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Tiffany bracelets: Each piece is an individual work of art 

Almost every woman wants an exclusive Tiffany piece of jewelry on her hand! Whether bracelet or bangle – Tiffany & Co. turns every movement into a work of art with elegant metals and breathtaking stones. Will one of the enchanting Tiffany bracelets soon adorn your wrist too?

What distinguishes the coveted Tiffany & Co. bracelets?

To own a Tiffany bracelet is something very special: the expertise and passion that goes into each and every piece of jewelry makes the creations incomparable. With their sense of beauty, the designers create exciting and innovative jewelry for every wrist.

At Tiffany & Co. you will find countless bracelets made of silver and in various gold variants, decorated with sparkling diamonds or shiny pearls. All of them are expressive enough to wear them on their own or yet you can combine them perfectly.

The most popular bracelets by Tiffany

The portfolio of the traditional American company offers many exclusive bracelets – from timeless classics to sophisticated creations. Which one is your favourite? Find out now!

Tiffany T – Bangles with iconic T

Graphic angles combined with clear lines characterize the wonderful Tiffany T-bracelets. T True – a collection of complex bracelets with changing patterns – joins the T Smile series: its delicately curved pieces of jewelry stand out for their playful elegance. 

The third bracelet in the collection also stands out for its harmonious swing, underlined by numerous diamonds: the hinged T Two bracelet. The double-row link bracelet enchants us with its elegant contrast to the expressive T motif. 

The wrap bracelet from the T Square collection nestles gracefully around the wrist, sparkling diamonds adorn the elegant piece of jewelry. 

Stunning Atlas bracelets

With its clear and modern design, the Atlas collection shines with graphic elegance and bold simplicity. 

The pierced, hinged bangle is characterised by its expressive shape. Accentuated with rubies or diamonds, this piece of jewelry refines every look! 

The open Atlas bangle shows itself with breathtaking sophistication – but it is also available in a hinged form if you favour this variation. 

If you prefer it timeless, we recommend the fine Atlas bracelet with cutouts: it embodies classic minimalism par excellence. 

Legendary Return to Tiffany bracelets

A classic reinvented: The Return to Tiffany collection was inspired by the iconic key ring.

The elegant ball bracelet with engraved heart pendant impresses us with its simple and timeless design. Just choose your favourite colour: The cute heart-shaped pendant is available in silver, turquoise, pink or red! 

Do you want to try something completely different? Then decorate your wrist with the expressive leather bracelet, accentuated by robust sterling silver. The leather wrap bracelet is even more extravagant: You can get it in a wide variety of colours – from iconic turquoise to bright pink and sunny yellow: Match any look!

The Return to Tiffany Love Bugs collection, inspired by a city garden, presents the lovely daisy link bracelet: The jewelry captivates with filigree daisy leaves and a modern metal mix. Equally fashionable and playful at the same time is the ladybug link bracelet – adorned by a cute little ladybug. The beastly beautiful bracelet is also available with a bee or butterfly. 

Tiffany Keys hand jewelry – the key to style 

Tiffany Keys are the epitome of optimism and hope as well as symbols of a bright future, which is also reflected in the bracelets of the collection. 

The modern yet elegant wire bracelet features a classic key that fits perfectly around every wrist. The bracelet is also available with a heart motif, which gives it an additional feminine touch. Pavé diamonds enhance the look if you like. 

The Modern Keys bangle also wraps around the wrist with its beautiful key design. As a special highlight it has a diamond-set T. Do not hesitate – Tiffany’s silver bracelets are more popular than ever.

Tiffany Victoria bracelets – it’s all about diamonds

With a unique combination of cuts, the Tiffany Victoria collection brings out the brilliance of the sparkling diamonds in the best possible way.

Discover, for example, the single row Victoria bracelet with a stunning clasp, which is adorned with marquise cut diamonds – wonderfully feminine and romantic! Spectacular gemstones in the Clustermix bracelet catch the light with every movement. 

Bracelets by Elsa Peretti – a symbiosis of nature and aesthetics

With her designs Elsa Peretti opens up nature in her own way: Her extraordinary masterpieces present themselves organically and sensually, creating a harmony between natural forms and the body. 

The famous mesh bracelet nestles smoothly against the wearer's wrist. The designer's Open Heart bracelets are clear and expressive: delicate hearts radiate timeless sophistication.

Her Bean Design bracelet is inspired by the bean, which symbolises the origin of all things. The raised asymmetry and sensual contours of the bean-design cuff bracelet also become one with the body.

Round diamonds catch the light and make it dance – in the Diamonds by the yard bracelet. This coveted piece of jewelry is also available decorated with rubies and is called Color by the yard. Decorated with pearls it is known as Pearls by the yard bracelet. We love all three variations!

Peretti's love of nature is also reflected in her Wave bracelets: they evoke the flowing lines of the ocean and give a contemporary touch to any outfit. If you like it more discreet, we recommend the single row bracelet. If you love to stand out, a multi-row piece is the perfect choice. 

The animal world should not be forgotten in your collection either: Snake bangles in the shape of the impressive reptile come with a touch of rational modernity. 

Tiffany charm bracelets inspired by sand and sea as well as pearl bracelets complete Peretti's collection. 

Paloma Picasso – New York spray art for every wrist

Paloma Picasso's jewelry combines classic European elegance with exotic influences. Her style is bold and is characterised above all by bright colours.

We especially love her graffiti bracelets and bangles: they captivate with graphic lettering such as "Love", "Kiss" or "Peace", which make impressive statements. With their graphic lines, the Groove cuff bracelets pay homage to the power of deep connections. 

This romantic jewelry consists of intertwined bands that change shape and move in harmony with the body. Additional diamonds make Paloma's Melody bracelets shine. 

The picturesque bracelets and bracelets from the Olive Leaf collection are inspired by the olive branch as a symbol of peace and prosperity.

City Hard Wear bracelets – awaken the rebel in you!

The Tiffany City Hard Wear collection is rebellious in an elegant way. It contains a large selection of exclusive ball, wrap and link bracelets – some of which are set with sparkling diamonds. A highlight is the flowing and simple wire bracelet, whose ends are rounded off by differently arranged balls. 

Tiffany Men’s Bracelets

Next to various bracelets for ladies, Tiffany also offers various models for gentlemen. The elegant pieces of jewelry are carefully crafted and they express confidence as well as an individual personality. Predominantly leather, silver and cuff bracelets bestride the versatile selection of Tiffany. There is something for everyone!

What treasures do the stars wear on the Red Carpet?

Actress Emma Stone performed diamond bracelets in white and yellow gold at the Oscars 2015. Colleague Reese Witherspoon chose a diamond set of bracelet, earrings, rings – all set in platinum – for the Oscars night. When will you be taking out your new Tiffany bracelet?

How much do Tiffany & Co. bracelets cost?

You can get a simple wire bracelet made of sterling silver for as little as $175. However, the price range extends up to $66,000 for a magnificent Tiffany bangle from the Paloma’s Melody collection. 

The largest selection is in the medium range between 700 and 39,000 dollars. For just a few thousand euros you can get a coveted bracelet made of exclusive precious metals.

Popular Tiffany bracelets and their prices

 Piece of jewelry

 Official Price 

Return to Tiffany bead bracelet


Tiffany pearl bracelet


Tiffany ball bracelet (yellow-gold)


Tiffany link bracelet (sterling silver)


Tiffany toggle bracelet



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