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Why Tiffany heart necklaces never go out of fashion

At the latest by the US-American film comedy "Naturally Blond" Tiffany's heart necklace achieved absolute cult status! In the meantime the designers have launched new creations of the popular classic – and they are more hip than ever

You don't know the diverse models of the New York jeweler yet? Then let's discover the romantic necklaces together!

The heart necklace: A cult object with modern updates

Tiffany's heart chains have always been among the absolute classics of the traditional American company. In the 2000s, there was hardly a fashion-conscious woman who did not own a piece of jewelry with a heart pendant. But since the popular It-pieces have received an external update, the hype surrounding them has become even greater. The object of desire is also at the top of our list!

These are the most popular Tiffany heart necklaces

Various Tiffany collections present necklaces with sweet heart pendants in their portfolio. The most famous are the coveted Return to Tiffany heart tag necklaces – but the other designs are also more than worth seeing! 

Return to Tiffany – a classic reinvented

Let's stay with the absolute cult object for now: the heart chain from the Return to Tiffany collection. In 1969, the series around the popular necklace was created from a customer service program – inspired by the iconic key ring with the inscription "Please Return to Tiffany". Reissued, it is an allusion to Tiffany's tradition of creating beauty that inspires generations – making the jewelry label a statement in today's fast-paced world.

Tiffany's heart necklaces now feature a wide variety of designs to delight every woman: In addition to the classic inscription, the new pendants are adorned with the lettering "Love" for instance. Other original patterns are also waiting to be discovered by you!

The simple and elegant aesthetics of the classic heart necklace radiate modern grace and lightness. Available in sterling silver, 18-carat yellow or rose gold, it matches any of your looks! 

You can also get it with splashes of colour in different nuances, which give the legendary piece of jewelry a special touch. With colourful borders, they add a touch of youthfulness to your outfit. Etched symbols like hearts, arrows or roses make the iconic necklaces look even more fancy.

Tiffany’s double heart necklaces are particularly romantic: the two engraved sterling silver pendants stand for style and elegance. You like it more colourful? The cute double hearts are also available in the combinations silver with pink, red or turquoise. 

Elsa Peretti's heart chains – precious treasures inspired by nature

Tiffany designer Elsa Peretti makes diamond jewelry suitable for everyday use, because she has the courage to dispense with superfluous details. The Italian designer takes her inspiration from the beautiful nature with its countless shapes and colours. Heart motifs also run through many of her designs. 

The expressive Tiffany Open Heart necklaces, for example, are a tribute to love: curved lines and open shapes make the elegant heart pendants stand out. Their organic shape forms a striking contrast to the long net or link chain. 

A little more playful is your preference? Individual precious stones such as sapphire underline the sensual shape of the heart pendant and give it a feminine touch. A pair of two hearts embodies timeless elegance and symbolizes two hearts beating for each other. The model is particularly refined with sparkling pavé diamonds that emphasize the beautiful line of the piece.

Elsa's heart chains from the Diamonds by the Yard series catch the light with their diamonds and make it dance. You can choose between the Open Heart chain with seven diamonds and open hearts or the necklace with a mini heart pendant and two round diamonds. Our personal favourite is the rose-gold version with heart-shaped diamonds: simply wonderful this design! 

Carefully matched in size and colour, the jewels of the Open Heart Pearl Necklace show off their beauty. An exciting interpretation of Peretti's famous heart design, the Full Heart pendants shine in all their glory. The Pearls by the Yard necklaces are delicate treasures whose pearls seem to float on the filigree chain: playful elegance!

Paloma Picasso – her heart beats for love

Paloma Picasso's creations combine classic European elegance with exotic influences. Her style is bold and is characterized above all by bright colours and strong shapes. Because of its importance, the heart is a recurring element in the Tiffany designer's designs. As a sign of love and friendship, the motif adorns the jewelry of numerous collections such as Loving Heart or Olive Leaf.

The crossed ends characterize all the heart pendants in the Loving Heart necklaces. You can also get them with two intertwined hearts that seem to dance playfully with each other and embody eternal connectedness. Sparkling diamonds make the jewelry even more luxurious. 

Inspired by the olive branch as a symbol of peace and prosperity, the Olive Leaf heart pendants are both opulent and filigree. The idea for these extraordinary creations came from Paloma's olive garden, which borders her house in Morocco.

Tiffany Keys – romantic keys with heart motif

The legendary key rings from Tiffany & Co. open your dream doors: As a lucky charm, the pretentious jewelry pieces radiate a positive energy. 

Refined, stylish and romantic, that’s how the Tiffany keys with a heart motif come across: We particularly like the version with round diamonds – as the epitome of simple elegance, it goes with every outfit! A little tip: keys and necklace are also available separately if you just want to own the heart-shaped pendant. 

How much do Tiffany & Co. heart necklaces cost? 

A Return to Tiffany necklace with heart pendant or mini double heart in sterling silver starts at $150. However, the price range goes up to $18,000 for a platinum Tiffany Hearts necklace set with diamonds. 

Paloma Picasso's cute heart chains cost between 185 and 3,100 dollars. Elsa Peretti's popular Open Hearts necklaces range from 150 to 18,000 dollars. Tiffany’s silver heart necklaces reach prices between $150 and 2,000, whereas Tiffany gold heart necklaces lie in a price range from $450 to 16,500. 

Popular creations and their prices


 Piece of jewelry

 Official price

 Tiffany Heart Tag Toggle Necklace


 Return to Tiffany Blue Heart Necklace

 $150 - 300

 Return to Tiffany Pink Heart Necklace

 $150 - 215

 Tiffany Heart Key Necklaces

 $180 - 11,475

 Tiffany Diamond Heart Necklaces

 $375 - 18,000


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