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The Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet – more than "just a nail"

It elegantly wraps itself around your wrist and is both graceful and creative – we are talking about Cartier's legendary Juste un Clou bracelet. This piece of jewelry represents more than just a nail: for decades it has embodied the wild and freedom-loving spirit of the 1970s. 

Find out how to open the popular bracelet, how to identify a fake and discover everything about the jewelry that has become an everyday object!

What makes the nail bracelet from Cartier so special?

With the Juste un Clou bracelet, Cartier transforms a nail into a luxury accessory that emphasises the specificity of everyday objects. The iconic piece of jewelry pleasantly clings to the skin. It’s also perfect for your partnerlook, cause Cartier nail bracelets suit to both men and women.

However, the rebellious It-Piece rarely comes alone. You can get Cartier's nail bangle in three different shades of gold, with or without diamonds, in narrow and wide variations as well as single or multiple winding – there is something for every taste! Which one would you like most?

How to open the coveted nail bangle

Granted – it’s not easy to free yourself alone from the jewelry. Therefore, we have put together a short guide for you:

  1. Press near the head of the nail – on the underside of the bracelet – gently on the clasp to open it.
  2. To shut the bracelet, bring both sides together until you hear a click. 

Did you know? The slim model can already be put down quickly with just one hand grip!

How do you spot a real Juste un Clou bracelet?

The success of this luxurious trend piece leads to frequent copies. However, there are a few points that will help you to distinguish a genuine from a fake nail bracelet:

  • Pay attention to the differences between the small and the original bracelet: the Juste un Clou bracelet small one can be shaped, while the classic model has a flap fastener
  • The diamonds should be colourless, must not have inclusions visible to the naked eye and should be evenly distributed
  • Brand name, size, serial number and hallmark must be clearly visible
  • Finally, two questions you should ask yourself: Does the weight of the bracelet correspond to its size? And are the serial numbers shown in the correct sequence? 

Which stars wear the legendary Cartier It piece?

The rebellious bracelet adorns the wrists of numerous celebrities. For Kristen Stewart, the bracelet represents much more than just a simple piece of jewelry: "It reminds me of the person who gave it to me."

Like the American actress, many other stars embosom the Cartier nail bracelet to their hearts and around their wrists. Miranda Kerr showed herself with the jewel several times. Anne Hathaway, Rita Ora & Co. are big fans of nail design too. 

Beatrice of York presented herself in the same way with an 18-carat Juste un clou bracelet for around $ 6,800. But the creation with an engraved "E" – perhaps an allusion to her partner Edoardo – has a much greater idealistic value for the princess. 

What are the prices for Cartier's nail bracelet?

From simple to extravagant, the bracelets in the Juste un Clou collection offer a wide range of variations. The manufacturer's official price list starts at $ 3,050 for a SM yellow or rosé-gold bracelet without any diamonds. 

If you are willing to invest a little bit more, you will find particularly more glamorous pieces – studded all over with diamonds or equipped with several twists. Prices range up to $ 317,000 for a white-gold bracelet set with a 2,352 precious stones and a totaling 26.73 carats. 

Definitely a highlight of the collection is the classic bangle without decoration, which, depending on the gold alloy, fetches a price of between $ 6,800 and $ 7,300. The cartier nail bracelet with diamonds on the nail-head, the items cost between $ 11,800 and $ 22,700.

In addition to numerous pre-owned Juste un Clou bracelets, you will find breathtaking new pieces of jewelry at attractive prices on our platform. Let yourself get inspired by our offer and find your new loved Cartier bracelet!

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