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De Beers jewelry

As arbiters of the finest and rarest diamonds, the De Beers name is recognized the world over. Discover the De Beers collection and revel in the Fire, Life and Brilliance of each unique and iconic piece.

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De Beers Jewelry— Fire, Life and Brilliance

As arbiters of the finest and rarest diamonds, the De Beers name is recognized the world over. Discover the De Beers collection and revel in the Fire, Life and Brilliance of each unique and iconic piece.

De Beers history—a century of excellence

After more than a century working within the diamond industry, De Beers is synonymous with those most precious and alluring of stones. However, it wasn’t until 2001 that the larger mining company began its foray into the world of designer jewelry. As a joint venture between De Beers diamonds and Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), De Beers the Jewelers began life in typically extravagant style; purchasing the 203 carat Millennium Star diamond as its showpiece. 2002 saw the first De Beers store open in Bond Street, London, followed quickly by a Tokyo store in 2003. Today, De Beers jewelry operates more than 30 stores worldwide, bringing its unrivalled excellence in the jewelry craft to the international stage.

Artistry and craftsmanship walk hand in hand with De Beers jewelry. From inspiration and design to pioneering manufacturing techniques, each series within the De Beers collection maintains a singular appeal that lasts a lifetime. 2009’s delicately feminine Enchanted Lotus collection epitomizes this commitment to excellence, taking its cue from the natural world to shape an organic range of inimitable pieces. This was followed by the Swan Lake High Jewelry collection in 2011 to commemorate the first six Chinese stores to open—a collection that once again came to define the De Beers legacy with its grace, control and exceptional form.

Diamonds are forever—De Beers jewelry

The now iconic De Beers slogan ‘A diamond is forever’ was first introduced in 1947, and its enduring appeal is an undeniable part of the De Beers legacy. The De Beers jewelry collection showcases this same lasting charm—combining the finest materials with diamonds of the very highest quality. The De Beers collection now includes all types of jewelry, from wedding bands to bracelets, rings to watches, pieces exhibiting a sophistication that takes inspiration from the women who wear them. Specialist items within the High Jewelry collection also capture this timeless elegance in stunning artworks direct from the De Beers artisans.

De Beers jewelry caters for the most important occasions and events in life—serving as an eternal symbol that will remain long after the celebrations are over. The Bridal Collection brings together wedding inspiration and traditional rings alongside the most memorable jewelry for the big day. Additionally, engagement rings appear in a number of collections, including the De Beers Classics, De Beers Aura, The Promise, Adonis Rose and many more. The De Beers difference is always plain to see, with jewelry of exquisite and impeccable ancestry.

The 4Cs—carat, color, clarity, cut

The Deer Beers collection is based on its longstanding love of the rarest and most precious stones in the world. Diamonds are what De Beers does best. In fact, the De Beers Group is credited with formulating the first and most widely used diamond verification system—the 4Cs. As the name suggests, each diamond used within the De Beers jewelry collection is rated according to four qualities. These are:


The weight of the diamond and size according to its dimensions. Carats have long been used to grade diamonds on a rising scale.


An alphabetic measurement from crystal clear to yellow on a scale of D to Z. De Beers believes that the range of colors available can be chosen based on personal taste.


As judged on the presence of internal blemishes and other characteristics. Graded on a scale of F (flawless) to I3. De Beers does not use diamonds lower than SI2 (Slightly Included 2).


Graded from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’, the cut appraises a diamond’s facets and its ability to transmit light and sparkle. Anything below the ‘very good’ rating is not used by De Beers.

De Beers—Jewelers of Light

De Beers is known as the Jewelers of Light—a fact encapsulated within every diamond and piece of jewelry ever crafted by their artisans. By celebrating these unique stones, and the women who wear them, De Beers diamond jewelers reveal natural beauty in its purest form. Individually selected and manufactured with an uncanny attention to detail, every piece tells a story of luminous femininity and exceptional artistry. Put simply, the De Beers Difference is instantly recognizable.

Fire, Life and Brilliance are always at the fore with De Beers jewelry, and each diamond is handpicked for its own prismatic qualities. Transparency bestows brilliance on each stone and De Beers carefully pairs the right diamonds with every single piece. In fact, the De Beers craftsmen base their selection on much more than the 4Cs, ensuring every diamond embodies the true symmetry and alignment of all eight facets of its form.

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