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Gucci jewelry is anything but modest. What other luxury brand uses graffiti aesthetics or creates their own mythical creatures? Discover this Italian label's fascinating world of masterful designs and jewelry!

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  • Gucci Horsebit (29)
  • Gucci Icon (27)
  • Gucci Running G (22)
  • Le Marché Des Merveilles (15)
  • Gucci Bamboo (10)
  • Gucci Flora (4)
  • Gucci Interlocking G (4)
  • Diamantissima (2)
  • Gucci Marina (2)
  • Gucci Ghost (1)
Length / Size
  • 177.8 mm (14)
  • 190.5 mm (7)
  • Ring size 6.75 (7)
  • 25.4 mm (6)
  • 165.1 mm (5)
  • 203.2 mm (5)
  • 9.4 mm (4)
  • Ring size 6 (4)
  • Ring size 6.5 (4)
  • 500 mm (3)
  • Ring size 5.5 (3)
  • Ring size 5.75 (3)
  • Ring size 7.5 (3)
  • 34.8 mm (2)
  • 35 mm (2)
  • 370 mm (2)
  • 63.5 mm (2)
  • Ring size 10.25 (2)
  • 10 mm (1)
  • 10-50 (1)
  • 101.6 mm (1)
  • 12.7 mm (1)
  • 13 mm (1)
  • 15 mm (1)
  • 15.2 mm (1)
  • 16 mm (1)
  • 16mm (56) (1)
  • 17.8 mm (1)
  • 18,5 cm (1)
  • 184.1 mm (1)
  • 199.4 mm (1)
  • 20 mm (1)
  • 21 mm (1)
  • 21,5 cm (1)
  • 212.6 mm (1)
  • 22,5 cm (1)
  • 222.2 mm (1)
  • 23 mm (1)
  • 33 mm (1)
  • 38.1 mm (1)
  • 4 mm (1)
  • 4,3 (1)
  • 40 mm (1)
  • 420 mm (1)
  • 45 mm (1)
  • 5 mm (1)
  • 520 mm (1)
  • 53 mm (1)
  • 6 mm (1)
  • 6.5 (1)
  • 609.6 mm (1)
  • 64 mm (1)
  • 65 mm (1)
  • 67.3 mm (1)
  • 700 mm (1)
  • 73.5 mm (1)
  • 8 mm (1)
  • 965.2 mm (1)
  • Ring size 4.25, (1)
  • Ring size 6.25 (1)
  • Ring size 7 (1)
  • Ring size 8.25 (1)
  • Ring size 9 (1)
  • Ring size 9.75 (1)
  • Ringgröße 54 (1)
  • Tour de doigt 5 (1)

Why is Gucci so beloved?

Gucci jewelry is anything but modest. What other luxury brand uses graffiti aesthetics or creates their own mythical creatures? Discover this Italian label's fascinating world of masterful designs and jewelry!

What We Love About This Italian Brand

• They're modern yet value tradition

• Their spontaneity, vibrancy, and creativity

• The creative use of the "GG" logo

• Their use of motifs ranging from hearts to mythical creatures

• Their wide price range

A Luxury Brand With a Long History

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the leading names in the world of luxury attire. The brand flourished in the mid-1990s under Tom Ford. Today, creative director Alessandro Michele has returned Gucci to its position as an international trendsetter.

Gucci's famous double-G logo first saw the light of day in the 1960s. Designed using founder Guccio Gucci's initials, this well-known emblem more or less disappeared for some time. However, it was later revived and is now found throughout the Gucci catalog – including in their jewelry! The fashion house's designers play with tradition, romance, and modernity to create stunning products for men and women alike.

Modern, Rejuvenated, and Extreme

Under Alessandro Michele's leadership, Gucci has focused on blending the past with the present. One example is the brand's cooperation with artist Trevor Andrew to create contemporary designs that mix luxury with street fashion.

Part of Gucci's new style includes the many modern takes on their double-G logo, as seen in their massive jewelry catalog. At the same time, designs inspired by fairy tales add a bit of tradition to these modern pieces.

The Gucci Logo: The Heart of Many Collections

The restored GG emblem serves as the inspiration behind much of the brand's jewelry. For example, the Gucci Icon ring places the logo among the stars and planets.

The brainchild of Trevor Andrew, the Gucci Ghost collection puts a modern, graffiti-like spin on the famous double-Gs. Turned to face each other, Andrew uses the G's to form the eyes of a ghost, for instance.

On the other hand, the logo is more structured in the Interlocking G series and its opulent bracelets. The GG Marmont collection features an oversized double-G emblem, including on brooches.

Gucci also likes to play with other shapes, from insects and big cats to monkeys and pineapples! Gucci Bamboo bracelets feel exotic thanks to their unusual angular shape.

You'll find feline-inspired designs accompanied by intricate engravings and amazing colors in the Gucci Garden series. The Gucci Flora line is also inspired by the richness of nature.

Rings of Unimaginable Beauty

Whether it's the graffiti aesthetic of the Gucci Ghost or the handwritten look of the Blind for Love series, Gucci rings reflect the personality of their wearers.

Many pieces take their inspiration from the animal kingdom, especially from cats. Some designs are more true to life, others are more abstract, and many are encrusted with precious gemstones. If you choose something from the Le Marché des Merveilles collection, you'll find a mythical aquatic creature with a feline face enveloping your finger!

From Rebellious to Mythical: Necklaces for Every Woman

Wearing a Gucci necklace truly makes a statement, whether it's a lion-head pendant on a long chain or a leather choker. In addition to the double-G, the company also plays with motifs from times gone by, including pieces based on mythical rituals performed by ancient cultures. Would you wear a shark-tooth charm made of bone or horn?

There are also less ostentatious pieces, such as the necklaces in the Diamantissima collection. Their delicate lattice patterns are easy on the eyes.

Gucci jewelry also works well in combination. For example, you can pair a gold Le Marché des Merveilles necklace with a matching feline-inspired bangle.

The Many Faces of Gucci

Bold, dreamy – and wicked: The wide variety of Gucci jewelry never ceases to amaze us! What other brand offers big bad wolves, as seen in the Anger Forest series, next to heart motifs in the Blind for Love collection? Equestrian fans will swoon over the Horsebit line, while lovers of fairy tales have plenty to choose from in the Le Marché des Merveilles series.

If you can't get enough of the brand, you can try combining pieces or even completely changing your style. Anything's possible with Gucci!

How much does Gucci jewelry cost?

Official list prices for jewelry begin around $130 for a silver pendant. However, most pieces sell for between $300 and $6,000.

You'll find more exotic creations beginning around $16,500. The five-band Ouroboros ring, for example, sells for $17,400. It takes the ancient Egyptian snake symbol and embellishes it with precious stones in various shades, such as white and black diamonds and red topaz.

Gucci uses metals like gold (yellow, white, and rose), silver, and sterling silver. Some sterling silver pieces are even artificially aged to give them a more antique look. They are generous with gemstones and unusual materials like horn and colorful resin. Their fashion jewelry line also contains various metals, glass pearls, aged gold, and other gold elements

Prices for the Most Popular Collections

 Collection  Approximate Mid-Level Price Range  Type of Jewelry
 Gucci Ghost  $200 - 400   Ring
 Icon  $400 - 2,000   Ring 
 Le Marché Des Merveilles  $1,500 - 5,700   Ring

Buying Pre-Owned Gucci Jewelry – is it worth it?

Considering how rare these pieces are, it's an easy "yes" from us! On our online marketplace, you'll find beautiful pieces that are nearly impossible to find on Gucci's own website. What's more, buying pre-owned jewelry means saving some serious cash.

This is especially useful if you're trying to buy a full set with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

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