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Chanel jewelry

Chanel jewelry symbolizes French luxury and fine craftsmanship. The characteristic and recurring style elements include quilted ornaments, camellias, lions or pearl necklaces decorated with shooting stars and gold jewelry.

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Chanel makes hearts beat faster

There are many reasons why we love the French luxury label! Chanel jewelry enhances every outfit, no matter how simple. And the creations are a harmonious symbiosis between impeccable craftsmanship and a fascinating story of the company's founder Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, whose spirit can be found in many collections.

Why Chanel jewelry is the ideal companion for life

  • a sure guarantee of classic elegance

  • timeless, but still sophisticated designs

  • high-contrast jewelry icons

  • noble, high-quality materials

  • excellent quality

Chanel jewelry makes our eyes shine

Pearls, diamonds and gold as far as the eye can see. But Chanel inspires with a brilliant variety not only in the choice of materials.

We also find the range of jewelry designs really impressive: whether earrings with the famous CC insignia, golden logo brooches, opulent rings with quilted decoration or the classic multi-row Chanel necklace – women love the countless designs of the French luxury brand.

How much does the French chic cost?

At the Maison, the price range is as varied as the designs. The official price list for genuine jewelry starts at around $1,000. There is a particularly large selection of rings between $4,000 and $19,000, Chanel earrings are often between $4,500 and $22,000. Most necklaces cost between $8,000-$42,000 and bracelets between $7,000 and $31,000.

But there's even more exclusivity: if you dream of high-end jewelry, you can find it from around $125,000. As always, the price of these extraordinary creations depends on the gemstones used, but sometimes also on the amount of work involved.

Popular Chanel creations and their prices


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 Coco Crush Ring



 Baroque Ring



 Camelia Ring



 Camelia Bracelet



 Plume de Chanel Collier



 Comète Stud Earrings




Chanel's weakness for symbolism

The collections of the French traditional label are characterized by motifs from the cosmos of the mademoiselle: flowing ribbons, swinging fringes, the magic of the stars, the lightness of feathers, the penchant for Byzantine forms and symbols – such as the camellia or the lion – are found in many pieces of jewelry.  

The lion: a popular motif in Chanel jewelry

Born under the zodiac sign of Leo, Coco Chanel was fascinated by the graceful big cat, which is also the symbol of her favourite city Venice. The lion with all its radiant power is Chanel's source of inspiration. Like a talisman, he appears again and again in the creations of the Maison and is emblazoned on pendants, brooches or necklaces.

The king of all animals appears in the form of genuine jewelry in the "Sous le Signe Du Lion" collection. Characterised by a majestic power, the pieces in the line shine with a warm look.

The camellia: more than just a flower

Coco Chanel loved camellias – preferably in white. These enchanting treasures with their magnificent flowers are a symbol of luxury, harmony and purity.

But the mademoiselle's favourite plant is much more than just a flower – it is a source of inspiration for many creations. Because camellias possess a very special symbolic power for the Maison: as a sign of classical elegance and mysterious beauty, they lend a certain sophistication to the creations.  

Chanel even dedicates its own collection to the camellia. In ceramic or onyx, adorned with pearls or diamonds, the enchanting flower decorates rings, necklaces or bracelets of the "Camélia" line.

Timeless sophistication – the style of Chanel

Jewels of the French jewelry house enchant us with a special aura. The charismatic masterpieces guarantee a timeless and stylish look, for which Karl Lagerfeld has been responsible as creative director since 1983.

Anyone who now thinks that Chanel jewelry could perhaps be too simple or not exciting enough is far from it. Because the Paris-based company knows how to skilfully express its creations with: noble materials, striking designs and the perfect combination of traditional chic with innovative accents.

The style therefore undoubtedly has its own charm and that certain something: it is timeless and yet modern, elegant and yet irresistible.

Icons rich in contrast – Chanel jewelry in the mirror of contrasts

Chanel is the epitome of paradox, because the Maison simplifies the ultimate luxury. She is a true artist when it comes to combining the beautiful with the practical, to harmonize style and comfort.

Chanel does not choose between black or white – the French label loves both colours. Besides the striking colour scheme, there is one thing that is particularly typical: Chanel skilfully combines the real with the fake – costume jewelry with diamonds, resin bracelets with pearls – and creates truly contrasting jewelry icons.

Bijoux Bijoux – Popular jewelry collections

With its jewelry collections, the Maison shows a good hand for French luxury. These favourites are among the most popular collections of the house:

  • Coco Crush – a tribute to Coco Chanel's legendary quilting pattern, which adorns the handbags of this traditional company. The style of the collection is elegant and simple, yet refined and distinctive – very Chanel.  

  • Ultra – The graphic duo of black and white gives the high-contrast collection the highest level of expression.

  • Comète – Make a wish! Chanel brings shooting stars from the sky and makes jewelry pieces sparkle.

The preferred colours of the collections are black, white and different gold tones.

Chanel earrings: iconic accessories

Coco Chanel had a thing for earrings. The love for this special accessory lasts until today: Chanel earrings with the famous Double C logo are iconic and timeless.  

From simple golden ear studs, drop-shaped earrings and CC logo creoles to eye-catching glittering statement earrings, made of 18-carat gold or plated metals, accented with diamonds, cultured pearls or gemstones – the traditional label offers ear jewelry in many different designs and colours.

The Chanel necklace: a sophisticated must-have

A necklace from the house of Chanel undoubtedly embellishes the décolleté of the wearer. With its graceful yet eye-catching style, it goes with both a simple everyday outfit and an elegant evening gown.

Coco Chanel herself was seldom seen without necklaces, she especially loved multi-row pearl necklaces. Whether it is decorated with the trademark camellia, with a pompous CC pendant or classically made of glass beads – a Chanel necklace is an absolute it-piece and an expression of the highest sophistication.  

Chanel also focuses on costume jewelry

The French brand does not only offer exquisite real jewelry, but also the costume jewelry bears the luxurious signature of the house. Coco Chanel, who is considered the inventor of fashion jewelry, recognised its potential early on and specifically used it as a design element in her haute couture collections.

Fashion jewelry is found in the form of oversized statement earrings, decorative brooches or ear clips with the CC logo in numerous jewelry boxes.

Visually, it follows its own artistic standards. This makes it stand out strongly from the real jewelry of the popular brand: vibrant plain colours, opulent designs with striking ornaments and decadent materials such as artificial pearls run like a red thread through the collections. 

Mademoiselle Chanel – The woman behind the jewelry brand

The French Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, is without doubt one of the greatest fashion designers of all time. In 1910, she opened her first shop – a hat shop – in Paris' Rue Cambon.

In the 1930s, Coco Chanel turned her attention to the most precious of all stones: in 1932, she presented her first jewelry collection of diamonds in her private home under the name "Bijoux de Diamants".

Mademoiselle Chanel created the style of her jewels early on with this unique legendary jewelry line. Lightness becomes her credo, creativity a virtue. She simplifies jewelry settings, lengthens necklaces, removes clasps, arranges diamonds into stars and focuses on lines and designs – just like in couture.

Buy Chanel jewelry used

Used Chanel creations can turn out to be a worthwhile investment. The jewelry sometimes is more interesting not only in terms of price, but vintage models are also extremely sought after.

Especially vintage pieces and collections produced in the 1980s to 1990s have a considerable market. Collectors, dealers and lovers of the brand take every opportunity to get one of the iconic creations. It is therefore not surprising that the selling prices of used Chanel jewelry are usually many times higher.  

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