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Why We Love the Pomellato Nudo

Do you find classic solitaire rings a bit too tame? Are you looking for exciting jewelry that matches your personality and looks as good with a T-shirt and jeans as it does with evening wear? If so, look no further than the colorful Pomellato Nudo!

Why the Pomellato Nudo Is a Must-Have:

•       Bold design

•       Three-dimensional or pavé gemstones

•       A stylish alternative to the classic solitaire

•       Stones in different sizes

•       Combinable sets

Breathtakingly Irresistible Simplicity

The Pomellato Nudo is crowned by a true treasure: Every piece is dominated by a "nude" cuboid stone.

Rather than hiding behind metal claws, the stone is given room to shine in all its radiance. Its many facets glint and sparkle in the light. How is this possible? The answer lies in its special mounting:

The stone of the legendary Nudo ring sits in a kind of socket and is held in place by a small sideways peg. The collection's earrings and necklaces also put the focus on their gemstones, with the golden base material shining through intermittently.

These stones come in a wide variety of colors and materials: Blue topaz, citrine quartz, and amethyst are just a few examples! They're paired with metals like titanium and various shades of gold. Pomellato also frequently combines multiple metals in one piece.

Not Without My Nudo

You can wear a Pomellato Nudo ring wherever you go. It adds a little special something to casual outfits and looks beautiful paired with formal attire. The watercolor-like hue of each stone sparkles without being over the top. A Nudo ring is a subtle yet beautiful fashion statement.

This collection offers a fun alternative to more traditional solitaire styles. Women can enjoy these timeless rings at every age.

Style tip: Pomellato rings attract attention. Nudos always look good with well-manicured fingernails coated in a polish that complements your skin tone. For example, a soft rosy pink often adds a fresh touch to lighter skin.

Playing with Style and Size

Pomellato creates numerous versions of its rings so that they're even more fun to combine. You can mix and match the following four sizes:

•       Petit

•       Classic

•       Maxi

•       Assoluto

Try this: Wear three rings on one finger. The Maxi, Classic, and Petit fit together like a charm!


This collection also stands out thanks to its diverse styles and colors:

•       Night & Day: Light or dark, symbolizing day or night

•       Nudo with Diamonds: Studded with sparkling diamonds

•       Solitaire: Shines with valuable precious metal settings

How much does Pomellato Nudo jewelry cost?

Prices for this popular series from the city of Milan generally fall between 1,500 and 5,700 USD. This price range encompasses a wide array of stunning jewelry. The collection contains plenty of choices for the sophisticated woman. Exquisite solitaire earrings that combine white pavé diamonds with colorful stones cost around 13,000 USD.

Higher prices usually result from the stones used rather than the metal they're set in. While white diamonds are particularly exquisite, emeralds and blue London topaz make worthy alternatives.

The stones also vary in size, ranging from Petit (small) to Assoluto (oversized). Find the right fit for your personality!

Each size is available in a vast array of colors – you're sure to find the right piece for you!

Prices for Popular Pomellato Nudo Pieces

Price Overview:

 Type of jewelry  Official list price (approx.)
 "Nudo Pendant":
Pendant necklaces
 Rings  $1,500-5,400+ 
 Earrings  $2,700-5,700+ 


Price Overview for Rings:

 Size  Official list price (approx.)
 Petit  $1,600-2,300 
 Classic  $2,200-2,900 
 Maxi  $2,700-3,800 
 Assoluto  $4,200-5,400 
 Night & Day  $4,700 
 Nudo with Diamonds  $5,200-6,300 
Solitaire  $2,600-5,200+ 

Is it worth buying Pomellato Nudo jewelry second hand?

Browse our platform and find a rare piece of new Pomellato jewelry – or perhaps one that comes with a bit of history! You can find fantastic deals on pre-owned jewelry.

Our wish list feature is a great way to collect the pieces you're most interested in. Use it to keep track of exquisite jewelry you want to buy for yourself or another Nudo fan!

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