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Elegant, royal and unique: this is how the pieces of jewelry of the prestigious company from France can be described. For 235 years, Chaumet has been creating incomparable tiaras, jewels and timepieces that combine pure creativity with breathtaking craftsmanship.

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Chaumet: Do you know the secrets behind the luxury jewelry brand?

Elegant, royal and unique: that's how the jewelry of this prestigious company from France can be described. For 235 years, Chaumet has been creating incomparable tiaras, jewels and timepieces that combine pure creativity with breathtaking craftsmanship. We will guide you through the captivating history of the high-end jeweler and present you the most coveted jewelry collections. 

From court jeweler to one of the hippest retailers in Europe

France's history is clearly reflected in Chaumet's development: made at the famous Place Vendôme, these exceptional creations pay homage to the typical Parisian chic with its stylish and minimalist elegance. And other parallels can also be seen...

Chaumet & Napoleon: what does these two people link?

Founder Marie-Étienne Nitot made his name at the end of the 18th century with the marriage of Napoleon and Joséphine, which brought him his first generous commissions. He became the official jeweler of the imperial couple and finally one of the most sought-after jewelry retailers in Europe. Over time, the creative and innovative Nitot established a loyal clientele and later passed on his knowledge and sense of quality to his successors. 

How did the Maison get its name?

After a phase in which the jewelry was inspired by the Italian Renaissance, Paris revived its reputation as the capital of luxury – and the jewelry was increasingly oriented towards pomp and glamour.

Joseph Chaumet, considered a master of the Belle Epoque, married the daughter of a Nitot successor in 1885. He took control of the Maison and eventually gave it his name. 

Aigrettes – historical headdress made of heron feathers – and tiaras established themselves as icons of the French jewelry brand. From delicate tiaras to splendid forehead crowns, the jeweler made a wide variety of decoration to adorn the noble ladies and lengthen their silhouettes.

Chaumet and the playing with style

Typical for the 20s, the jewelry was given a geometric and boyish look. In the following years it presented itself in the Art Deco style and thus again much more feminine. Strong contrasts, the colours black and white, semi-precious stones and a touch of exoticism characterized the jewelry. 

The 30s also left their mark on the jewelry: The unique Chaumet style paired with modernity reflected the exclusive Parisian chic. From 1970 onwards, the boutiques increasingly offered gold jewelry by the French designer, studded with bronze, mother-of-pearl or hard stone.

The 3 most popular collections of Chaumet

From the classic ring to the noble necklace – Chaumet offers numerous pieces of jewelry to melt away. They all bear a special signature and celebrate femininity full of radiance. We present you the three most sought-after collections of the French jewelry house: Which one will win your heart?

Chaumet Bee my Love – the golden bee as a tribute to Napoleon

As a sign of everlasting power, the golden bee adorned Napoleon's apartment as well as his clothes. Therefore Nitot – as the official jeweler of the emperor – designed various pieces of jewelry which depicted the busy bee or reminded of honeycombs with their graphic shapes. 

Over time, the insect established itself as the signature motif of the house. Graceful, impressive and with a special recognition value, the jewels present themselves – inspired by the lightness and purity of the black and yellow little animals. 

The elegant rings and bracelets of the Chaumet Bee My Love collection can be perfectly matched, so you can combine them according to your taste. From a single delicate piece of jewelry to a personal collection, the range offers you limitless variations and an infinite mix of gold and diamonds. With each creation, you'll capture a unique moment and remember it over and over again. They express your personality and stand for your very own story. 

Chaumet Liens – forever connected

Intense like passion and at the same time free like love: the jewelry pieces of the Chaumet Liens collection stand for unique moments that connect two people forever. Significant stages of life and special relationships can be linked with these breathtaking jewels.

The motif of delicate intertwining appeared in Chaumet's designs as early as 1780 and has been emphasizing true friendships ever since. What distinguishes these playful pieces of jewelry is their filigree geometry and intersecting bonds – as a symbolic link and expression of love.

Chaumet Joséphine – inspired by Napoleon's great love

Inspired by Joséphine, who reinvented her outfits day after day and popularised her own vision of elegance, the Maison launched a collection of the same name. Guided by the exquisite taste of the Empress, the iconic jewelry embodies the elegant and graceful style of Chaumet's Muse. 

Extravagant gemstones, contemporary creativity and tapered shapes reminiscent of tiaras characterize the Chaumet Joséphine collection. With bright colours and magical pearls, the cult collection reinvents itself and radiates more beauty than ever before. 

These stars love Chaumet

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, two celebrity ladies provided breathtakingly beautiful moments. At the premiere of "Le Redoutable", actress Bérénice Béjo represented the glamour of the 1920s with a lot of style, avant-garde and white gold diamond earrings from the La Nature de Chaumet collection. 

Cannes juror Uma Thurman shone with her sapphire and diamond-studded earrings from the same collection, which also made for a glamorous appearance.

With Sophie Marceau and Caroline of Hanover, other Hollywood divas also fell for the French jeweler's extraordinary masterpieces.

How much does Chaumet jewelry cost?

Chaumet does not disclose the prices of its rings and co. However, you should calculate a medium four-figure sum for many splendid pieces. It is therefore always worth looking for jewelry with a past. 

In addition to stunning new pieces, you will find numerous used Chaumet jewelry at attractive prices on our online marketplace. Let yourself be inspired by our offers and discover your new Chaumet ring, bracelet or necklace!

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