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Each piece of Wellendorff jewelry is a truly small work of art. With the highest perfection and precision, unmistakable creations in 18-carat gold are created in the traditional manufactory in Germany.

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The Fascinating World of Wellendorff Jewelry

Each piece of Wellendorff jewelry is a small work of art. This German manufacturer painstakingly crafts unique treasures in 18-karat gold.

What Makes Wellendorff Jewelry Special:

•       The world's softest necklace

•       Rotatable rings

•       Precious materials

•       German goldsmithing

•       Jewelry full of emotion

"Only the Best of Everything"

Since its foundation in 1893, Wellendorff has stood for "genuine values." This German company has been manufacturing their special creations by hand for over 125 years. Once you put on a piece of Wellendorff jewelry, it's impossible to ignore the fine craftsmanship and precision work that goes into each and every detail.

One of the reasons behind this family business' long-lasting success is the founder's motto: "Only the best of everything." That means the best materials, the best goldsmiths, and the best tools. Ernst Alexander Wellendorff was determined to make the finest jewelry around and eventually went on to supply his exquisite pieces to various European royal families, including Russian tsars.

His grandson, Hanspeter Wellendorff, established the company we know today in 1970. The brand's famous "diamond W" features on every piece, a symbol of Wellendorff's high quality standards.

Today, the company is run by the fourth generation of Wellendorffs and they have kept the "genuine values" philosophy alive. It continues to permeate every aspect of their jewelry, earning them many fans the world over.

The Secret Behind Wellendorff Jewelry

Have you ever wondered why Wellendorff pieces are such a unique, warm shade of gold? Well, we have the answer! Every piece is made of Wellendorff's own carefully-crafted 18-karat gold alloy. The gold gets its distinctive hue from a top-secret family recipe.

No other brand comes close to achieving as wide a range of colors as Wellendorff. How do they do it? The company has developed their own cold enameling process that allows colors to truly shine. This process is used to craft stunning rings, pendants, lockets, bracelets, and earrings. What's more, the enamel is not only beautiful, but also makes these treasures more robust.

Wellendorff has a unique way of imbuing each piece with a sense of life. This depth comes from different layers with fine engravings. Their craftsmen work with microscopes to apply cold enamel by hand. The result is a remarkable burst of color that's truly irresistible!

In addition to the diamond W, you'll find a guardian angel engraved on the inside of every ring and pendant. This tradition began with the "Golden Angel" collection.

Perhaps the company's greatest technical achievement is their patented folding clasp. Its design allows the clasp to be opened using just one hand. The company's use of diamonds is also remarkable. These precious gems sit tightly side by side to accommodate as many stones as possible.

Golden Silk: Wellendorff's Golden Rope

The most famous piece in the Wellendorff catalog is the Wellendorff Rope, a necklace woven by hand from an extremely fine strand of gold around 525 ft (160 m) in length. This silky smooth gold necklace is extremely comfortable to wear. Find out for yourself! This classic piece is available in a number of designs in both white and yellow gold, including a single cord or multiple intertwined ropes.

The Wellendorff Ring: Turning More Than Heads

In addition to their silky golden ropes, this family business is known for their legendary rings. These so-called "spinning rings" exude a playful charm thanks to their rotating inner rings. Sparkling diamonds, colorful enamel, and other beautiful embellishments transform Wellendorff rings into unmistakable classics.

But what is it that allows these rings to rotate so freely? It's not magic! It all comes down to the precision and technical skills of Wellendorff's master goldsmiths. When crafting these pieces, there's no room for error.

In honor of the company's 125th anniversary, Wellendorff released a true masterpiece: the diamond-encrusted My Heart ring. Currently the world's most narrow spinning ring, it was only available in 2018 and had a long waiting list.

Eternal Devotion: Wellendorff Wedding Rings

This German manufacturer creates wedding rings that represent eternal love. Their designs are especially unique. Each pair of rings is made to match, and every turn of the enchanting inner ring serves as a reminder of the wearer's tight bond to their partner.

Our tip: The delicate Diamond Julia ring, partner ring to the Diamond Romeo, looks great alongside other Wellendorff rings.

Rings of the Year: Celebrating Special Events

Every year, Wellendorff releases a new slogan that they then transform into a limited edition ring. Very few women ever have the honor of calling one of these coveted pieces their own. Perhaps you're one of them?

The most valuable ring so far debuted in 2018: the "Anything is Possible" ring. Only 218 copies exist of this stunning piece. There's also the "Golden Angel" ring from 2011, which was limited to a run of 211 pieces.

Our marketplace is home to numerous pre-owned pieces for collectors and fans who weren't able to get their hands on one of these rings during its release year.

How much does Wellendorff jewelry cost?

Prices range from four-digit figures all the way up to the mid-six figures. How is such a wide price range possible? The answer is simple: Diamonds quickly cause prices to rise, especially in the case of custom-made pieces. For rings, the number of rotatable elements also plays a role. The more intricate the piece, the higher the price!

Prices for a new Wellendorff necklace typically fall between $5,600 and $56,000. However, depending on the number of gemstones, those prices can easily double. What's more, limited edition collector's items commonly demand six-figure sums. For example, the one-off "Necklace of Eternity" made for the company's 120th anniversary is valued at over $470,000.

Rotatable enamel rings sell for $3,200 and up. If you're looking for something a bit more glamorous, you should be prepared to spend quite a bit more. Many Wellendorff rings demand anywhere from $15,000 to $22,000. Prices for wedding bands begin around $12,000 for a pair of diamond-studded rings.

Popular Wellendorff Pieces and Their Prices

 Model name  New price (approx.)  Pre-owned price (approx.)  Type of jewelry  Reference number
Silky Trio necklace  $15,000  $13,500  Necklace  4.6572
Highlight necklace  $10,500  $6,600  Necklace  
Firmament  Temptation necklace  $39,000  $32,000  Necklace  4.6680
Blueberry ring  $14,000- 15,500  $12,500  Ring  6.7161
Life's Passion ring   $5,500  $3,200-4,800  Ring  6.7161
Angel of Love ring  $22,000  $11,000  Ring  6.7026
Diamond Romeo and Diamond Julia wedding rings  $12,000-12,900       Ring Pair

 6.6811, 6.6936

Buying Pre-Owned Wellendorff Jewelry: Is it worth it?

Considering how rare some of these models are, absolutely! Their Rings of the Year and anniversary collections are especially rare and often unavailable as new jewelry. If you're still interested in getting your hands on one of these exclusive pieces, second-hand Wellendorff pieces are definitely the way to go.

The vast majority of pre-owned jewelry is just as valuable as new goods. Our platform features listings for treasures from famous collections. Perhaps we have the exact piece you've been looking for!

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