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With Messika, clear, concise forms meet typical French nonchalance. The jewelry encourages women to stand for what they are: brilliant, free, sensual and sparkling.

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Messika and the fascinating world of diamonds 

Clear, concise shapes meet typical French nonchalance: Messika's elegant diamond creations always hit the nerve of the time and enchant jewelry lovers worldwide. Find out how the company has developed into an international jewelry phenomenon and which stars are among its biggest fans!

Dreams set with precious stones

As the daughter of the famous diamond merchant André Messika, Valérie was born with the most important basic values of luxury jewelry: To get the best out of diamonds, to push the limits and to continuously strive for excellence.

From this family tradition and with a flair for special jewels, Valérie created her own brand of high quality diamond jewelry in 2005. Since then, the feminine and modern splendours of the detailed designer have caused an international sensation. 

Driven by her passion for the king of gemstones and inspired by his colour as well as his cut, she presents the jewel in her creations in an exciting, exuberant and revolutionary way. Influences of Haute Couture as well as street style are also reflected in her creations. 

About her fervor she says herself on the official Messika website: "Waking up each morning with the same desire to imagine, create and dream. That's what drives me. Messika is a story of passion, love and diamonds. Success is above all human."

What distinguishes the jewels of Messika Paris

  • Movement: Slim diamond lines provide surprising flexibility 

  • Freedom: The comfortable models allow freedom of movement

  • Lightness: hollowed out parts create a delicate and airy style

  • Purity: the Maison is always looking for the essential – from pure stones to clean designs

  • Sensuality: With its flowing form, the jewelry pays tribute to feminine grace 

From the sketch to high-end jewelry in 5 steps

  1. Gouaché: About 100 sketches are made before a design is approved, then an expert creates an image with water-soluble colours (gouaché)

  2. Production: Research and numerous discussions finally lead to a model and its various elements

  3. Soldering: With the help of a welding torch the jeweler completes the assembly 

  4. Polishing: Then comes the finishing touch, so that the jewelry shines in all its glory

  5. Setting: Shaping the material, cutting and refining the metal as well as adjusting the stones finalize the jewel

These 3 Messika collections enchant us

With her flair of form and proportion, Valérie strives to design jewelry that creates a sense of movement and sensual fluidity. In doing so, she constantly surprises with new designs that underline feminine beauty and combine the timeless with the contemporary. Three of these series have particularly appealed to us:

Messika Move – moving diamonds for every day

The signature jewelry of the Maison presents itself elegant and modern at the same time. Three moving gems, packed in a timeless aesthetic, make the Move models the perfect companion for every day..

After only ten years, the series went down in jewelry history as an icon. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the extraordinary collaboration of Messika and Gigi Hadid was born. Their passion for diamonds brought the two ladies together: The result was Messika by Gigi Hadid – a high-quality series that plays with graphic designs and convinces us with its rock and punk accents.

"I loved working with Gigi. Her sense of detail and her discerning eye completely won me over. Gigi is the embodiment of the Messika woman. She is spontaneous, sunny and bright," Valérie enthuses about the American model on the official Messika website. 

Messika My Twin - magical sparkle in a double

Inspired by the idea of doubles, Valérie launched the famous twin collection. Her vision was to fuse two stones together to enhance the quality of each other. 

The masculine and geometric emerald cut pairs with the feminine and sensual drop cut. At first the two shapes appear to be rich in contrast, but complement each other perfectly for a romantic rendezvous: opposites attract! 

Messika Glam'azone – a game of contrasts

Not only the My Twin creations play with contrasts – the Glam'azone jewels also fascinate us because of their striking opposites: a strong and daring design meets sensuality. 

Inspired by the myth of the Amazons – female warriors of antiquity – the jewelry conveys the image of a free and conquering woman. Lines reminiscent of arrows and spears of the Amazons are surrounded by a seductive diamond pavé. 

These stars love Messika

With her Messika earcuff including a drop-shaped gemstone, singer Beyoncé gave a breathtaking performance at the Roc Nation The Brunch in Los Angeles in 2019. Also on her fingers several rings from the French house showed up. 

At the Cannes Film Festival Toni Garrn shone on the red carpet with her jewels. The German top model presented herself with Diamond Catcher earrings as well as two Desert Bloom rings and was therefore a real eye-catcher.

Actress Selena Gomez was also caught with the French jewelry creations: Snake Dance earrings and a Toi & Moi High Jewelry ring sparkled on her body.

The Maison’s accessories also caught our eye at the Critics' Choice Awards in Los Angeles: Julia Roberts wore a Madeleine necklace as well as a Toi & Moi ring. The same ring her acting colleague Charlize Theron combines with her Sirenetta earrings by Messika. 

How much does Messika jewelry cost?

The French jeweler's official prices start at $625 for a Messika ring made of black titanium. They range up to $122.900 for a three-strand necklace weighing 8.7 carats. Overall, the Maison offers many exclusive jewels – but even under $10.000 there is a very wide range of enchanting models. 


 Jewelry pieces

 Official prices (approx.)

 Messika rings

 $625 - $33.350 

 Messika bracelets

 $800 - $83.650

 Messika necklaces

 $850 - $122.900

 Messika earrings

  $940 - $27.100


In addition to numerous used models, you can find stunning new jewels at attractive prices on our online marketplace. Be inspired by our offer and discover breathtaking Messika jewelry!

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