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Cartier Love Ring

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Cartier Love Rings: Why they make every day a declaration of love

It has been on the market since the 1970s. From that time on it has achieved absolute cult status worldwide: we are talking about the Cartier Love Ring – probably the most beautiful proof of love in the world!

Would you like to know more about this cult piece of jewelry? Find out who wears it, how much it costs and what characteristics make it so special!

A piece of jewelry that seals eternal love

Designed in New York in the 1970s, the Cartier Love collection has been surrounded by an extraordinary romantic meaning ever since: to this day, it is a symbol of passionate love that transcends all boundaries. 

The Cartier Love ring is the ultimate proof of love that unites couples forever – there is no better symbol of affection and connection!

The most coveted alternative to the classic engagement ring

If a typical engagement ring is not fancy enough, you can swear eternal love to your partner with a Cartier Love ring. This iconic piece is very popular because of its elegance and timeless design.

As an engagement and wedding ring, the models are not only convincing due to their noble appearance, but also because of the used material. 18-carat gold or high-quality platinum protect the ring from damage – so you can wear it forever and it reminds you every day of the most important person in your life. How far do you go for love?

What makes the Cartier Love ring an absolute eye-catcher?

Graphic screws, handcrafted motifs and a perfect oval shape make the Cartier Love Ring a breathtakingly beautiful piece of jewelry. Betimes the Cartier Love ring is set with small diamonds or colourful gemstones that decorate it in a particularly beautiful way. Their radiance and sparkle complete the exclusive look of the piece of jewelry, which is equally at home on a woman's finger as on men's hands. So the Cartier Love ring is also suitable for him!

How to clean a Cartier Love ring

  • Clean your jewelry regularly with lukewarm, pH-neutral soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Then rinse with clear water and gently rub dry with a chamois leather or microfibre cloth

  • If worn regularly: Have the threading of your pearl jewelry checked once a year

  • Have your jewelry checked, cleaned and refreshed once a year in a Cartier boutique 

Which stars wear the It-piece?

Cartier Love rings are desired by many celebrities! In addition to the legendary Love bracelet, the stars also like to present their Cartier Love ring to the public – such as It-girl Kylie Jenner, whose hand is often adorned with three shiny pieces.

The offspring of actor Will Smith likes it especially extravagant: Jaden showed up with several Cartier Love rings – not on his fingers, but as hair ornaments to attach his dreadlocks! Oh, the celebrity youngsters ... 

How much does a Cartier Love ring cost?

Here are the Cartier Love Ring prices: You can get a narrow Cartier Love wedding band in red or yellow gold for as little as $1,070. The price range goes up to $14,900 for a Cartier Love ring in white gold with 72 sparkling diamonds – a particularly beautiful piece.

The typical Cartier Love ring is available in rose gold or yellow gold from $1,650, while the white gold version is available for $1,650. In general, the prices for the cult ring increase with the number of diamonds. A Cartier Love ring with 3 diamonds costs $3,500.

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