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A truly timeless accessory for any occasion, a bracelet effortlessly frames the wrist and accentuates any outfit. Versatile and easy to wear, no wardrobe is complete without a beautiful collection of bracelets at hand.

Popular bracelet styles

Bracelets have been found around the world in every culture and time period—and the tradition is still going strong today. Worn by both men and women, there are many types of bracelets available in a range of precious metals, gemstones and styles. Because they’re one of the most popular jewelry items, finding the right one isn’t always straightforward. That’s why knowing about the different styles available makes it easier to navigate the options and find the perfect piece to own—or to gift to that special someone.

Among the most popular and enduring styles of bracelet on the market today are:


A bangle is a simple, round type of bracelet with no closure or clasp and varying widths. It is slid over the hand and is worn loosely around the wrist. They can be simple polished metal or set with precious stones. Some bangles may be smaller but feature a gap which enables the wearer to slip the bracelet over the wrist for ease.

Bangles are popular due to their versatility; they can be stacked, as well as mixed and matched, and are as at home on a casual outfit as they are in formal occasions. Bangles are typically made of metal, and gold bangles are a popular choice. Because of this, they’re also known for the delicate sound they make when they move on the wrist.

Tennis bracelet

Thin, stylish, and the perfect accessory for any occasion, tennis bracelets are a relatively new style that became an instant classic. Accord to the urban legend, the tennis bracelet gets its name from when Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, lost her diamond bracelet designed by George Bedewi during a game. As a result, she refused to continue playing until it was found. Since then, this style has been known as a tennis bracelet, and continues to be worn by tennis players to this day.

Tennis bracelets are slim, elegant diamond bracelets. The “diamond line”, as they are known in this style, are symmetrically cut and set into neat links of gold, silver or platinum that run the length of the piece. Unlike other types of bracelets, such as bangles, tennis bracelets are flexible, which is one reason they’re associated with tennis players, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are a type of bracelet that is adorned with “charms” or pendants that signify something of importance to the wearer. The history of the charm bracelet is as old as bracelets themselves. Evidence of this style has been found in pre-historic cultures around the world, and the use of charms for cultural, religious or personal reasons has always played a part in the creation of jewelry.

Nowadays, charm bracelets are used to mark memorable moments, or bring luck to the owner. Traditionally crafted in precious metals such as silver, gold, and increasingly platinum, often the charms can be interchanged depending on the owner’s taste or the occasion, creating a personalized bracelet that stays with its owner for life. This style is also a popular type of friendship bracelet, with matching charms signifying a shared bond.

Precious gemstone & pearl bracelets

• Pearl bracelet The very definition of timeless style, pearl bracelets have been a popular accessory since antiquity. Prized for their iridescent luster, pearl bracelets blend beautifully with other bracelets and most precious stones and metals. When choosing pearls, consider their age, as well as whether or not they’re cultured or natural, as this will affect their size, color, and appearance over time.

• Precious gemstone bracelet

This is an essential part of any jewelry collection. Although diamond bracelets are often considered the hallmark of precious gemstones, there are many other equally dazzling styles available. Emerald bracelets, ruby bracelets or opals are all highly prized in fine jewelry and can vividly showcase a stunning array of colors and hues.

• Turquoise bracelet

Lastly, although it’s not a precious gemstone, turquoise bracelets endure a long-standing popularity with jewelry lovers everywhere. An opaque mineral found in a variety of rich blue hues, turquoise bracelets have graced the wrists of Ancient Egyptians, Navajo Americans, and Tiffany shoppers alike.

Magnetic bracelet

A magnetic bracelet is made from several types of metal that have been magnetized. Like copper bracelets, there are purported health benefits to wearing them. This aside, they’ve also become a popular jewelry item due to their unique appearance. Thanks to the types of metal used in the links, magnetic bracelets provide a cool, contemporary look that is equally as popular with men as it is with women. Many styles also incorporate precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver, and even pearls or gemstones.

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