monaco's Prince Rainier. Her ring featured a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond.

The diadem Kate Middleton wore at her 2011 wedding to Prince William was lent to her by Queen Elizabeth II. Cartier originally created the piece for Elizabeth's mother, the Queen Mother, in 1936, who later gifted it to her daughter on her 18th birthday.

As you can see, Cartier has a long history of famous patrons to look back on. Men and women alike can't get enough of the brand, be it a social media influencer like Chiara Ferragni or the poet Jean Cocteau. Couples can even match one another, as Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton often did.

Cartier: Paving the Way with Gold!

Today, Cartier belongs to the Swiss luxury goods holding company Richemont. They are famous the world over for crafting iconic jewelry like the Love bracelet and Trinity ring, both of which have passion at their core.

Cartier jewelry also pays tribute to everyday objects. The nail-like Juste un Clou collection has earned a cult following! Everything Cartier touches turns to gold, even cacti! When they're not pushing boundaries, they're skilfully crafting classic pieces like those found in the C de Cartier series.

Jewelry from Cartier can do it all: It can be a token of love or simply a way to treat yourself. It can be bold, but it can also be elegant. Interested? Then go explore the different collections here on FineJewels24.

Cartier: An Investment for Life

Since the early 20th century, the Maison Cartier has been creating timeless jewelry and watches. Despite being designed decades ago, Cartier Key Pieces are still decidedly modern. That's what makes pieces from this storied brand an investment for generations to come. It could be a diadem studded with sparkling diamonds or a ring or bracelet passed down from mother to daughter. For many, Cartier is an important part of their family's tradition.

Buying Pre-Owned Cartier Jewelry: Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Due to this jeweler's long history, some pieces are extremely difficult to find on the Cartier website. Perhaps you'll come across one of those pieces on our marketplace. Here you will find authentic Cartier jewelry with a story to tell.

Another advantage to buying jewelry second hand is the price tag! With your savings, you can go back online to find the perfect necklace to match your Cartier ring.

Compare different listings by adding them to your wish list. It can also be a not-so-subtle way to point your partner in the right direction!

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