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Cartier earrings: Do you know the 6 most stunning collections?

From cute Cartier stud earrings to impressive Cartier hoop earrings, all Cartier ear jewelry is timelessly elegant and beautiful. Explore now the most popular creations and discover the meaning behind them! 

  • With Cartier's Love earrings and their graphic screws, you can show your infinite love in an unconventional way: Whether yellow or rose gold, with or without diamonds – what makes the French pieces of jewelry unique are their handmade motifs. With great attention to detail they become an everlasting symbol of your eternal bond!
  • Cartier Trinity earrings are also full of romantic messages: with their three intertwined bands in rose, yellow and white gold, they stand for love, fidelity and friendship. Cartier earrings remind you of the most important moments in life and express a never-ending affection.
  • Daring and rebellious, the Juste un Clou earrings present themselves. The focus of the creations is an everyday nail, which inspires us because of its luxurious alienation. Whether with or without diamonds, with cartier nail earrings you are guaranteed to attract attention – from a road trip to a chic party!
  • You will find the jewelled wildcat in the the Panthère collection. Inspired by the elegance of the panther, the exotic Cartier Panthère earrings show their many facets: playful, untameable or extravagant – just as you like it! 
  • If you are looking for a companion for eternity, we recommend Cartier's diamond earrings. Filigree earrings for the daytime or elaborate diamond creations for the evening: Thanks to their design they always make for a glamorous appearance! 
  • Never out of fashion are Cartier pearl earrings, because the simple and timeless jewelry of the Maison is considered an absolute classic. Fascinating natural beauties from the depths of the sea enhance Cartier's luxurious designs for the ear and make them a charming accessory for every day.

How much do the most popular Cartier earrings cost?

The earrings of Cartier's Love collection are the most affordable: already for $1,370 you can get simple yellow or rose gold Love earrings. Prices range up to $5.000 for white gold diamond set Cartier Love earrings. 

Trinity models are part of your personal collection from $1.250, because that's what the classic Trinity earrings with three bands in white, rose and yellow gold do cost. If you like it more unusual, we recommend the white-gold version with black ceramic as well as 44 brilliant-cut diamonds for about $13,600. 

Exclusive pieces of jewelry from the Panthère de Cartier series reach prices between $11,200 and $169,000 according to the official list. You have to pay the former for yellow-gold earrings with tsavorites and onyx. For the latter, you can buy Panthère earrings with ten emeralds and 444 diamonds. 

The exceptional Juste un Clou earrings fetch prices ranging from $2,620 for trendy yellow gold creoles to $24,600 for white gold earrings with 176 diamonds.

In addition to numerous used Cartier earrings, you will find breathtaking new pieces of jewelry at attractive prices on our online marketplace. Be inspired by our offer and discover your new Cartier earrings!

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