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Perfection in its most beautiful shape

Radiant beauty, incomparable elegance and craftsmanship that is second to none are combined in the precious jewelry from the house of Wd'or. Uniqueness and self-confidence merge into unprecedented rings that meet the highest demands for exclusive quality. To match any style, the timeless creations are available in 18-carat white gold, Yellow Gold and rose gold.


The Mystic Collection

A fascinating center stone with a magical attraction is the focus of this masterful creations. It is surrounded by up to 186 sparkling diamonds that complete the mystical aura of the ring.

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The Imperial Collection

It is the measure of all things and embodies pure luxury: no other ring in the world sparkles more than the Imperial – only he can limit himself by his strength. More glamour is simply not possible!

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The Luxuria Collection

Splendid, luxurious and unique: the Luxuria ring offers absolute exclusivity on all levels. It is particularly captivating due to its outstanding brilliance, which makes it a characteristic statement ring with a high recognition value.

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The secrets of Wd'or jewelry

  • A gem-setting technique that is second to none

    "I don't care what shape a gemstone takes. It must be possible to fit it into a round opening": In-house inventions, untiring patience and numerous experiments with different tools finally brought the breakthrough and revolutionised the patented Wd'or setting technique.

  • Jewels that seem to float in the setting

    The ingenious technique of Wd'or makes it possible to fit a wide variety of cut shapes such as princess, baguette or trillion into a round opening. Their unique manufacturing process puts every stone in the best possible light and meets the highest demands in terms of both quality and appearance.

  • Most precious diamonds with breathtaking brilliance

    Wd'or only uses diamonds from certified and reliable sources such as the Responsible Jewellery Council. Each gemstone is hand-selected and has at least the colour Top Wesselton and the purity VSI: The quality meets the highest standards. The quality meets the highest standards and can even be increased to IF – if desired.

  • An exceptional quality that sticks out

    In order to test the setting of Wd'or for their resilience, a ring was worn twelve months long for everyday work and then was treated with hammer blows. The result: Absolute resistance! The gemstone was destroyed – but without changing his bordered position only in the slightest.

Wd'or introduces itself

One family – one tradition – one vision

Fully satisfy customers through pure passion – that is the central mission statement of the brilliant jewelry manufacturer Wd'or. Founded in 1990 in the "Golden Town" of Pforzheim, the family business offers individual and exclusive pieces of jewelry that meet the highest standards of quality.

The passion for high-quality jewelry is deeply rooted in the family: what impresses them most is the inimitability and complexity of the creations as well as the effort that goes into the craft. "Every ring is unique – just like a fingerprint," says founder Oliver Wolfinger, raving about his works of art.

Strongly rooted in the region, the family pays particular attention to regional and certified suppliers: Each jewel is painstakingly handcrafted from selected raw materials and checked for its perfection.

How did this impressive company come about?

Wd'or arose from a company founded in the 1960s in Ellmendingen near Pforzheim, Germany, which manufactured gold cufflinks. In the 80s, this developed into a production facility for high-quality diamond jewelry – until 1990, when the company was finally transformed into Wd'or Brilliantschmuck GmbH. What sets Wd'or apart from other jewelry manufacturers is its incomparable, patented setting technique.

How did this special setting technique obtain a patent?

After years of development and countless trials, Wd'or was awarded the patent for the characteristic setting technique in 2007. The foundation was laid by a companion and close friend of the family, who was constantly driven by the desire to be able to set any gemstone shape into a round opening.

A technique that only one person worldwide can apply

Only he and his son are privy to the complicated technical processes and basic requirements of the tools. Now that the inventor has passed away, there is only one person in the world who has the skills and the know-how to apply this unique technique and to create the most exclusive pieces of jewelry.

"High quality jewelry are pieces of art to me."
- Oliver Wolfinger

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