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Cartier Necklaces: Have you already seen all the enchanting creations?

From Love over Panthère to Trinity de Cartier – the different necklaces of the French jeweler will take your breath away! Discover the elegant jewels and put the finishing touches to your outfit with a Cartier necklace!

What makes Cartier necklaces first class?

A Cartier necklace is the perfect choice for special occasions! The enchanting necklaces of the traditional house make every look special. Especially the Cartier diamond necklaces will make you an eye catcher! 

Cartier’s goldsmiths create these precious jewels by hand and with the utmost precision, so the name Cartier has always been synonymous with quality. With this philosophy, the company meets the high demands of its exclusive customers. 

The "King of jewelers" is particularly renowned for his ability to alienate everyday objects, to design cheeky creations and to create his models with his finger on the pulse of time. 

Here are the most popular Cartier necklaces

From simple creations to unusual designs, Cartier has a lot to offer. Let yourself be transported into the world of the French jeweler and discover his enchanting necklace!

Cartier Love necklaces: Forever mine, forever yours

Designed in the 70s, the models from the Love collection seal the love liberated from all conventions. Graphic screws, a perfect oval as well as clear lines give these splendours an incredible attraction that makes them unique. 

The coveted necklaces of the line are available in yellow, white or red gold, with one to three iconic Love pendants and with or without diamonds. How far do you go for love?

Cartier Trinity necklace: Iconic Trinity

Trinity necklaces captivate with their magical design: elegant, timeless and matching every look. The legendary Cartier pendants of the jewelry pieces consist of three movable, intertwined rings that are as mysterious as they are harmonious. 

The three rings are made of different gold alloys: White, pink and yellow gold – where red stands for love, yellow symbolizes fidelity and white symbolizes friendship. They thus embody a deep bond that lasts forever. 

Some Cartier Trinity necklaces are made of one single material, while for others the designers have chosen different precious metals to create special accents. They have also used ceramics or beautiful sapphires in the Cartier pendants. Which version do you dedicate to the love of your life?

Cartier Panthère necklace: discover your wild side

Inspired by the elegance of a cat, Cartier Panthère represents your indomitable side. The mystical predator has been part of the collections since 1914, and ever after has always revealed new facets: sometimes it is playful, sometimes cuddly, or it acts as a hunter in search of its prey. 

Colourful gemstones bring the animal to life: emeralds represent the eyes, onyx or sapphires the nose and fur of the panther. The wildcat positions itself differently on the pendant and nestles majestically against the neck of its wearer. We find: Each Cartier panther necklace is a perfect work of art! 

Amulette de Cartier necklaces: Capture your most secret desires

Precious lucky charms and valuable talismans of delicate structure distinguish the Amulette de Cartier necklaces. High-contrast materials, which appear simple and elegant at the same time, round off the overall picture harmoniously. 

What is so special? The pendants can be closed like a lock to capture your hidden desires. Impressive materials such as carnelian, malachite, mother-of-pearl, chrysoprase or lapis lazuli adorn the beautiful round amulets.

Juste un Clou necklaces: Cartier puts wood behind the arrow

A nail turns the jewelry world upside down! Cartier transforms an everyday object into a luxury accessory, delighting both men and women alike. Rebellious and unconventional, these jewels, which above all stand for freedom, express the spirit of the 70s.

The extraordinary necklaces of the line are available as a tight-fitting bracelet or as chains with a nail pendant. Do you like them better in white, yellow or rose gold? Set with sparkling diamonds or without precious stones? You have the choice – decide for yourself! We personally love the Cartier gold necklaces of this collection.

Clash de Cartier: Opposites attract

As a collection of contrasts, it embodies classic forms and overcomes them at the same time: we are talking about Clash de Cartier! Clear lines meet an exclusive design language – splendid, extravagant and totally trendy. 

With shiny studded pendants and balls, the necklaces represent forward-looking jewelry for women who want to show their rebellious side through filigree luxury. Because the necklaces match both the wild and the elegant look: Clash offers accessories for two worlds! 

Cactus de Cartier: necklace with 1000 faces

For those who like it more exclusive and unusual, the jeweler offers Cactus de Cartier, a daring and free-spirited line. Using geometric and voluminous elements, the Maison reveals the beauty of the prickly plants and interprets them in his own way.

The ”cactus plants” show themselves in different variations and reveal their innumerable faces. Precious stones such as spinel, lapis lazuli, aventurine or chrysoprase provide the multifaceted shape of the yellow and rose gold necklaces.

Cartier men necklaces: masculine and elegant at the same time

Cartier men chains underline the creative and timeless style of the jeweler. You can choose between a long Trinity necklace with three chains or a Santos de Cartier necklet in yellow or white gold. 

Also very popular with men is the stirrup necklace with its flat yellow or white gold plates. Discover the stylish Cartier necklaces for men and find your favourite!

Which stars wear Cartier necklaces?

Celebrity ladies love the luxurious treasures from Cartier! Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson loves to wear eye-catching Cartier statement necklaces on the red carpet. Model Jessica Hart also poses next to her colleagues with several bracelets, rings and a necklace – of course from the French jeweler. 

German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut has also fallen for the brand's charm: With a breathtaking Cartier necklace, she highlights her décolleté, matching earrings complete the noble look. It's not only the men's world that goes into raptures...

How much do Cartier necklaces cost?

A delicate Chaines et Liens necklace, which you can wear alone or in combination with other jewels, is available in the yellow-gold version from $570. A Les Oiseaux Libérés necklace in white gold with emerald beads and 477 diamonds can cost up to $251,000. In general, the prices of jewelry with "released birds" are very exclusive. C de Cartier necklaces belong to your treasures from $2,010. 

What do the most popular creations cost? For $1,300 you get a Trinity necklace in white, yellow and red gold. The coveted Cartier Love necklace in yellow or rose gold can be purchased from $2,160. The market value for a rose gold Panthère de Cartier necklace decorated with tsavorites is $2,990. 

In addition to numerous used pieces, you can find stunning new jewelry at attractive prices on our online marketplace FineJewels24. Be inspired by our offer and discover your new Cartier necklace!

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