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Cartier Rings: Trinity & Love

Two of the French jewelry manufacturer's best-known lines are "Trinity" and "Love." Even their names make clear which qualities the designers value in these lines:

  • Love: The word "Love" typically adorns the rings found in this collection, or they are studded with small diamonds. The rings are often used – as the collection's motto suggests – to celebrate the most beautiful day in a person's life: their wedding day. This model doesn't only stand out thanks its elegant design, but also by the materials that are used. High-quality 18-karat gold or platinum protects the rings from discoloration and damage, so that they can be worn for a lifetime.
  • Trinity: The word trinity means "a group of three," and the rings in the Trinity collection certainly reflect that. These rings consist of three intersecting lines, giving them a unique design that is both timeless and elegant. Sometimes, the individual components are made of a single material, and other times, the designers opt to use different materials such as white gold, yellow gold, and red gold to create special accents.

Silver Cartier Rings

Cartier exclusively uses gold as the base material in their production of rings. Ultimately, this material is decidedly more valuable than silver. It is also more resistant to environmental influences. Nevertheless, the rings can obtain a light silver sheen if white gold is used in their production. In this case, the portion of silver in the gold alloy is comparatively high; this, however, only affects the visual appearance of the jewelry and not its quality.

About Cartier

Since 1847, the name Cartier has been associated with elegance, luxury, and a touch of extravagance. The company's founder, Louis-Francois Cartier, crafted his jewelry by hand and with the highest precision, which quickly led to his success. Within a few years, the company grew to be one of the largest jewelry manufacturers, serving as supplier to the empress of France at the time, Eugenie, among others.

Today, Cartier still fulfills the high demands of its affluent clientele. Although the company is no longer family-owned, the characteristic traits of its products remain preserved to this day. Cartier is particularly famed for their leopard mascot, which is used in many rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Its eyes are typically fashioned from emeralds, and the dark spots in its fur from onyx or sapphires.

Cartier Rings for Special Moments

Nearly all Cartier rings are not only made from gold, but are also adorned with diamonds. Designers have many ways in which they set the stage for these particularly striking gems.

  • Some of the rings are blanketed with many small diamonds, so they sparkle brilliantly in all lighting conditions.
  • Other pieces of jewelry have a more refined look, whereby a single, large diamond is placed in the center of the ring.
  • Colored diamonds are frequently used as well. These are particularly rare and highly valuable.

Cartier diamond rings always exude a certain glamor. Under no circumstances will they be confused with simple costume jewelry; even a layperson will recognize the high quality of the jewelry. With so many options available, it's possible to find the perfect Cartier ring for every occasion.

Gold Cartier Rings

Gold is by far the most popular material among designers at this jewelry manufacturer. In the case of the Trinity collection, Cartier frequently relies on a mixture of three well-known gold alloys:

  • Yellow gold: Many rings are traditionally made from yellow gold, which displays a light yellow luster. It has a decidedly classic effect and is used for many wedding rings in the Love collection, for example.
  • White gold: In contrast, white gold almost looks like silver, since a higher quantity of this lighter precious metal is added to the gold alloy. Light diamonds coordinate well with white gold, as they lend the ring a brilliant shine and radiance.
  • Rose gold: Rings appear quite different, however, when the gold alloy is mixed with copper. The gold then shimmers with a slight reddish or copper hue, which often gives it a fresh appearance.

Regardless of the alloy used, Cartier always focuses on making high-quality gold rings. This means that Cartier rings have a gold content of 75 percent, which corresponds to a karat value of 18. This way, these high-quality pieces of jewelry are optimally protected against discoloration or weathering.

Cartier Engagement Rings

While Cartier's Love collection is cherished largely due to its high-quality gold and classic appearance, the engagement may call for something a bit more showy. Larger diamonds, in particular, are sure to bring a smile to your beloved's lips, making your special day even more unforgettable.

Cartier rings are perfectly suited for engagement rings, as many are adorned with particularly valuable diamonds. Often, the ring itself is kept relatively simple in order to not distract from the gem. The Cartier brand name is associated with elegance and class, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

Prices for Cartier Rings

Cartier rings are available in a range of prices. The exact price always depends upon the style of jewelry and its specifications. Models without diamonds can begin at a few hundred euros. Many high-quality rings, however, are only available at prices beginning at several thousand euros. In these cases, the company may use 18-karat gold and several diamonds in the design.

Cartier also frequently produces special unique pieces featuring the aforementioned leopard, with prices easily exceeding 15,000 euros; some individual pieces even cost upwards of 100,000 euros. If you can part with that type of sum, you'll receive an absolutely unparalleled ring bearing the unmistakable signature of this renowned jewelry manufacturer.

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