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The British luxury jewelry brand Graff stands for diamonds like no other label. No wonder, since the company has acquired some of the most expensive gemstones in the world – and uses them with brilliant skill in rings, necklaces and bracelets.

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Graff – jewelry for big appearances

Whoever wears Graff is the centre of attention: sparkling diamonds attract attention! If it has rare colours, such as bright blue, this deepens the fascination. Does it also cast a spell on you?

Diamond highlights by Graff

  • splendid diamond jewelry

  • Fancy diamonds in blue, pink and yellow

  • Numerous finishes

  • Precious rarities

  • Rings for Eternity: Wedding and Engagement

Graff diamonds: rare perfection

Graff gained his unparalleled reputation in the world of jewelry by purchasing some of the largest and most famous diamonds – in order to process them into unique pieces of jewelry:

  • 2017: Lesedi La Rona diamond for approximately 53 million dollars

  • Emperor Maximilian Diamond

  • Blue Wittelsbacher diamond

It is therefore hardly surprising that Graff jewelry is one of the most sought-after and expensive in the world. Even the first glance at the pieces of jewelry shows: the heart of the London company beats for sparkling diamonds. And they like to shine in colours like yellow, blue and pink!

Emeralds, rubies and sapphires also provide colour. The basic materials of jewelry include platinum and different alloys of gold.

What does Graff jewelry cost?

In the luxury segment, pieces of jewelry by Graff certainly belong to the upper price category. After all, the designers are almost lavish with diamonds, each piece of jewelry sparkles in all directions even in low light. In addition, many rings and necklaces are truly unique, they are made for special occasions or on request.

An official price list for Graff creations is hard to find. Usually these prices are specially requested.

With us you can find the exquisite pieces of jewelry from about $3,400. Between 15,000 and 100.000 dollars you will find the largest selection. Even highlights up to $350,000 are not uncommon. From this price you can even afford a solitaire that shines with different coloured diamonds!

In terms of price, the rarity value of the diamonds used is also a decisive factor: Bright pink and blue diamonds, for example, are a scarce commodity! And since Graff sometimes presents pink diamond necklaces at 57.94 carats on his site, we can also say: the price is open at the top.

Since Graff does not produce costume jewelry, the focus is exclusively on high-quality products. In this respect, there is no possibility to fall back on a cheaper collection. But Graff necklaces, rings and co. are absolutely worth the high price. Whoever owns such a piece of jewelry clearly stands out from the grey masses and sets an example.

Popular Graff pieces of jewelry and their prices

 Theme world

 Medium price range 

 Piece of jewelry


 $7,000 - 85,000 



 $8,500 - 56,500 



 $4,500 - 44,000+ 

 Wedding Ring


 $9,000 - 19,000+ 

 Engagement Ring


Butterfly and nature as trademarks

But diamonds – and usually the highest quality ones – are not the only trademarks of the London-based company. Many of the high-quality pieces of jewelry have natural motifs, such as a butterfly or a flower.

Flowers: Also popular with pendants and rings are flowers, such as the lotus. Just like butterflies, the plants have a colourful and life-affirming effect – and this is exactly what Graff jewelry aims for. The designers often interpret the shapes of the flower relatively freely to create unique and refreshingly different looking pieces of jewelry.

Butterfly: The designers choose the butterfly because the animal stands for elegance, joie de vivre and bright colours like no other. The wings in particular offer plenty of scope for Graff's creativity, they can be skilfully set off with a wide variety of diamonds. In addition, the shape is absolutely timeless, even decades ago rings and pendants were produced as butterflies. 

Look forward to numerous sub-collections like:

  • Classic Butterfly

  • Triple Pavé Butterfly

  • Pavé Butterfly

  • Princess Butterfly

  • Butterfly Silhouette

Rhythm is in the blood of the collection

A special collection by Graff bears the name "Rhythm". As the name suggests, the jewelry line aims at movement, vitality and pure bliss. The energy that music generates in the ears of all people should also be reflected in the rings of the collection. This energy is created by the elaborately curved forms of the rings. The diamonds also have a unique cut, which forms a playful flow with the base of the ring.

Of course, diamonds are also used for these rings. However, Graff deliberately avoids colours or the butterfly or lotus patterns. White diamonds are used to focus on the curved lines and shapes of the ring, rather than on particularly colourful patterns. This makes the jewelry look much more elegant and reminds in a certain way of ballet dancers.

Some other Graff collections at a glance

  • Classic Graff

  • Bombé

  • Bow

  • Nuage

  • Snowfall

  • Swirl Rings

  • Carissa

  • Peony

  • Icon

Graff Rings: Also a good choice for lovers

Already because of the high price and the manual processing of the pieces of jewelry Graff rings are something very special. If you are looking for an engagement ring, you have the chance to make the big day even more unforgettable. Graff has even designed its own collections especially for this occasion, which will put a radiant, fascinated smile on every woman's face. Even the names of the ring collections sound like inseparable love:

  • Paragon

  • Promise

  • Fleming

  • Legacy

  • Star Flower

  • Constellation

  • Twin Constellation

  • Icon

Laurence Graff Signature

Look forward to diamonds of the highest quality! The centre of each ring is a stone that is guaranteed to attract all eyes: From the heart cut to the Marquise diamond ring – find your favourite Graff design! You can find them for amounts starting from approximately 9,000 dollars. With the large selection of diamonds in different numbers, sizes and colours, the price for an engagement ring is open at the top.

Graff also offers unforgettably beautiful variations of commitment to eternity in the form of dreamlike wedding rings. For men as well as for women. The suitable wedding jewelry should not be missing: The fine selection ranges from diamond-studded cross pendants to tiaras!

Only the largest diamonds in the world

The so-called Lesedi La Rona diamond is the most expensive diamond that has ever been sold. For about a year Graff tried to acquire this unique object, which weighs a total of 1,109 carats, according to his own statements. The "sister diamond" had already been purchased a few months earlier, and still weighs around 373 carats. Now, according to the company, the two most fascinating diamonds in the world are once again united where they are appreciated: at Graff.

Of course, both diamonds have not been used in jewelry. But the purchase makes clear what Graff stands for: exclusive, absolutely high-quality and unique pieces of jewelry. Especially rings, earrings and necklaces have impressed the designers, which are brought to the market in different lines. But Graff also produces unique pieces, whose owners can consider themselves absolutely lucky.

From individual enterprise to a worldwide luxury label

Graff has its origins as an individual jewelry shop in the London jewelry district of Hatton Garden. Founded in 1962 by Laurence Graff, the company is today known for its exquisite jewelry and its commitment to the most wonderful diamonds. Anyone dreaming of creative diamond jewelry in brilliant colours from white to pink will find happiness in a Graff creation! Pssst... maybe there is even a real rarity.

Buy Graff creations online

On our platform you will also find used Graff jewelry. So you can discover rare treasures that are hard to find even on the Graff website.

We also offer comparisons with other brands: diamonds are also the stars of the playful Chopard Happy Diamonds collection. And if you particularly like Graff Butterfly, Tiffany offers enchanting alternatives with a butterfly motif!

The wonderful Graff creations are perfect as gifts. Create a FineJewels24 wish list to give your partner ideas for Valentine's Day. After all, Graff offers the one or other beautiful engagement ring!

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