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Roberto Coin jewelry

The Italian luxury brand Roberto Coin captivates fans with its diverse catalog of jewelry. The variety is truly impressive! These fantastic creations are a colorful blend of different styles.

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Length / Size
  • 12 mm (9)
  • 177.8 mm (5)
  • 30 mm (5)
  • 25.4 mm (4)
  • 32 mm (4)
  • Ring size 6.5 (4)
  • 19 mm (3)
  • 21 mm (3)
  • 22 mm (3)
  • 28 mm (3)
  • 36 mm (3)
  • 57.1 mm (3)
  • 13 mm (2)
  • 199.4 mm (2)
  • 23 mm (2)
  • 24 mm (2)
  • 25 mm (2)
  • 31.8 mm (2)
  • 34 mm (2)
  • 38.1 mm (2)
  • 45 mm (2)
  • 53 mm (2)
  • 63.5 mm (2)
  • 7 mm (2)
  • Ring size 6 (2)
  • Ring size 6.25 (2)
  • 10 mm (1)
  • 137 mm (1)
  • 139.7 mm (1)
  • 14 mm (1)
  • 15 mm (1)
  • 15.2 mm (1)
  • 159.5 mm (1)
  • 16 mm (1)
  • 18.0 cm (1)
  • 180 mm (1)
  • 184.1 mm (1)
  • 196.8 mm (1)
  • 20 mm (1)
  • 215.9 mm (1)
  • 22.1 mm (1)
  • 24.2 mm (1)
  • 26 mm (1)
  • 27.9 mm (1)
  • 33 mm (1)
  • 40 mm (1)
  • 438.7 mm (1)
  • 44 cm (1)
  • 47 mm (1)
  • 48 mm (1)
  • 482.6 mm (1)
  • 5.5 mm (1)
  • 50.8 mm (1)
  • 53 (1)
  • 55.9 mm (1)
  • 57 mm (1)
  • 6 mm (1)
  • 61 mm (1)
  • 83 mm (1)
  • Ring size 5.75 (1)
  • Ring size 6.75 (1)
  • Ring size 7.75 (1)
  • Ring size 8 (1)

Roberto Coin: Never a Dull Moment

As the creative catalyst behind many jewelry trends, Roberto Coin enjoys international acclaim within the jewelry industry. The brand's pieces are miniature works of art that tell exciting stories and spark joy.

This young Italian company is full of surprises. Their masterful creations are truly unique and cover a wide spectrum of styles.

What We Love About Roberto Coin

•       Exciting jewels

•       Jewelry that sparks joy

•       Unique pieces for every style

•       Their adventurous approach

•       Unmistakeable designs

What inspires Roberto Coin?

Roberto Coin is inspired by the colorful world around him. His designs pay homage to Italian culture and feature exotic elements from around the globe.

The pieces in Coin's collection are extremely diverse. However, they all have one thing in common: a fascination for exciting, unique jewelry design.

Roberto Coin's Diverse Style

This Italian manufacturer's jewelry embodies innovation, fantasy, and creativity. Each design exudes an unmistakable elegance and joie de vivre. At the same time, every collection has its own personality.

No two pieces have the same theme or look. Coin is known for experimenting with new designs, which is one of the many things we love about this brand!

The King of Precious Stones: Coin's Signature Ruby

Since the introduction of the historic Appassionata collection, every Coin piece has featured a single small ruby. This special signature sits on the inward-facing side of the jewelry and is a small treat for the wearer.

Rubies, also known as the "king of precious stones," are highly symbolic. In fact, Coin's own love of mythology and history is what inspired him to integrate this striking stone into his designs.

What do rubies represent?

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs considered rubies a kind of talisman. Legend has it that this valuable stone imbues its wearer with happiness, joy, love, and eternal health as soon as it touches the skin.

Some of the world's finest rubies come from Myanmar (Burma), especially coveted "pigeon's blood" rubies. Traditionally, Burmese soldiers believed these stones made them invincible, but today Burmese rubies are extremely controversial. A number of companies refuse to use rubies from Myanmar due to human rights violations.

In ancient Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist folklore, rubies are the fruit of the holy Kalpa tree (Kalpavriksha). This magical tree is said to grant wishes.

Coin's Magnificent Materials

Roberto Coin takes great care when selecting materials. The Italian manufacturer exclusively uses high-quality precious metals like 18-karat gold and platinum to craft their treasures.

They also only use ethically-sourced gemstones. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the brand's trademark rubies are actually synthetic.

Cento: One Diamond, 100 Facets

Roberto Coin is synonymous with innovation. Not only does he create diverse and versatile designs, but he's also developed his own diamond cut: the so-called "Cento" cut.

To call the Cento cut "brilliant" would be an understatement. Instead of the standard 57 facets, Cento diamonds have 100. This revolutionary cut allows diamonds to shine like never before!

Tiny Treasures: Small yet Stunning

Whether it's an initial, heart, animal, or trendy emoji pendant, this playful series is overflowing with a wide range of small, luxurious treasures.

Dominated by necklaces, the collection contains pieces made of white or yellow gold. Some even feature breathtaking diamonds. These "Tiny Treasures" pair as well with jeans and a T-shirt as they do with evening wear. You can even mix and match different pieces to create new looks.

Our tip: Tiny Treasures jewelry makes a great gift.

Princess Flower: Sparkling Bouquets 

This beautiful, feminine collection sparkles in a wide variety of designs. While most of the rings only feature a single flower, Roberto Coin usually uses a full bouquet of differently sized flowers to craft the necklaces.

The company uses twisted strands of different gold alloys to create these floral masterpieces. The surfaces have a polished or matte finish and are studded with shimmering diamonds or fine pearls.

Create your own flower arrangement by combining different pieces with each other! No matter which piece you choose, Princess Flower jewelry is sure to help you shine.

Pois Moi: Modern, Angular, and Unconventional

Recognized as the best Italian jewelry collection in 2014, Pois Moi remains a brand icon to this day. Its distinctive style blends bold linear design with subtle vintage elements. The results are eye-catching and leave a lasting impression.

The most important component of any Pois Moi piece is its 18-karat rose, white, and/or yellow gold. This precious metal shines in combination with diamonds and lends itself well to this collection's ultra-modern design based on the shape of televisions from the 1950s.

Making Childhood Dreams Come True

Roberto Coin had dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer since childhood. Despite making a name for himself as one of Europe's youngest hoteliers at age 24, he made the switch to the jewelry industry only a few years later.

Driven by his passion for crafting appealing works of art, he founded his first jewelry shop in Vicenza, Italy in 1977. He initially produced high-quality jewelry for other luxury labels. Roberto Coin wouldn't emerge as an independent brand until the release of the Appassionata collection in 1996.

His unique creations quickly earned Coin an international following. Today, he's among the most highly regarded makers of designer jewelry.

What celebrities wear Roberto Coin jewelry?

The fashion and film industries are also fans of Coin's creations. These Italian gems have made their way onto the pages of many renowned luxury magazines and are a common sight on the red carpet.

Some of the brand's most famous followers include Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Hillary Clinton, and Jodie Foster. Perhaps it's time you joined them?

How much does Roberto Coin jewelry cost?

Roberto Coin has something for everyone and every budget.

Prices begin in the low three digits. For example, list prices for Roberto Coin necklaces start around $380. Similarly, bracelets and rings go for as little as $440 and $650, respectively.

From there, the sky's the limit. Roberto Coin offers a wide range of luxurious jewelry for between $33,500 and $81,000. There are also more exclusive pieces, such as the Classic Diamond necklace with an impressive total of 49.2 carats of diamonds. This stunning piece sells for $218,000.

Prices for Popular Roberto Coin Jewelry


Official list price

Reference number

Tiny Treasures Cross Pendant



Primavera Diamond Bracelet



Venetian Princess Diamond Earrings



Symphony Pois Mois Ring



Diamonds by the Inch Necklace



New Barocco Heart Necklace



Classic Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring



Buying Pre-Owned Roberto Coin Jewelry – is it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes! Since they release new models every year, some Roberto Coin creations are extremely difficult or even impossible to find.

Another advantage of purchasing jewelry second hand is attractive prices. In fact, you can use your savings to purchase multiple pieces at once. Browse our marketplace and discover a wide variety of Roberto Coin jewelry!

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