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Cartier Panthère: Inspired by the Wild

Inspired by the elegance of a panther, the Cartier Panthère collection allows you to channel your wild side. Spice up your jewelry cabinet with a piece or two from this untamed collection!

What Sets the Cartier Panthère Apart

  • Over 100 years of history
  • Inspired by an early "it" girl
  • Wild beauty
  • Available in a wide variety of designs
  • Haute Joaillerie

Cartier Panthère: Sleek Power Since 1914

The panther began its path toward becoming Cartier's legendary symbol in 1914 when it served as the inspiration behind a watch. Eventually, the panther made its successful transition to jewelry. Now it enjoys its own line of jewelry: the Cartier Panthère collection. This collection contains a wide array of artful pieces, including some three-dimensional ones!

Enjoy the breathtaking combination of diamonds, onyx, and emeralds as they take the shape of this graceful big cat. You can find these pieces in platinum or yellow, white, or pink gold.

Elegance in Different Price Ranges

Official list prices for this exotic jewelry start at $2,850. Most items sell for between $6,000 and $30,000. However, more exquisite pieces can cost upward of $365,000. This includes the platinum panther bracelet with over 900 diamonds, emeralds, and onyx stones.

There are also Haute Joaillerie pieces. Their prices are only available upon request, and the sky's the limit. Some of these treasures set themselves apart with colorful accents made of coral or special-cut gemstones.

How much does Cartier Panthère jewelry cost?

Type of Jewelry

Official list price


$6,000 - 25,900+


$8,250 - 29,600+


$10,400 - 35,000+


$11,200 - 37,000+

The Cartier Panther and the "It" Girl

The panther first inspired Louis Cartier, followed by one of the company's early creative directors, Jeanne Toussaint. In fact, this "it" girl was even known as "la panthère." Fittingly, her apartment was decorated with leopard pelts. She designed a three-dimensional brooch in the shape of a panther for the Duchess of Windsor in 1948. From there, more Cartier collections turned to nature.

For example, the Cartier Panthère is now joined by birds and flowers in the "Fauna and Flora" and Caresse d'Orchidées collections.

What about the panther do you identify with most: its hunting instinct, its playfulness, or perhaps even its cuddly side? There's always something new to discover about this big cat and the jewelry it inspires!

Wedding tip: Under "Cartier Maillon Panthère," you will find sensual pieces inspired by this graceful feline. There are even gorgeous wedding bands in a chain-like design!

Buying Pre-Owned Cartier Panthère Jewelry: Is it worth it?

When it's this rare, yes! On our platform, you'll find a wide variety of pre-owned pieces. This is especially advantageous for pieces that are difficult to find on the Cartier website. Perhaps you'll even find that collector's item you've been yearning for!

Purchasing jewelry second hand often comes with the benefit of attractive prices. However, this in no way affects the value of the piece.

Treasure Hunting: A Special Cartier Panther Charm

Are you looking for the Cartier charm that looks like a panther laying on its stomach? A pre-owned yellow gold model with diamonds can cost anywhere from $5,600 to $16,500. Those on the upper end of the price range come on a chain.

Compare Cartier Panthère listings here!

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