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Cartier Trinity: A Playful Style Icon

The Cartier Trinity represents three emotions and virtues that come from a place of deep devotion. Furthermore, the intertwining rings are a wonderful symbol of commitment and unity!

What makes the Trinity Collection so unique?

  • Playful, intertwining rings
  • A symbol of true devotion
  • Each shade of gold represents an emotion or virtue
  • Models in different widths
  • Models with luxurious accents

The Tricolor Classic and its Variations

Three intertwining rings define the Cartier Trinity collection. Each ring on the most characteristic models comes in a different shade of gold. Many other variations also exist!

Cartier crafts their jewelry using precious metals including platinum and various types of gold. You can also choose from different embellishments. Perhaps you're looking for something with diamonds or ceramic? There are also colorful sapphire models if you're feeling bold.

Do you prefer to wear narrow or wide jewelry? The Trinity collection has plenty of options to offer! The different widths are distinguished as follows:

  • XS: extremely fine (e.g., ref. B4088900)
  • SM: narrow (e.g., ref. B4086100)
  • Classic: medium (e.g., ref. B4052700)
  • LM: wide (e.g., ref. B4052800)

The intertwined rings can even take on a bit of an abstract look. On some earrings and necklaces, they almost resemble a rose. If you're searching for a stylish wedding or engagement ring, you'll find striking pieces with interlocking rings of gold.

How much does stunning elegance cost?

Official prices for Cartier Trinity jewelry begin around $600. In most cases, the metal or alloy used determines the price. The majority of pieces fall between $1,300 and $17,500.

The Trinity collection also has something to offer for larger budgets. Here, you'll find models where one or multiple rings are covered with glittering diamonds. At this level, prices usually increase according to the number of diamonds. A sparkling Trinity ring can cost $43,300 USD, while the matching bracelet demands $87,500. Such beautiful pieces are definitely worth the investment!

From there, the sky's the limit. Some pieces are so exclusive that their prices are only available upon request. This includes the very large Trinity bracelet with over 2,700 diamonds! As this model demonstrates, width can also impact the price.

How much does Cartier Trinity jewelry cost?

Type of Jewelry

Official list price


$800 - 43,300


$6,700 - 16,200+

Cord/chain bracelet

$580 - 3,400


$1,480 - 5,900+


$1,440 - 6,950+

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Cartier Trinity Ring

Considering its name, it's only fitting that the Trinity ring features three shades of gold. Each color represents an emotion or virtue:

  • Pink: love
  • Yellow: fidelity
  • White: friendship

The Trinity ring stands for a deep sense of connection. This is what makes it such a wonderful gift! If you choose the small SM model (ref. B4086100) with the classic Trinity colors, expect to pay $1,140. Do you prefer other colors? There are also plenty of models with shiny or black accents to choose from.

Tip: Before slipping on your multi-piece Trinity ring, be sure to space out the individual rings evenly.

Forever Yours: A Ring Like a Loving Embrace

Do you want to express feelings of commitment and unity with your wedding or engagement ring? If so, the Trinity collection is perfect for you!

The official list price for wedding rings begins at $1,140. Diamonds help to change up the look of engagement rings.

A Symbol of Devotion Since 1924

Louis Cartier designed the Trinity ring for his friend Jean Cocteau, a French poet. This creation has been the ultimate symbol of devotion for decades. Generations of men and women have fallen for its design.

The standard ring is strikingly modest and pairs well with any outfit. It also combines nicely with other jewelry.

The collection's other pieces, including playful rings, necklaces, and bracelets, complement the traditional ring as well. The possibilities to create your own versatile set of jewelry are almost endless!

Buying Genuine, Pre-Owned Cartier Trinity Jewelry

On our luxury jewelry platform, you can find new as well as pre-owned Trinity creations. Purchasing jewelry second hand comes with the benefit of an attractive price tag! What are you waiting for? Give an original piece of Cartier jewelry a new home and keep writing its history! With your savings, you can even purchase a complete set!

Compare the numerous listing on our platform while searching for your favorite Trinity piece. Don't forget to use your wish list! Between us: This is also a great tool to share with your partner.

As a symbol of eternal devotion, the Trinity ring makes the perfect wedding gift. If you're looking for something for Valentine's day, why not a lovely, heart-shaped Trinity Collier? 

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