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Tiffany Setting: The most famous engagement ring in the world

For more than 130 years it has been a symbol for the world's greatest love stories: The Tiffany Setting. It is a true design masterpiece, which has become the most famous engagement ring in the world. The special thing: This extraordinary piece of jewelry has always had the same look. True beauty is simply not fleeting! 

What’s the ultimate ring about?

Charles Lewis Tiffany – the "King of Diamonds" had the vision to create a ring where the focus is on the solitaire. The result: the innovative and spectacular Tiffany Setting – a true masterpiece with flawless craftsmanship that ensures that the setting is barely visible. 

The classic and filigree frame puts the central stone in the centre and takes a back seat itself. Thus the sparkling diamond rises impressively into the light and seems to float above the ring. The beautiful luminosity of the diamond is impressively revealed.

The secret? Six prongs!

This is exactly the special feature: the Tiffany six prong setting. Six claws hold the precious diamond securely, yet makes it almost completely visible from all sides. So the gemstone has enough space to unfold its breathtaking brilliance.

A brilliant new edition for the 130th anniversary

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary, the American jeweler launched a limited edition of the Tiffany Setting ring to celebrate the cult piece of jewelry. With its pavé ribbon, the exciting Pavé Tiffany Setting shines in extraordinary splendor. The impressive platinum engagement ring is also particularly versatile, as it is available with centre stones from 1.5 to over 6 carats. More is hardly possible!

With these Tiffany Setting models you are also right on target

The Tiffany Setting ring in platinum is regarded as an absolute classic – but the two versions in 18-carat yellow or rose gold also impress with their special design. While the rose gold model presents itself in a young and modern shade, the yellow-gold one appears a little bit more warmer and caresses the skin. 

Best of all, all variations are perfect for ring stacking, so you can combine them with other Tiffany rings. Especially trendy are combinations of three, where you enclose a striking ring between two filigree rings. 

"That's simply THE ring"

An engagement ring is a jewel for eternity! Many women would like to wear it for the rest of their lives in addition to their wedding ring. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a timeless piece that does not go out of fashion even after decades and fits to everyday clothes. 

What could be more suitable than the classic par excellence? The Tiffany Setting engagement ring has not changed since 1886 and still – or perhaps because of it – enchants young and old. It is and remains simply a trend and an ultimate love symbol too!

Tiffany's Managing Director Gitta Gräfin Lambsdorff is very proud of it. She describes the cult object in a few words in an interview with InStyle and says it all: "That's simply THE ring."

These stars have a huge crush on Tiffany's rings 

Hollywood ladies love Tiffany & Co. – at various public appearances they show the glamorous jewelry of the traditional manufacturer. For all of them a ring from Tiffany is a timeless cult object.

In addition to icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Jacky Kennedy or Sophia Loren, actresses Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchett have been hopelessly addicted to Tiffany's rings since many years. Also among the fans: Model Gigi Hadid and It-Girl Kim Kardashian. 

What are the prices for Tiffany Setting rings?

According to the official website, prices of Tiffany Setting diamond rings range from a low four-digits to a six-digit amount. 

A 0.2-carat platinum engagement ring costs about $ 1,600, with a 2.54-carat diamond it is one of your treasures for about $ 111,000. In yellow and rose gold, the are nearly the same. 

The Tiffany Setting solitaire with a pavé diamond band, which costs around $ 185,500, is with its 2.6 carats a particularly exclusive piece of jewelry. An absolute classic is the platinum Tiffany Setting with one carat and a price of $ 13,000.

However, the prices are always based on the gemmological characteristics as well as the cut, colour, purity and carat weight of the stone.

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