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What are the secrets behind the famous Cartier Trinity Ring?

Hollywood stars love Cartier rings! They are especially fond of the legendary Cartier Trinity ring – probably the most famous and popular creation of the French jeweler. Now discover the meaning behind the three intertwined bands and see which celebrities have fallen for the magical aura of the It piece.

The Trinity ring: a true classic jewelry

Sprung from the creative spirit of Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity ring has become an absolute classic over the years. To this day, the famous jewel is still considered the signature jewel of the Maison. How did it come about?

Over 90 years ago, the Parisian jeweler designed a ring for the French writer and exceptional artist Jean Cocteau. It should be simple and reflect the symbolism of love. The result is the "Trinity": three intertwined bands of white, yellow and rose gold, which give the ring a unique design.

Three rings – one icon

According to its name, the ring symbolises trinity. For each of the three movable bands has a different meaning: red gold stands for love, yellow gold for fidelity and white gold for friendship. Thus the three-coloured piece of jewelry embodies the different stages of a relationship. The closed circle symbolizes infinite love: a true eternity ring that represents deep affection!

However, the history of the artistically intertwined triple ring goes back even further – namely to old pagan traditions. In accordance with these, the Trinity represents the Christian Church doctrine of the Trinity of Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in the unity of the Divine Being. The Trinity also plays a central role in Celtic culture, in the form of the mystical Trinity knot. 

These variations particularly enchant us

Like no other the Trinity ring stands for style and timeless elegance. The unique design of this piece of jewelry is discreet and goes with everything – no matter which version. Sometimes the designers have chosen three different gold alloys to set special accents, in some instances the individual bands are made of only one material.

In addition to the classic creations, the Maison also presents unusual models: especially the variant with black ceramic, which stands out strongly from the traditional gold tones, caught our eye. The solitaire ring with brilliant cut diamonds conversely convinces us with its noble and timeless design. 

The edition "Trinity Sauvage" is also extremely glamorous. The yellow-golden model features black speckles – a tribute to Cartier's famous Panthère collection.

How to create the legendary Cartier Trinity ring

The triple ring is also known as a rolling ring, as the individual circles repeatedly slide in and out. However, making this special intertwined piece of jewelry is not so easy! 

At the beginning it is necessary to forge all three rings individually. The first of them is opened again, pushed through the second and then soldered. Finally, the third ring has to be loosened, pushed through the other two and closed again. Et voilà: The legendary masterpiece is complete!

Which stars wear the It piece?

Many prominent personalities from the film industry and artist scene were impressed by the simple, geometric design. This is why Gary Cooper, Serge Lifar and King Edward VIII of England liked to wear the three-coloured ring.

The legendary cult piece also makes the hearts of many Hollywood divas beat faster: Singer Nicole Scherzinger, for example, shone with the classic Trinity diamond ring on the red carpet in Los Angeles. And Cartier's tricolor ring is also much sought-after by stars like Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Anne Hathaway and Charlotte Casiraghi. 

Especially cute: Keith Urban gave his wife Nicole Kidman an Eternity ring worth 73.000 dollars for the birth of their baby Sunday. Well, you'd have to be a celebrity...

How much does a Cartier Trinity ring cost?

The official Cartier Trinity ring prices start at $1.025 for a narrow Trinity wedding ring. It extends to $52.100 for the large model of the tricolour ring, set with 387 diamonds and a proud 4.64 carats.

The extravagant version made of black ceramic will cost you approximately $1.500. The classic Trinity ring is one of your treasures for about $1.600. The best is: all creations will arrive in the famous red Cartier jewelry box.

In addition to numerous used pieces, you can find stunning new jewelry at great prices on our online marketplace. Be inspired by what we have to offer and discover your new Cartier Trinity ring or the entire collection!

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