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Gucci Earrings: Minimalism was yesterday!

Gucci earrings are everything, but not minimalist – they impress with their extravagant shapes, colors and designs. The Italian luxury brand's collections include playful and powerful, sparkling and simple gems. Find out more about the unique creations for the ears and discover Gucci's colourful world of flowers, bees and butterflies!

Gucci's lion head earrings – awaken the predator in you

Over the years, the stately wildcat has developed into a distinctive feature of the house. It emphasizes the enthusiasm for the great outdoors as well as for wild animals and became a synonym for the Italian luxury label

Gucci earrings with lion heads consist of the highest quality materials: 18-carat yellow or white gold is set with the finest diamonds. Faceted crystal stones such as yellow beryl, green diopside or fiery red opal adorn the mouth of the predator and demonstrate its strength. 

Le Marché des Merveilles ear jewelry – a market of wonders

In the creations of the Le Marché des Merveilles collection, the feline head – half cat, half mythical creature – is a characteristic element. In some models, it appears from behind, both powerful and subtle. The cat head motif is the epitome of Gucci's earrings: wild, colourful, playful and just as aggressive – a market of wonders!

The ear jewelry in this range will win us over with its mystical diamond-set eyes and the variety of gemstones used. Black onyx, pink opal or aquamarine are perfectly set off. In this line you will also find Gucci hoop earrings – with a structured torchon motif that animates the earrings and is predestined for every stylish lady.

Gucci flower earrings – beautiful and playful

Gucci's earrings with a flower motif also stem from the fascination for the outdoors, which has always been a source of inspiration for the designers. The floral designs combine the shape of the flower with Gucci's signature double G, creating a successful composition of old and new symbols. 

Asymmetrical designs in 18-carat white gold, precious diamonds and sparkling pearls are the hallmarks of Gucci's earrings for women. Especially Gucci’s pearl earrings enchant us!

Symbolic Gucci GG earrings

The legendary Double G logo – a design from the 1970s – is derived from the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci and adorns numerous jewelry creations. 

Yellow-gold Gucci stud earrings with GG feature either no stones, white jewels or multicolored carbuncles to create a stunning rainbow effect.

GG Running earrings are made of 18-carat yellow or white gold. The faceted diamonds give the earrings a luxurious aura, with the number of gemstones varying according to model. If you don't want to be too obvious, these enchanting pieces of jewelry are also available as simple mini Creoles.

Romantic silver Gucci earrings 

Not quite as high quality, but just as beautiful, are Gucci heart earrings. You can choose from heart-shaped earrings with Gucci lettering or a variation engraved with a heart, an eye and "Blind for Love". Whichever you choose, they all focus on love and look stunning.

In addition to the romantic models, there are also classic silver GG earrings that bring the unmistakable Gucci symbol to the fore. 

Fashion Jewelry Earrings: Beastly and Fruity

The fashion jewelry line of the Italian luxury label presents itself colourful and richly detailed. With flowers, lion heads and double G, the characteristic Gucci motifs meet lovely animal designs like strawberries, butterflies and bees. 

A fruity accessory are the playful strawberry earrings with gold or silver plating and different colored crystals. The butterfly – a Gucci Garden landmark – comes in the form of a stud earring with colorful gemstones. The winged motif has become synonymous with the house and is suitable for any occasion. Our conclusion: Gucci butterfly earrings are simply a dream!

Gucci bee earrings are considered a classic: used as a design back in the 70's, the hardworking little animal is now making a comeback and has established itself as the brand's key code. What we love about these cute jewelry pieces is the lifelike design with crystal adorned wings.

Jewelry of the Italian brand can also be dangerous: For example the Gucci snake earrings feature engraved motifs that recreate a reptile’s scales and traits. 

Gucci earrings for men

Some simple variations such as the earrings with GG fabric or double GG sterling silver earrings are also perfect for men. If you prefer something more extravagant, you will love the powerful Gucci lion head earrings. Either way, with Gucci gold or silver earrings, men are never wrong!

How much do Gucci earrings cost?

Gucci's precious metal earrings cost between 550 and 8,700 dollars. There is a wide selection of earrings for less than $1,000, and in the price range up to $3,000, you will find many beautiful models for the ear, too. Gucci earrings in gold shine with the sun!

The prices for Gucci earrings in silver range from 170 to 300 dollars. You have to spend between 340 and 1,850 dollars on the popular fashion jewelry of the Italian brand – and one of the magnificent pieces is yours! 

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