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Marco Bicego embodies the upmarket, Italian attitude to life like hardly any other designer. All handcrafted jewelry exudes more than just a touch of "Dolce Vita".

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The secrets behind the jewels of Marco Bicego

The name of the company "Marco Bicego" comes from the father of the current owner, who bears the same name. In 1958, Bicego decided to create an unmistakable luxury label that captures the Italian way of life. And indeed, the "Dolce Vita" has been present in all the jewels of the luxury manufacture for over 55 years. Also because the brand is still family-owned and, despite technical innovations, continues to rely on proven traditions and characteristics.

Thus the goldsmith can proudly claim to produce "Made in Italy". From the first cut of the precious stones to the processing of the gold and the finest details – the entire production process takes place under the watchful eyes of Marco Bicego himself. Contrary to initial associations, the family does not come from Milan, famous for fashion and luxury, but from the Trissino region. There are historic and prestigious cities such as Venice, Verona and Padua.

The three hallmarks of the jeweler

Luxury jewelry by Marco Bicego is inevitably associated with three associations that have always characterized the company:

  • Colourful gems: The founder was fond of sparkling, even picturesque gems. Whether yellow, red or green – the more colour, the better. This is how the jewelry perfectly captures the life-affirming, Italian flair.

  • 18-carat gold: Marco Bicego makes no compromises and uses only 18-carat gold, which consists of 75 percent pure gold.

  • Laborious handcraft: The basic shapes of necklaces, rings and bracelets are completely handmade by the company. The goldsmiths also cast the gold alloy themselves to guarantee the purity of the precious metal. 

What makes the Italian designs so distinctive?

Bicego itself is inspired by the old Venetian jewelry tradition. Especially the high phase of the Venetian trade culture is reflected in the jewelry. Bicego skilfully combines these influences with more modern trends to make rings, necklaces and co. accessible to a select audience in the 21st century. The jewelry from the world-famous blacksmith's shop looks playful, noble and sublime at the same time.

Despite industrialisation, digitalisation and modern production methods, Marco Bicego still relies on handcraft: the company trains goldsmiths for years before they are allowed to produce the jewelry collections and luxury unique pieces. It is precisely this handcraft that makes the design of the traditional label so unique. 

Marco Bicego Paradise – the name says it all

One of the most famous collections of Bicego is the "Paradise" series. The name alone suggests what lies behind the creations: paradisiacal luxury reminiscent of balmy summer evenings on a deserted island with a picturesque white sandy beach.

Characteristic features of Marco Bicego Paradise:

  • Stone size: The goldsmiths use an enormous number of gemstones of different sizes. This way the jewelry feels the perfect imperfection of nature.

  • Colours: The stones have different colors, which remind of paradise or rather a rainbow. Blue, green, yellow, red, purple, turquoise – the number of elements is large even in the smaller earrings.

  • Style: It is not uncommon for the jewels in the "Paradise" collection to be reminiscent of a beach littered with shells and stones. Thus the jewelry line escapes the otherwise dull, grey everyday life.

Bicego Jaipur – The best of India and Italy

Besides "Paradise", the Jaipur collection is also known worldwide. At first glance, the two lines appear similar: Bicego – even by its own standards – relies on an extremely large number of diamonds that shine in a wide variety of colours. But in detail, differences can certainly be seen, especially since "Jaipur" is clearly inspired by the Indian city of the same name. Thus this collection can be described as a combination of the best of India and Italy.

Bicego himself sees in it "a playful mix of gemstones, which was influenced by the colourful, Indian metropolis. Characteristic is the partly random or chaotic arrangement of the gems, which reflects life in a large Indian city in a romantic way.

Prices for jewelry by Marco Bicego

First of all: Marco Bicego produces luxurious jewelry, which has its value only because of the materials used. Added to this is the goldsmiths' passionate craftsmanship, which has been perfected over decades of experience.

A price overview:

  • Rings: Rings with favourable prices start at around 560 to 825 dollars. Mostly they come from the Jaipur collection and have a large stone. As soon as the processed gemstone or the number of stones increases, the price increases. Most pieces are available for 2,000 to 5,000 dollars.

  • Earrings: Due to their size, small plugs can be purchased for approximately  500 dollars. But here too, if you want pure luxury, elaborate workmanship and more jewelry, you will pay 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.

  • Necklaces: They are rarely available for less than 1,000 dollars, because considerably more gold is needed for their manufacture. The prices for gemstone covered chains from the famous "Paradise Collection" range from 1,500 to 6,000 Euros.

  • Bracelets: A simple bracelet without diamonds but with 18-carat gold is available for under 1,000 dollars. Especially the popular Paradise and Jaipur bracelets are hardly available for less than 2,000 dollars.

  • In addition to the jewelry collections, Bicego also produces truly unique pieces that are among the most sought-after luxury jewelry in the world. All rings, necklaces and bracelets are available at prices of over 10,000 dollars.

Where can I find Marco Bicego jewelry?

About 60 years after its foundation, Bicego is still focusing on its core business: the production of luxury jewelry by hand. Boutiques are therefore rare: only in Venice, Milan, Verona and London have opened their own shops so far. Anyone wishing to purchase this high-quality jewelry should therefore stick to certified sales outlets

The good news is that almost every major city has exclusive jewelry shops offering at least the renowned Jaipur and Paradise collections. However, those interested in jewelry often have a much wider selection online and the pieces of jewelry come straight to your home. So look on our online marketplace FineJewels24 and find discover your new jewelry by Marco Bicego.

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