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Tiffany cufflinks – Dress up your outfit

They are an absolute eye-catcher, give every look that certain something and never go out of fashion: Tiffany cufflinks are THAT accesory an man can own. Find out why Tiffany men’s cufflinks are a must for every shirt and discover the most popular creations of the American brand.

Not without my cufflinks!

Although they are only a few centimeters tall, they have a significant influence on a man's appearance. Because cufflinks are the best example of how the small things count – cause the devil is in the detail and the detail is always in accessoires! 

The supposedly inconspicuous pieces of jewelry are more popular than ever! Why? They not only fulfil their functional purpose, but also lend a special touch to every outfit – so they turn the everyday look into a real eye-catcher.   

Some stars also like to set a statement with their collar buttons: Pierce Brosnan presents himself as Agent 007 with the chic accessory – and even on official occasions he doesn't show up without his beloved cufflinks. 

You’ll never go wrong with cufflinks by Tiffany

The American jeweler offers a variety of cufflinks in different materials, colors and shapes for fashion-conscious men. No matter if Tiffany cufflinks in silver or 18-carats gold, pearl or diamond set or in the shape of a knot – they present themselves in an especially multi-faceted way! 

Tiffany's cufflinks are also an excellent gift for men who attach great importance to their appearance. If you like it individual and personal, you can buy engraved cufflinks from Tiffany. How about the initials, the date of birth of the children or your own wedding day?

Do you prefer more playful designs? Then the Tiffany airplane cufflinks or the Starfish studs would definitely be a unique asset to your collection. 

What we love about Tiffany’s cufflinks

  • signature designs
  • authentic craftsmanship
  • classic elegance

Popular cufflinks from Tiffany & Co. and their prices

The official prices for Tiffany cuff buttons range from $ 200 to $ 4,600. For $ 200 you can get black or charcoal-coloured items in ruthenium over copper in the legendary bean design. 

For $ 4,600 available: Tiffany cufflinks in gold copyrighted by Schlumberger with a blue enamel glaze and an intricate design. Almost the same price is achieved by Elsa Peretti's cabochon models in sterling silver with turquoise highlights. This piece of jewelry convinces us with it’s smooth and sensual setting. 

Tiffany & Co. cufflinks in the shape of a knot are particularly popular: the refined, modern and urban jewelry becomes one of your treasures for round about $ 3,500. Cufflinks in shape of a barbell are also very popular with men – this modern accessory in sterling silver belongs to your collection for a price of $ 250. 

In addition to numerous new pieces of jewelry, you can find breathtaking vintage Tiffany cufflinks at outstanding prices on our online marketplace FineJewels24. Get inspired by our offers and find your new favourite Tiffany item!

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