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Tiffany Necklaces: Timeless Classics and Lavish Treasures

Tiffany & Co. creates some of the world's most popular jewelry. However, this American company crafts much more than beloved engagement rings. Tiffany necklaces are also coveted treasures with designs ranging from the classic and simple to the downright extravagant.

Visionary Masterpieces

Tiffany & Co. represents the pinnacle of jewelry-making craftsmanship and innovative jewelry design. Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837, this company has become a global powerhouse thanks to its high standards and remarkable ability to keep up with or even define the latest trends.

Creative Necklaces

We love all of Tiffany's beautiful creations, but we are especially fond of their necklaces. The options are seemingly endless, from delicate chains to spectacular link necklaces in varying lengths featuring extraordinary pendants.

This storied manufacturer crafts their versatile necklaces out of the finest materials, including silver and various gold alloys. Many pieces also feature exquisite diamond or pearl embellishments.

The Top 4 Tiffany Necklaces

While every Tiffany necklace is a sight to behold, these models are especially stunning:

Return to Tiffany Necklace: A Classic Reimagined

The Return to Tiffany collection contains one of the most popular Tiffany necklaces. Its romantic heart-shaped pendant will never go out of style. This necklace comes in 18-karat gold or sterling silver.

Fun fact: This collection first appeared in 1969 as a customer service program. Back then, the heart-shaped pendant was attached to a key chain that read "Please Return To Tiffany." The most recent iterations of this famous design are a reminder of Tiffany's ability to craft pieces that transcend generations.

Tiffany T: Minimalist Treasures with the Iconic "T"

The Tiffany T necklace is yet another stunningly elegant and timeless piece. By layering multiple necklaces, you can create your own unique look that reflects your personal style.

Each necklace is simple and charming, yet stands out thanks to the collection's overarching motif: the letter "T."

The Tiffany T necklace comes in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. There are also two-tone models, as well as coated-steel editions.

Tiffany Keys: The Key to Her Heart

Tiffany & Co. is also famous for their refined key-shaped pendants. The legendary Tiffany Keys series stands for empowerment and self-determination. Options range from pieces made of plain metal to elaborate, diamond-encrusted keys fit for royalty. The materials are just as diverse, with keys made of sterling silver, 18-karat gold, or platinum.

There's a Tiffany key necklace for everyone, including youthful and modern designs as well as more classic looks. Some keys are strictly no-frills, while others feel especially feminine thanks to their delicate elements. Sparkling diamonds or other colorful stones like tsavorite, rubies, and sapphires transform many pieces into eye-catching treasures.

Necklaces by Elsa Peretti: Diverse Materials Meet Unconventional Motifs

Tiffany designer Elsa Peretti makes diamond jewelry for everyday life. She's not afraid to strip her creations of anything non-essential. Peretti gets her inspiration from the shapes and colors of nature. Whether it's teardrops, reptiles, bones, or even small water bottles, her creations don't conform to traditional design standards.

Perhaps her most famous motif is the bean, which appears on many bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. This legume symbolizes the origin of all things.

Each bean necklace is made of precious metal and has a beautifully smooth surface. There are models with one central pendant, as well as versions that string multiple beans together.

Elsa Peretti's Starfish necklace will have you dreaming of the sea. This sterling silver or yellow gold piece would look as at home on the seafloor as it would in the night sky.

The Diamonds by the Yard series is composed of fine necklaces, rings, and earrings. Round, brilliant-cut diamonds sway on delicate chains, appearing to dance in the light.

Peretti has also designed lavish mesh necklaces that lay perfectly against the body's contours. Pearl-set tassels add an extra sense of luxury to certain pieces. What's more, Tiffany also offers mesh knot necklaces, mesh collar necklaces, and mesh scarf necklaces.

Tiffany & Co. Necklaces on the Red Carpet

Tiffany & Co. jewelry has made many appearances on the silver screen and is a favorite companion of Hollywood actresses on the red carpet.

For example, Kate Winslet wore a Tiffany & Co. necklace with white and yellow diamonds to the 2010 Academy Awards. The necklace was worth $2.5 million.

Nine years later, Lady Gaga's jewelry also stole the show at the same event. The singer and actress made a statement with a 128-carat Tiffany necklace worth a reported $30 million.

How much do Tiffany necklaces cost?

You can purchase a simple sterling silver chain for as little as $60. On the other end of the price range, you'll find a stunning ruby and diamond necklace listed at $138,000. However, most pieces cost between $300 and $35,000.

On our online marketplace, you'll find breathtaking new jewelry in addition to numerous pre-owned pieces at attractive prices. Explore our listings and find your next Tiffany & Co. necklace!

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