The Imperial Collection

Precious diamonds in exclusive cuts

All the diamonds that adorn the rings in the Imperial collection have sophisticated cuts. The nine centre stones are available in the classic brilliant cut, the trendy princess cut or in a variation with the three combined cuts princess, trillion and baguette. The small surrounding stones shine in the round brilliant cut and provide a special brilliance.

  • Brilliant
  • Princess
  • Trillion
  • Baguette

Imperial – The measure of all things

Luxurious and expressive: this precious piece of jewelry was designed in 2009 and since then has always been perfected in its appearance. An exclusive ring was created, which was given the stately name "Imperial" – because its glamour is the measure of all things!

What makes the rings even more extraordinary are the three different setting techniques that unite them: The Wd'or patented and the negative setting technique as well as a pavé setting.

Thanks to the maximum bore, the size of this magnificent piece of jewelry can hardly be changed afterwards, which further enhances its individuality and exclusivity.

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