The Mystic Collection

Precious diamonds in exclusive cuts

All the diamonds that adorn the rings in the Mystic collection have sophisticated cuts. The eye-catching centre stone is distinguished by the classic brilliant cut or the trendy princess cut. The small surrounding stones shine in the round brilliant cut and provide an extraordinary brilliance.


Mystic – A companion for life

With the rings of the Mystic collection, the designers create truly impressive pieces of jewelry: They fascinate not only with their extremely difficult craftsmanship, but above all with their extraordinary brilliance.

The mystic creations impress due to the magical center stone, which highlights the patented setting technique of Wd'or. Numerous micro-pavé whose sparkle is reminiscent of the glow of the stars, frame the diamond.

The Mystic is the perfect ring for every life situation: its extravagant design makes it shine on glamorous occasions or fits discreetly into the everyday look. And because it is particularly comfortable to wear and suits your finger very delicately, it doesn't interfere with everyday work. This makes it an ideal companion for life!

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