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Cartier Panthère Rings: are you wild enough?

In the fashion world, they say that everything comes back eventually. The Cartier Panthère Ring has never been gone – and it will never go out of fashion! For over 100 years, the French jeweler's wild creations have been leaping higher and higher, fascinating jewelry lovers all over the world. Find out how they have influenced the world of jewelry and which celebrities can no longer be seen without their Panther ring!

How the Cartier Panthère ring shaped the world of jewelry

"As beautiful as he is agile, as strong as he is nimble, as clever as he is cunning, as bold as he is sly, he shows the predator at the highest level it is capable of attaining" – this is how Alfred Brehm describes the big wildcat. Inspired by this impressive elegance, Cartier's former creative director Jeanne Toussaint launched the Panthère de Cartier collection. 

Over the decades, the animal grew to become an icon of the house and is still considered an unrivalled motif in the world of jewelry today. Over the course of time, the panther has always revealed new facets of its character: discreet and yet ready to leap, wild and playful at the same time. With the diverse Panthère rings you are guaranteed to revolutionize your jewelry box! Which variation do you like best?

3 reasons why a Cartier Panthère ring belongs on your hand

  • It snuggles tightly against your finger

  • The ring has an exceptional aesthetic appeal

  • He is considered an absolute it-piece


And because there are many more, here is a fourth reason: the sophisticated models are even suitable as a wedding ring. The Cartier Maillon Panthère rings present themselves in a simple and supple link design and are therefore perfect to be worn every day!

These celebrities love the Cartier Panther ring

Megastar Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 49th birthday with a dinner party in the Bahamas – she wore a huge panther head made of diamonds on her finger. The 173.000 dollar jewel was presented to her by Alex Rodriguez as a Valentine's Day gift.

The wild creations also impress the gentlemen: Rapper Jay-Z idolizes his Panthère de Cartier ring set with diamonds and onyxes – one of the largest and most expensive variations. But of course he does not only own one copy: As it befits a rapper, he also wears a golden panther ring. 

Which stars are still addicted to these exotic wonders? The Cartier Jaguar ring is especially well suited to fearless yet playful women – including Lady Gaga, Diane Kruger, Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne, as well as Eva Mendes. 

What prices do Cartier Panthère rings fetch?

The Cartier Panther ring prices are comparatively high, because Panthère is one of the most exclusive collections of the French luxury jewelry brand. The official prices start at $3.150 for an 18-carat yellow or rose gold ring, refined with tsavorite garnet and onyx. They range up to $208.000 for a 950 platinum ring adorned with 700 brilliant-cut diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones. 

The largest selection of wild jewelry for the finger is shown in a range between $7.550 and $38.200. However, some of the manufacturer's prices are only available on request.

In addition to numerous used models, you can find breathtaking new pieces of jewelry at attractive prices on our online marketplace. Be inspired by our offer and discover your new Cartier leopard ring! Are you ready to show off your indomitable side?

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