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Diverse and Varied Bulgari Rings

Bulgari rings have charmed their owners since 1884. The company's success lies in the high-quality materials used in the production, as well as the designers' exquisite sense of taste. They change with the times and produce Bulgari rings in a variety of shapes and colors. The range is currently divided into ten different collections:

  • B.ZERO1
  • Bvlgari-Bvlgari
  • Bridal
  • Classic
  • Divas' Dream
  • Moneta
  • Mvsa
  • Parentesi
  • Serpenti
  • Save the Children

The name of each Bulgari collection says something about the rings featured within. The Bridal category is oriented towards couples who want to celebrate their wedding day with a very special piece of jewelry. The Divas' Dream collection offers new interpretations of exceptional 1950s cocktail rings, while the Classic category features much simpler designs.

Yet, despite these differences in style, the Italian jeweler uses the same basic principles in all of its collections: high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and careful attention to detail.

Bulgari: The Third-Largest Jewelry Manufacturer in the World

After Cartier and Tiffany, Bulgari is the third-largest jeweler in the world. The company was founded in the 1880s by Sotirios Voulgaris. The Greek native relocated to Italy, where he designed his first pieces of jewelry and sold them in his own shop. Voulgaris had to change his name upon immigration because Italy used the Latin alphabet.

His new name was Sortirio Bulgari. In the classic Latin alphabet, the brand name is spelled BVLGARI instead of BULGARI, though this seems foreign to most Europeans. Both variants are recognized in practice, though the company itself always uses the "V", and all rings that bear the brand name reflect the old Latin spelling.

Bulgari Ring "B Zero 1"

One of the most popular ring collections from this Roman jeweler is the "Bulgari B Zero 1" line. The design is unique and striking because these high-quality rings consist of multiple bands. They are intricately wound together, giving the ring a special touch. There are typically two thicker connecting rings that envelop the other bands.

Due to this design, the rings from the B Zero 1 collection are relatively broad and eye-catching. Therefore, Bulgari often forgoes including additional diamonds or other stones, which may detract from the bold look. If gems are incorporated into the ring, there are often a row of them encircling one of the bands. Gold is generally used as the base material, and rings are available in white, rose, and yellow gold. The rings are inscribed with the brand name BVLGARI, which is usually placed very prominently in front, so any observer can easily see who manufactured the piece of jewelry.

Rose Gold or White Gold Bulgari Rings

Gold is the most popular material for Bulgari rings among both wearers and designers. Due to the versatility of this metal, the rings are available in a variety of different tones.

  • Rose gold: Bulgari rings in rose gold have a slight reddish shimmer due to the copper added to the gold alloy. This makes them appear less classic and "formal" than the yellow gold versions, yet they can still be combined with precious stones.
  • Yellow gold: The classic among the gold alloys, especially for wedding rings. Many couples still prefer this basic tone for its classic, traditional look. However, it can also give cocktail rings a special luster.
  • White gold: If silver is mixed into the gold alloy, then the ring will appear almost completely silver. This brilliant metal is somewhat fresher and trendier than the heavier yellow gold.

Bulgari always insists on using 18-karat gold, which is 75 percent pure. This absolutely ensures the longevity of these high-quality pieces of jewelry, eliminating the risk of an undesired color variation showing up at a later point in time.

When You Want to Make a Statement: Divas' Dream

Bulgari produces more than just classic gold rings. In the Divas' Dream collection, for example, designers really go wild and let their creativity flow freely. All of these cocktail rings feature one or more high-quality diamonds, giving them a very refined touch.

The arrangement of the gemstones and the shape of the rings are exceptional. Some of the pieces resemble flowers with petals covered in numerous tiny stones. Other versions consist of multiple bands tightly woven together.

Sterling Silver Bulgari Rings

Although Bulgari uses gold for the base material in most of their rings, there are also some rings available in high-quality silver. The advantage of this collection lies particularly in the price because silver is significantly cheaper than gold. From an aesthetic standpoint, these pieces of jewelry are somewhat more understated and suitable for everyday wear. They fit perfectly with business fashion and can be worn with leisure outfits, though they may not work as well with an evening gown.

Though these rings are significantly more affordable, Bulgari stays true to its quality standards with the sterling silver rings as well. The level of craftsmanship is just as high as the quality of the precious metal used, giving the rings a long lifespan. They will maintain their brilliance for many years or even decades without discoloration or damage.

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