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Cartier Love: Beauty and Commitment

Express your love with the Cartier Love collection. Whether that love is directed at yourself or your partner, these unconventional pieces will show it off in stunning fashion!

What makes the Love collection legendary?

  • A representation of commitment
  • Unconventional design
  • Featuring real and artificial screws
  • Refined and sophisticated
  • Popular among celebrities

Cartier Love: The Embodiment of Passion

Screws define the exquisite creations in the Love collection. These pieces are available in platinum or yellow, white, or pink gold.

Would you prefer some glamorous accents? Perhaps some cool ceramic, sparkling diamonds, or even a rainbow of color? Pink, yellow, and blue sapphires and other colorful gemstones can add a more personal touch to your statement of love.

Can't get enough of the Love collection? Then make your own combinations! Some pieces even integrate two in one, such as a pair of intertwining bracelets.

Prices for a Piece of Love

Official list prices for the Cartier Love collection begin around $1,200. The majority of the collection sits between $1,700 and $9,500.

From there, prices skyrocket, especially for pieces with diamonds. A Love bracelet encrusted in over 200 diamonds can cost up to $56,000. Prices for Solitaire engagement rings are only made available upon request, as the number of carats can vary.

How much does Cartier Love jewelry cost?

Type of Jewelry

Official list price


$1,070 - 14,900


$4,050 - 56,000

Cord/chain bracelet

$1,210 - 2,080


$2,160 - 9,550


$1,370 - 5,000

The Cartier Love Bracelet: For Stars, Couples, and Successful Women

Hollywood power couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton showed off their love back in the 1970s with the Love bracelet (also known as the Love bangle). This bracelet has become such a powerful symbol, it's no wonder it's a popular alternative to the engagement ring.

Successful women also love this bracelet, including Eva Mendes and social media influencer Chiara Ferragni. Sometimes it's worn as its own stand-out piece, other times its combined with bracelets at different price points. The possibilities are endless!

A typical yellow gold Cartier Love bracelet (ref. B6035517) has a list price of $6,300.

How do you put the Love bracelet on?

Most Love bracelets form a harmonious oval and are secured to the wrist using a Cartier screwdriver. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open (unscrew)
  2. Put on
  3. Secure (tighten the screw until the bracelet has closed properly)

You'll need a little help to do this, and your partner is the perfect person to ask! Helping each other put on your Love bracelets is a fantastic opportunity to seal your undying love.

The SM (or small) models are thin and easier to put on than their predecessors. The open Love bracelet (or Love cuff) is the perfect, everyday alternative to the traditional model.

Tip: By clicking 'Questions about this offer?' you can find out if you need a Cartier screwdriver for your Love bracelet or if you can open it yourself.

The Love Ring: A Token of Your Love

Not sure how you want to express your love? Should it be a bracelet or a ring? Luckily, in the Love collection, you don't have to choose just one! You can purchase the standard Cartier Love ring in yellow gold (ref. B4084600) for around $1,650.

FYI: This collection also contains beautiful engagement rings. What's more, you might even find your ideal wedding ring in this unmistakable design! Most wedding rings cost between $1,000 and $8,000.

Cartier Love: Iconic Jewelry Since 1969

Designed by Aldo Cipullo, this collection has been winning over women across the globe with its simple, elegant design since it premiered. The classic version of this bracelet is opened using a mini-screwdriver, meant to be a romantic symbol of a couple's eternal connection. Today, the Love bracelet is among the most popular symbols of love! It is available in a number of varieties:

One major difference between the various models is the type of clasp. The version that can only be put on and taken off by your partner is especially romantic. However, independence can also be attractive, and freedom in a relationship can be a sign of love.

Passion comes in all shapes and sizes. That's why the Love collection offers jewelry in different sizes and colors – there's something for every stage of life or major event. You can also combine them to your heart's content!

The Love collection also makes an attractive set: The screw-like earrings are particularly nice to look at! Two interlocking rings on a fine chain are also a beautiful declaration of love.

Buying Genuine, Pre-Owned Cartier Love Jewelry

On our marketplace, you will find both new luxury jewelry as well as pieces with a story to tell! You're sure to come across precious, pre-owned Cartier Love creations at attractive prices starting around $900. At such great prices, you can even afford to add multiple pieces of jewelry to your collection!

Do you think a romantic piece from the Love collection would make the perfect Valentine's day gift? Then add it to your wish list!  Share your list with your partner so they always have the best gift ideas. This is also practical if you're looking for that perfect matching couple's piece.

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