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Cartier Bracelets: Do you know the most popular ones?

More and more celebrity ladies are presenting themselves on the red carpets with the coveted Cartier bracelets. From Panthère and Trinity to Juste un Clou – they all adorn the wrists of Hollywood stars and delight the fashion and jewelry world! Have you also fallen for the unique charm of the French arm decoration?

Get to know the most popular Cartier women bracelets: What special materials do the designers use and what makes the jewelry so unique?

How Cartier uses precious materials to create breathtaking bracelets

Cartier stands for one thing above all: high-quality materials. The jeweler uses only the finest metals to make the coveted bracelets. Rare stones, sparkling diamonds and refined precision complete the French art of jewelry.

The style of the Maison is sublime over time, as the exclusive jeweler has always maintained a balance between tradition and modernity. Courage, passion and elegance also characterise the timeless gems.

But what convinces us most? The extraordinary love of detail in every single piece of jewelry!

These Cartier bracelets you must know!

You have definitely seen the iconic panther before! The famous nail bracelet will also tell you something. But you probably haven't seen all the creations of the Maison! We will take you on a little journey through the art of French jewelry for your wrist!

Panthère de Cartier: awaken the rebel in you!

Let's start with one of the most famous models of the luxury label: the Panthère de Cartier bracelet. This majestic animal has been part of Cartier's collections since 1914. The spirited beauty always presents itself from a different side – sometimes as a hunter, sometimes playful or cuddly like a cat. 

These contrasts are reflected in the bracelets: they are wild and elegant at the same time – like the panther. With emerald eyes, onyx snout and diamond fur, the Maison brings the creations to life: touching these Cartier bangles feels almost like stroking a panther. 

Juste un Clou: Cartier hits the nail on the head 

Do you know it – probably the most famous nail in the world? Juste un Clou is not "just a nail", it represents much more: It shows itself rebellious and unconventional, stands for innovation as well as tradition and makes clear that even everyday objects are special. 

Cartier's luxury accessory is a much seen jewel on the arms of prominent ladies. Twilight star Kristen Stewart, singer Rita Ora and numerous other stars like to wear the distinctive Cartier bangle around their wrists. 

Getting rid of it is not so easy either: a lot of skill or outside help is needed to get out of the stuck bracelet. Nevertheless we love this unconventional gem! 

Trinity de Cartier: The magic trinity of love 

Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Cartier Trinity bracelet is composed of three intertwined rings in yellow gold, white gold and red gold. Red stands for love, yellow symbolizes fidelity and white symbolizes friendship. Nevertheless each one is able to interpret the colors in his or her own personal way. 

A symbol of style and elegance, Trinity de Cartier is a signature piece of jewelry from the Maison. It is available in different versions, for example set with diamonds.

Celebrity ladies can't resist the stylish bracelet either: In addition to Anne Hathaway and Rachel Weisz, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz and Charlotte Casiraghi have also fallen under the magic spell of the three intertwined rings. Demi Moore, on the other hand, prefers to wear the leather bracelet version with integrated Trinity ring.

Clash de Cartier: opposites attract

Clash de Cartier is the collection of contradictions: the Maison's new creations embody classic forms and overcome them at the same time. The bracelets are jagged yet soft to the touch, geometric and rounded simultaneously, they are mechanical but still free to move. 

With these contrasts, the pieces of jewelry match both the wild and the elegant look: they are jewels for two worlds. 

What makes them so special? Clear lines meet a chic design with balls and square studs – the result is opulent, extravagant jewelry in keeping with the spirit of the times.

Cartier Love: a sign of eternal love

The popular Cartier Love Bracelet is THE symbol of passionate, everlasting affection. Created in New York in the 1970s, the bracelet seals love liberated from all conventions. 

Graphic screws and an elegant shape make the Love Bracelet a timeless, fashionable companion. You can have the screw bracelet set with diamonds, in yellow, white or red gold. We love the Cartier Love bracelet in yellow gold – which version do you like best? 

What other bracelet collections of the French jeweler are there?

With Ecrou de Cartier, the Maison transforms an everyday object into a contemporary work of art: the nuts embody a modern lifestyle that combines sophisticated values and revolutionary design. Energetic and exclusive at the same time, the Ecrou de Cartier bracelet makes a striking statement.

Amulette de Cartier presents enchanting bracelets and bangles with precious lucky charms. Coloured, natural gemstones such as malachite or onyx shine in the light of a diamond and appear particularly delicate. 

Breathtaking jewels on fine gold chains characterize the bracelets of the Diamond Légers collection. The Cartier diamond bracelets celebrate simple elegance and aesthetic pleasure, which are perfected by the king of stones. 

Daring, figurative and free-spirited: this is how the bracelets of the Cactus de Cartier collection can be described. Geometric or voluminous elements alienate the prickly plant – and it already shows its soft side. Decorated with diamonds and various gemstones, the beautiful cactus plant reveals different faces.

Inspired by Haute Couture, the Agrafe bracelets represent closures of a corset. The models set with diamonds express absolute elegance and refinement.

Not least: Striking Cartier bracelets for men

In addition to the iconic Love Bracelets, worn by both men and women, the Juste un Clou, Trinity and Ecrou de Cartier collections offer other chic models for the man of the world. 

The specially launched Santos men's jewelry collection is both simple and elegant. Distinctive screws and a fine mix of yellow gold and stainless steel characterise this special series. Our conclusion: Cartier can also make men's bracelets!

How much do Cartier bracelets cost?

A simple Trinity de Cartier bracelet with a black cord is available from $580. However, the price range extends up to $317,000 for magnificent white gold bracelets from the Juste un Clou collection. 

The largest selection is in the medium four to five-digit range. For just a few thousand dollars, you can get a coveted bracelet made of exclusive precious metals – for example the narrow Cartier gold bangle for $3,050.

Cartier bracelets: Price list

 Pieces of jewelry

 Official Price

 Clash de Cartier bracelets

 $6,600 - 52,500

 Ecrou de Cartier bracelets

 $6,600 - 18,700

 Agrafe bracelets

 $21,200 - 236,000

 Love bracelets

 $1,210 - 56,000

 Trinity bracelets

 $580 - 27,800

 Panthère bracelets

 $8,750 - 240.000

 Juste un Clou bracelets

 $3,050 - 317,000

 Amulette bracelets

 $1,780 - 4,450

 Cactus bracelets

 $65,500 - 208,000

 Diamants Légers bracelets

 $760 - 1,870


In addition to numerous used examples, you can find breathtaking new pieces of jewelry at attractive prices on our online marketplace. Be inspired by our offer and discover your new Cartier bracelet!

Cartier bangles – luxury on the wrist

Bangles made by Cartier inspire ladies and gentlemen all over the world. From wild Panthère to iconic Love to elegant Trinity: Each piece of jewelry captivates with its unique charm.

These are need-to-know creations

With the Trinity bangle Cartier has created an outstanding masterpiece. Three intertwined elements make this piece of jewelry very special. If you don't want to commit yourself to just one gold nuance – perfect! Then Cartier's Tricolor bracelet is definitely the right choice for you. 

To rebellious and unconventional jewelry lovers we recommend the Juste un Clou bangle. Cartier's famous "nail" shows how special an everyday object can be. With or without diamonds, this jewel is an absolute eye-catcher on your wrist.

In our listing of the most popular brangles from the famous French jeweler, following model should not be missing: the Cartier Love bangle. The cult bracelet is available in countless designs. Whether in white-, rose- or yellow gold, studded with gemstones or with sporty leather strap – this collection is fitting each style. 

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