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Why Tiffany earrings make you shine on every occasion

Tiffany & Co. has done it – the fine jeweler from New York City fascinates jewelry lovers worldwide with his earrings. From breathtaking earrings and modern creoles to artistic ear studs: Tiffany has something for everyone in his repertoire! 

Do you want to shine with your new Tiffany earrings? Then explore the fascinating pieces and detect your personal favourite! You will also find out what the exclusive jewelry has to do with the most famous tennis courts in the world…

What Tiffany's popular ear art stands for

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"! Just as the world star and film icon Marilyn Monroe once sang, Tiffany’s diamond earrings are also in great demand by the ladies. 

What is so special about them? The ear jewelry stands for absolute luxury and timeless elegance. Tradition meets modernity: So if you prefer it elaborate, yet simple and elegant, you will be thrilled by the American art for the ear!

Even the crème de la crème of Hollywood actresses can't ignore the Tiffany & Co. earrings. Quite a few have fallen in love with these exclusive jewels: admirers include Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway and Blake Lively.

What is Tiffany's ear jewelry doing on the tennis court?

Tiffany earrings on the most famous tennis courts in the world – how come? Especially for the Russian tennis-grave Maria Sharapova, the traditional American company created a jewelry collection that she wore on her ears.

"Maria Sharapova is a longtime friend of Tiffany and a champion on and off the court. It gives us great pleasure to accent her on-court look with earrings that epitomize both the quality of her championship play and Tiffany’s reputation for design excellence", said Tiffany & Co. spokeswoman Linda Buckley.

The designers matched the various creations made from the finest materials to the elegance of the athlete. Sharapova was given an exclusive ear pendant for each tournament and had the glamour on her side every time she played. Tiffany and the tennis player: an exclusive double!

These are the most popular Tiffany earrings

In addition to breathtaking earrings, the company has modern creoles as well as pretty ear studs in stock: Find out more about the fascinating creations and discover the great variety!

Tiffany T: ear jewelry with graphic angles

Wonderfully simple, with clear lines and graphic angles – that's how the Tiffany T collection presents itself. 

T Smile earrings are stylish and elegant, adding a subtle touch to any look. The "smile" adds a feminine and playful charm. 

T Wire rod earrings are modern and expressive: additional diamonds accentuate the rods of the hanging jewel, if you like. The elegant Tiffany hoop earrings are also available with the precious stones or in a natural look. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong with the classic design!

Return to Tiffany Earrings: Classics reinvented

Inspired by the iconic key ring, the Return to Tiffany collection was first introduced in 1969. The round earrings are suitable for a casual everyday outfit because of their simple and traditional engraving, but they also round off your evening look perfectly.

The classic mini heart earrings with the "Return to Tiffany" inscription are available in sterling silver, yellow gold or rose gold. Even sweeter are the Tiffany heart earrings with their "Love" engraving. Made of precious metal, they go with everything. With accents in typical Tiffany blue, they add a splash of colour to your outfit.

Atlas: impressive masterpieces for the ear

The Atlas collection shines with its clear, modern design and captivates due to its graphic elegance. The graceful and refined Atlas creoles of the range are simple and timeless, but still set modern accents. 

You will receive the ear jewelry in different metals. Optionally without gemstones or with three diamonds, which set the Roman numerals perfectly in scene.  

Victoria: jewelry of impressive radiance

A unique combination of cuts makes the diamonds of the Tiffany Victoria collection particularly radiant. Their play of colours creates a romantic sensibility that reminds us of a starry sky and makes us dream. 

Sparkling brilliant-, or marquise-cut diamonds set the classic pearl earrings of the series in scene: this way, the highlights from freshwater breeding are shown off to even better advantage.

Diamond-studded earrings in the form of flowers are also part of the repertoire: due to their beautiful shape, the gemstones outdo each other in their radiant brilliance. The diamonds of the Clustermix earrings are arranged in such a way that they perfectly frame the wearer's face.

City HardWear: Rebellious and unconventional

The brand's City HardWear series is elegantly headstrong and reflects the essence of women in New York City. 

Modernity as well as a pleasant and easy to wear design characterize the Tiffany ball earrings of this series. The earrings are simple and elegant at the same time, enhancing any look. You get the highlights with one or three pearls – depending on how eye-catching you like it!

Perfectly balanced and hanging on a fine chain, the three beads on the HardWear earrings play with tension and proportions. The expressive link earrings, on the other hand, are distinguished by their graduated design, which makes your appearance even more extravagant! 

Paper Flowers: As powerful as they are sophisticated

The models of the Paper Flowers-series are inspired by abstract petals, which radiate a modern femininity. Beautiful earrings with diamond blossoms appear particularly filigree and make an elegant statement.

You will also find the jewelry with open, overlapping petals and with colourful gemstones such as Tanzanites. 

Sensual ear jewelry by Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti succeeds in opening up nature in her own way with her sensual designs for the ear. Simple shapes like beans become fascinating accessories that everyone remembers. 

The designer's mesh net earrings fall fluently over the contours of the body. You discover them in gold, rose gold or sterling silver, decorated with round diamonds or pearls. There is something for everyone!

What happened to us were the Diamonds by the Yard earrings: The diamonds catch all the light so that they seem to dance. We love that sparkle!

The freshwater pearls on the Pearls by the Yard earrings give the impression of floating on the filigree chain. Add a bit of colour with gems like ruby, amethyst, aquamarine or moonstone. Decide for yourself what appeals to you most!

It could hardly be more romantic! The expressive Open Heart ear jewelry by Elsa Peretti is a tribute to love with a curved and open heart shape.

Paloma Picasso's ear art: bold and extravagant

Most notably Paloma's style is brave and her designs captivate with bright colours that combine European elegance with exotic influences.

The charismatic graffiti earrings are inspired by the spray art on New York's buildings. You can wear them individually or combine them with another design: Different lettering like "Love", "Kiss" or "Wish" give a feminine touch to every outfit. 

With the Loving Heart climbing earrings, Paloma Picasso interprets the legendary symbol of love in a unique way. Little hearts adorn the extravagant pieces of jewelry that wander up along the ear. The simple ear stud variation represents two playfully interwoven hearts that seem to dance with each other. 

Her Olive Leaf earrings are a beautiful homage to the fertile olive branch, which she sees as a symbol of peace and prosperity. Some of them are even decorated with rare freshwater pearls. 

How much do Tiffany earrings cost?

Tiffany earring prices lie between 145 and 41,000 dollars: The various graffiti earrings by Paloma Picasso e.g. start at $145. The price range extends up to a maximum of $41,000 for diamond-set clustermix platinum earrings: the drop earrings in the Victoria series are a full 1.67 carats.

The largest selection of earrings is in the medium price range between 500 and 5,000 dollars. The popular Tiffany knot earrings made of sterling silver, for example, can be purchased for $300. Also at this price you can get the coveted Tiffany pearl earrings.

Tiffany earrings in silver reach prices from $175 to 3,150, while Tiffany’s gold earrings cost between $450 and 4,800. Single gold earrings are already available from $225.

Coveted creations and their prices

 Pieces of jewelry

 Official Prices

 Tiffany teardrop earrings

 $200 - 6,000

 Tiffany infinity earrings

 $200 - 600

 Tiffany diamond stud earrings

 $600 - 6,000


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