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Pure craftsmanship distinguishes the breathtaking pieces of jewelry of the American brand. Behind each collection hide the personal stories of the artist couple David and Sybil Yurman, which make the creations something very special.

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The secret behind David Yurman's spectacular creations

You have never heard the name David Yurman? Now is the time to learn more about the American jewelry manufacturer! The brand has to offer breathtaking creations, that are worth getting to know.

We want to show you our all time favourite collections and reveal the secrets behind the mesmerizing pieces of David Yurman.

What you should know about the history of the brand

At the age of 15, Long Island raised David Yurman got to know the Cuban Ernesto Gonzalez. Gonzalez taught him different welding techniques, which he still uses in his works today. Most of the pieces still reflect the special techniques and that is what distinguishes the Yurman jewelry from other brands.

Yurman met his future wife and business partner, the painter Sybil Kleinrock, at the end of the 60’s. Together, they experiment with different materials and design jewelry with an artistic touch.

The brand David Yurman was established in 1980 and turned into one of the most coveted jewelry brands worldwide.

What makes David Yurman jewelry so special?

The jewelry pieces of the American company are marked by their artistic design: the designers create jewels made of sterling silver and gold, but are best known for their blended metal designs.

David Yurman was also one of the first jewelers that set diamonds in silver, to turn them into an everyday luxury item. He is also internationally known for his innovative stone cuts –  especially for the exceptional pillow cut, which is used in the Albion collection.

Take a look at our all time favorite collections

From the legendary Cable bracelets to inventive new creations – all of the Yurman designs express carefree American luxury. Learn more about the artistic repertoire of David Yurman!

Cable: Yurman’s trademark and his home

The renowned signature collection of the American company presents as a twisted helix, the ends decorated with colored gemstones. The desired Cable bracelet and corresponding designs were introduced in 1983 under the name “Renaissance”.

How it all began: As a gift for his beloved wife Sybil, developed by himself, with an innovative technique."There’s nothing I don’t like about Cable. I feel totally at home and embraced by the form.” David says about his masterpiece.

In the meantime, “Cable” evolved into the most consistent collection, connecting all the designs. What inspired him to create this gem?

“Occasionally, I made the rebellious decision to play hooky and visit a wooded area with beautiful trees encircled with enormous hanging vines, so strong you could swing on them. It was a visceral connection with a natural form.”

Buckle: A wild love (story) that never ends

David Yurman’s Buckle collection is iconic: gold and silver merge into a timeless clasp design, effortlessly connecting present and past. Especially Yurman’s ring creations are true pieces of art. What inspired the creator?

Encouraged by his father’s untameable love for horses, David learned how to ride a horse as a little boy. He was fascinated by the freedom he felt, when riding a horse. Up until today he still sits in the saddle regularly and also partakes in dressage- and riding-tournaments.

Novella: The New Interpretation of Renaissance 

David Yurman presents the Novella collection as a derivation of the original Renaissance pieces. The collection enhances the iconic creation with bold, architectural forms and presents itself with colorful gemstones.

His great love for Italy was the inspirational source for this collection: The light, art and architecture of the country had left a lasting impression on the couple’s minds. The Italian flair greatly reflects in the outstanding design of these masterpieces.

Tides: Ebb and flow combined in Jewelry Pieces

Exquisitely drawn designs are the highlight of the Tides collection, in which Yurman captures the beauty and the airiness of nature.

Inspired by a trip to Formentera,the pieces visualize the cycles of the ocean and thus create a meditative moment. For example, the diamond beset sterling silver hand reminds of a walk on the beach in the moonshine. “Everything we design is a reflection of our experience in life”, Sybil says.

Yurman’s Jewelry for the modern man

David Yurman also creates exceptional jewelry for men, using materials such as Titanium, coal fibers and meteorite. The Indie 500 collection is inspired by the world of motorsports, in which smallest details make all the difference. Thus, all pieces are made with highest accuracy.

Yurman’s most recent collection, Meteorite, consists of rings, bracelets, cufflinks and identity disks – made of 4-million-year-old Gibeon-meteorite.

Stars love David Yurman Jewelry

The VIPs of this world adore Yurman’s creations: Stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lawrence or Catherine Deneuve proudly wear his designs.

At her debut as a Director, Angelina Jolie wore a 18-carat, pearly Yurman Cable bracelet. Same state, different star: Sarah Jessica Parker glamorously touches up her look with a pinky ring of the designer.

Did you know? Pinky rings are currently very much in demand!

What are the costs for David Yurman’s popular pieces?

You can already buy a simple pair of sterling silver Cable earrings for $275. The price range within this collection reaches a maximum of $37,500 for a 18-carat white gold diamond bracelet.

A yellow gold Buckle ring you can buy at around $595. The matching bracelet with rubies and diamonds is circa $10,500. Rings from David Yurman’s Novella-Collection are $850 and above.

A little more exclusive is the David Yurman bracelet from the Tides collection. You can buy the diamond bracelet for around $19.000. For circa $2200, the matching sterling silver Yurman necklace is a bit more affordable. 

In addition to breathtaking brand new jewelry pieces, you can also find a vast number of pre-loved David Yurman pieces on FineJewels24. Be inspired by our selection of the finest and most recent David Yurman jewelry!

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