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Cartier engagement rings – a brilliant proof of love!

We always say "yes" to these treasures: For decades Cartier engagement rings have been the perfect piece of jewelry to ask the lady of your heart the question of all questions. Not least because of their elegant and timeless design. Exquisite materials and flawless workmanship also ensure that Cartier engagement rings will give a lifetime of pleasure – the ideal promise to seal the eternal bond! 

These are the most popular Cartier engagement rings

Do you know the most popular engagement rings from France's famous jewelry store? We take you on a journey through the different collections and present you the rings that are currently en vogue!

Cartier 1895 engagement rings – Classics under the sign of love

Delicate perfection is the hallmark of Cartier 1895 jewelry: From the enchanting solitaire engagement ring to the noble wedding ring – they all present themselves as diverse as love itself. 

A central diamond in various cuts sparkles in its most beautiful facets in the 1895 solitaire rings. Often other diamonds surround it, which makes these Cartier engagement rings even more glamorous. 

Ballerine – Like a floating dance 

Not only the name, but also the appearance of the engagement ring reminds us of the world of dance, harmony and balance. The playful ballerine jewelry can be admired as a solitaire and as a wedding ring: their respective settings offer the sparkling diamonds a simple and feminine backdrop. Do you dance into your common future with this ring, too?

Étincelle de Cartier – Infinite diamonds, a true love

The lovely Étincelle de Cartier engagement rings are distinguished by their elegance and simple design. Diamond-set lines characterise the timeless and feminine jewelry pieces and sparkle with you in a competition. 

The sophistication of some creations is also special: Selected models feature several overlapping diamond bands or captivate with a special setting of the centre stone. Which woman will say "no" to that?

Destiny engagement rings – For the sparkle in her eyes

A halo of diamonds makes Cartier's engagement rings of the Destinée collection shine with a breathtaking glow. Soft curves symbolise the eternal promise of a life for two. 

The solitaire rings catch the eye with the finest diamonds in various cuts such as cushion, drop or emerald. The original splendid specimens are set with countless brilliant-cut gemstones. This makes Destinée one of the most sparkling ways to say "I love you"... 

The Cartier Love Ring – A companion for eternity

The Cartier Love ring is a modern symbol of eternal bond. Best of all, it not only impresses as a partner ring, but can also be worn wonderfully by men as an engagement ring.

Set with small diamonds, the Cartier Love ring is perfect for a proposal, because the jewelry model seals the love liberated from all conventions. The graphic screws, the perfect oval and the elegance make it a promise for eternity. How romantic!

Trinity de Cartier engagement rings – Forever connected

With its three intertwined elements in different colours, the Trinity is also perfect as an engagement ring. Each gold alloy carries its own romantic message:

Red stands for love, white for friendship and yellow for fidelity. This magnificent piece of jewelry thus embodies the various stages of a relationship, whereby the closed circle stands for an eternal bond. For decades the timeless and elegant ring has been surrounded by a truly magical aura. Our conclusion: the Trinity ring fits every hand! 

These stars said "yes" to their Cartier engagement rings 

The singer Keith Urban asked for the hand of his Nicole Kidman with a "Ring of Diamonds" engagement ring by Cartier. Mary-Kate Olsen preferred something more nostalgic: Olivier Sarkozy asked his sweetheart the question of all questions with a vintage ring from the French luxury brand and of course he got a "yes". 

The Royals also became engaged with Cartier: Prince Rainier of Monaco promised eternal love to Grace Kelly with an opulent diamond ring. Princess Madeleine received a large, rectangular diamond on a ring rail set with precious stones. And Prince Albert of Monaco put an elegant platinum ring on the finger of his Charlene.

Official Cartier engagement ring prices

How much are Cartier engagement rings? Étincelle de Cartier rings cost you between $2,410 and $15,600. A rose gold ring with a diamond in the centre and other sparkling diamonds can be purchased for $2,9900. The white gold version with several diamond-studded bands and 93 sparkling stones is a little more glamorous: it costs $15,600.  

The classic Love ring in yellow or rose gold is available from $1,650, while a white gold engagement ring with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds costs about $14,900. 

The official price list for Trinity rings starts at 970 dollars for the small version. It extends to $43,300 for the large model of the tricolor ring, which sparkles with 387 stones and has a proud 4.64 carats.

Cartier 1895 solitaire ring prices as well als prices for the exclusive Destinée and Ballerine rings are only available on request!

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