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Fred Paris jewelry is best described as lively, bright, eye-catching, and elegant. The brand's catalog includes sporty-chic bracelets, gem-encrusted necklaces, and everything in between.

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Fred Paris: Luxury Jewelry for Everyday Life

The Parisian luxury brand, Fred, crafts jewelry that exudes a unique sense of glamour. Many of these understated elegant creations are modest enough to wear every day.

Fred Paris has something for everyone, from sporty stainless steel pieces and trendy rose gold jewelry to diamond-studded treasures. Let's explore this diverse catalog together!

What We Love About Fred Paris:

•       Modern signature pieces

•       Unconventional designs

•       Casual elegance

•       Sporty-chic creations

•       Bold colors

Approachable French Fashion

This French maison has been producing colorful, multi-faceted pendants for decades. Despite their penchant for statement pieces, Fred Paris also creates modern jewelry meant for everyday life. 

Many of the company's signature pieces have become industry icons thanks to their timeless shapes, ability to mix and match, brilliant colors, and fine materials. Jewelry from Fred defines casual-chic and brings a touch of simplicity into the complicated world of luxury goods.

Fred Paris: Master of Mixed Materials

Fred Paris has always had a creative approach to combining materials. In fact, the first piece they ever produced united precious gold with hearty stainless steel, a fascinating blend of opposites.

This tradition continues to this day. For example, you'll find yellow, white, or rose gold on leather or textile cable bracelets. Sparkling diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or amethysts are also commonly added to the mix. Moreover, some pieces feature enamel or mother-of-pearl elements.

The Freedom to Be Yourself

This Parisian brand constantly reminds us of what jewelry truly represents: freedom. In keeping with this philosophy, many Fred collections feature customizable options. Wearers can exchange one element for another and match their jewelry to their current mood.

Fred's craftsmen are constantly developing sophisticated designs and new techniques. For example, they craft rings and pendants with exchangeable cabochons. You can also mix and match bracelets and clasps from different collections.

Sailing into Success

When browsing through the Fred catalog, it's impossible to ignore this brand's passion for the sea and sailing. In 1966, Fred Samuel, son of the company's founder, had the idea to twist two cables together and turn them into a bracelet using rivets and a buckle; and thus, the Fred Force 10 was born. It remains just as popular today as it was when it debuted.

By transforming a simple marine cable into a piece of jewelry, Fred Paris revolutionized the jewelry industry. The company continues to ride the wave of that success to this day.

Chic, Cool, and Glamorous: The Force 10 Bracelet

Inspired by braided marine cables, both men and women can't get enough of the Force 10 bracelet. While some pieces are simple and sporty, others are downright luxurious.

The Force 10 invites you to make it your own by switching out the various components. The cable options are nearly endless, from simple leather and textile bracelets to elegant gold chains.

The leather and textile versions come in a wide array of colors. You can choose from a variety of bright neon hues, lively orange, delicate rose, classic navy blue, and many more! The buckles are available in various shades of gold or ceramic. For something a bit more glamorous, there are also buckles with glittering diamonds and other colorful gemstones.

As you can see, this bold icon is the epitome of casual-chic style. It's modern, subtly glamorous, and fit for everyday use.  

Pain de sucre: Interchangeable Jewels

It's no secret that Fred Paris are masters of innovative material combinations. The company released another groundbreaking creation in 2013: jewelry with interchangeable cabochons.

The "Pain de sucre" (French for "sugar loaf") collection was a smash hit. Its sophisticated design allows the wearer to switch out the stones to their heart's desire. There are 25 cabochons in various sizes to choose from, including lapiz lazuli, quartz, and topaz. Each can be snapped into place on any of the collection's rings or necklaces.

A Stone Gauge Pendant?

In the 1970s, Fred Paris released a pendant inspired by one of a jeweler's most important instruments: a stone gauge. You can use this pendant to measure a diamond's size.

Turning such a practical tool into a valuable piece of jewelry only added to Fred Paris' legendary reputation and is further proof of this brand's unconventional style.

The Most Popular Fred Collections

•       8°0

•       Baie des Anges

•       Belles Rives

•       Une Ile d'Or

•       Success

Fred Samuel: Founder, Adventurer, and Passionate Jeweler

Born in 1908 to an Argentinian dealer of precious stones, Fred Samuel developed a passion for cultured pearls early on in life. He opened his first shop in Paris in 1939 and quickly rose to prominence as the jeweler to stars like Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich.

In the 1950s, Samuel's interest in diamonds and other precious stones grew. His colorful and opulent jewelry earned him a dedicated following among South Asian royalty.

His sons took the business to new heights throughout the 1960s. Together, they helped make the brand's innovative creations, including the Fred Force 10 bracelet, an international success.

Fred Paris joined the LVMH group in 1995, thus beginning the next chapter of this company's exciting history. Other brands, such as Bvlgari, also belong to LVMH.

How much does Fred Paris jewelry cost?

Prices for Fred pieces are as diverse as the collections themselves. Official list prices begin around $260 for exchangeable bands and $890 for individual cabochons. The vast majority of Fred creations cost between $1,300 and $21,000.

Of course, this maison also crafts more exclusive pieces with higher price tags in the low to mid-five-figure range.

However, that's far from the upper reaches of their price range. For example, the Pain de sucre collection features a necklace worth about $154,000. This necklace is encrusted with various gemstones, including 1,272 diamonds.

Prices for Popular Pieces


 Price (approx.)

 Reference number

 Force 10 Diamond Bracelet



 8°0 Bracelet



 Force 10 Necklace



 Belles Rives Necklace



 Success long Necklace



 8°0 Ring



 Pain de sucre Ring



 Baie des Anges Earrings



 Buying Fred Jewelry Second Hand

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