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The Diamond Ring: An exceptional piece of jewelry

Diamonds have fascinated us for centuries. Their enchanting sparkle, which arises from the refraction of incoming beams of light, irresistibly captures the gaze of the beholder. Diamond rings are also extremely valuable and, depending on the size and color of the diamond, quite expensive.

Diamond rings continue to impress, however, as they come in a diverse range of forms:

  • A silver ring makes for a classic and stylish diamond ring. Young women, in particular, prefer this youthful-looking piece of jewelry.
  • On the other hand, gold is also still a popular choice for diamond rings. Paired with a colorful diamond, these rings are the ideal companion to sophisticated evening attire.
  • As long as the stones themselves are colorless, they can also be worn with business or casual attire. In this case, however, the majority of women prefer silver for the ring's base color, in order to avoid seeming too flashy.

Regardless of the occasion or the outfit, a diamond ring cuts a fine figure on every woman's hand.

Notable Designers of Diamond Rings

Renowned jewelry designers have been producing diamond rings for centuries. The varying colors and sizes of the gems allow for a wide range of flexibility in the design, which is interpreted in different ways by the individual manufacturers:

  • Pasquale Bruni: When Bruni dabbles in diamonds, his designs are often extremely flashy and offbeat.
  • Tiffany: The New York-based firm Tiffany is without a doubt one of the most famous jewelers of all time. For more than 150 years, the manufacturer has produced jewelry of the highest quality, and its enduring popularity is aided by numerous films and songs featuring the company.
  • Piaget: The Swiss watch and jewelry manufacturer Piaget is also known for its high-quality diamond rings. Particularly rare and colorful stones often adorn the gold rings of this luxury brand.
  • Bulgari: Of course, no list of the most famous jewelry designers could fail to include Bulgari. The majority of creative jewelry ideas still come directly from its headquarters in Rome.

In addition, many high-quality pieces of jewelry come from lesser-known goldsmiths who primarily produce rings as unique specimens.

Diamond Rings in Assorted Colors for Special Occasions

Diamonds theoretically have no color and only a faint white sheen. Under magnification, however, an expert can recognize that differences most certainly exist between the various "shades of white." Far more conspicuous – and also visible to the naked eye – are colorations, or so-called "fancy diamonds." They appear colorful, unusual, and are particularly sought-after stones due to their rarity. You can distinguish seven such "fancy colors":

  • Canary yellow
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange

Of these colors, red, green, and canary yellow are especially popular. They are particularly striking, but at the same time also extremely rare. Experts claim, for instance, that a pink diamond is worth about 50 times more than a comparable colorless gem; it's not surprising when you consider they only occur in one out of every 100,000 stones.

Diamond Engagement Rings

In contrast to wedding rings, engagement rings can be opulent, sparkling, and extravagant. For this reason, a diamond ring that will conjure up a smile on the face of one's future spouse is an ideal choice for a proposal. It is, however, essential to match a woman's taste as closely as possible – although nearly every woman is sure to love a diamond ring.

A tip for gentlemen: It can be helpful if your fiancée already wears some jewelry. You can gather inspiration from these accessories, and search for an engagement ring that resembles existing pieces of jewelry – but outshines them with its impressive gem. Alternatively, a close friend can usually offer advice, as he or she will likely know your fiancée's taste quite well. Additionally, you should be familiar with your partner's ring size, so that the ring will actually fit on her finger during the romantic proposal.

Carat Value of Diamonds

The carat value of diamond rings can be confusing. This is particularly the case when the ring itself is made of gold. But there is a significant difference between gold karats and diamond carats:

  • Gold: Here, the karat value measures the degree of purity of the gold. If a ring has a value of 14 karats, for example, it is comprised of 58.5% gold, and the remainder is other metal, for instance copper or silver.
  • Diamonds: In the case of diamonds, the carat value indicates how large the actual stone is. One carat represents a weight of 0.2 grams.

Even one-carat diamonds are decidedly impressive and exude a certain amount of glamour. Particularly lavish diamonds, the blue and green varieties of which are most often placed on rings, can have up to 10 carats. Not only does the sparkle in the eyes of the wearer increase with the carat value, but the price does as well.

Gold Diamond Rings for Special Moments

Diamond rings for women come in a wide range of variants. The absolute favorite, however, remains a ring with gold as its base. Thus, the already valuable piece of jewelry is made even more valuable. Another advantage of gold is that the tone of this precious metal can be altered by goldsmiths.

  • White gold: By adding silver and other materials, the ring acquires a distinct, white luster.
  • Yellow gold: A yellow gold diamond ring has a base that is essentially untreated.
  • Rose gold: The ring acquires a slight reddish hue when a high amount of copper is mixed into the gold alloy.

Incidentally, this has no influence on the value of the ring as such. White and rose gold can also have a value of 14 or 18 karats and thus posses an extremely high level of durability.

Diamond Rings as Wedding Rings

Few people consider a diamond ring as a wedding ring. The majority of men prefer wearing simpler jewelry on their own hands. However, wedding rings with small diamonds can lend the necessary sparkle to the most beautiful day in one's life. Inconspicuous and subdued, the stones add a certain radiance to the ring. Additionally, few people have wedding rings with diamonds, so these pieces of jewelry are truly something rare.

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