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Chopard Happy Hearts

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Chopard Happy Hearts: Cupid's Joyful Assistants

The colorful jewelry of the Happy Hearts collection exudes pure joie de vivre. Chopard puts hearts at the center of each design, creating sparkling tokens of love.

What We Love About Happy Hearts Jewelry

  • Colorful luxury

  • Contemporary designs

  • Playful elements 

  • Feminine creations 

  • Relaxed charm

Delightful Golden Treasures 

The playful Happy Hearts collection gets its charm from its fine details. Swirling diamonds draw the eye to these heart-shaped pieces. Using colorful stones or enamel to complete these symbols of love, Chopard achieves a perfect interplay of empty and filled spaces. 

This collection contains something for everyone, from delicate necklaces to gorgeous bangles. Of course, every piece is crafted from rose or white gold. 

Centered Around Love

As a global symbol of love, friendship, and deep emotion, many jewelry manufacturers integrate hearts into their designs. Chopard takes things a step further by dedicating an entire collection to this meaningful motif.  

For this storied brand, hearts embody more than just a special connection between two people. They also represent the company and its admiration of strong, independent women

A Colorful Icon 

Chopard's Happy Hearts collection combines exquisite diamonds with colorful hearts. It covers the full spectrum: from bright apricot and alluring red to mysterious black and sky blue, and everything in between.

What's your favorite color? Can't decide? Well, with the Happy Hearts collection, you'd don't have to, as these pieces look great combined with one another. For example, stack multiple bracelets in different colors to create your own unique and stylish look!

Celebrities in Love with Chopard Happy Hearts 

The Happy Hearts collection is wildly popular. All kinds of celebrities have worn these pieces on the cover of fashion magazines or while strolling down the red carpet. 

One of Happy Hearts' biggest fans is Rihanna. The Barbadian singer is often found pairing luxurious bangles with her various summer looks. These glamorous pieces are also common sights at Cannes, where they've adorned the likes of Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence.

An Offshoot of the Happy Diamonds Collection 

The Happy Hearts series first emerged as part of the larger Happy Diamonds collection in 2008. It has since evolved and grown into its own distinct collection. Chopard is an endless source of creativity when it comes to finding new and unique ways to incorporate diamonds into their pieces. If you like the Happy Diamonds, you're sure to enjoy the Happy Hearts as well. 

How much does Happy Hearts jewelry cost?

Prices for Chopard Happy Hearts jewelry range from four figures to $40,000 and above. Official list prices for bracelets begin around $2,800 for a piece with one colorful stone. Twist models with multiple diamonds cost up to $9,400.

Happy Hearts rings sell for between $1,700 and $12,500. Necklaces and earrings both cost at least $2,020. There are also more exclusive necklaces, such as the piece with black Tahitian mother-of-pearl and diamonds. This necklace demands $40,300. You can purchase the matching pair of earrings for $9,700.  

Prices for Popular Happy Hearts Jewelry

 Jewelry type  List price  Stone heart  Reference number
 Pendant necklace  $2,510  Onyx  797482-5201
 Necklace  $8,660  Mother-of-pearl  817482-5301
 Bracelet  $2,870  Red enamel  857482-5702
 Educate a Child bangle  $3,700  –  85A482-5100
 Twist ring  $4,330  Opal  82A082-5900
 Cocktail ring  $12,500  Tahitian pearl  827482-5350
 Earrings  $3,220  Agate  837482-5011
 Earrings  $10,500  Tiger eye  837482-1009

Buying Pre-Owned Happy Hearts Jewelry

Secondhand Chopard Happy Hearts jewelry often sells for attractive prices. Take advantage of these lower price tags to purchase more than one piece at once! Thanks to its wide variety of bracelet, ring, necklace, and earring colors, this collection is perfect for mixing and matching. 

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