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The perfect gold earrings for every occasion

There is a wide range of preference when it comes to the design of gold earrings, but the most important feature is the use of gold as a base material. This valuable precious metal gives the jewelry a long life and also protects against unpleasant infections. Here's an overview of some designs:

  • Gold earrings with diamonds: Gold earrings with one or more diamonds are particularly classy. They sparkle under any light and never fail to draw attention.
  • Stud earrings: Gold stud earrings are perfect for those who appreciate being more subtle. Studs can either shine in pure gold, or be accented with a small stone.
  • Dangle earrings: On the other hand, earrings that hang down a few centimeters from the earlobe are ideal for evening wear. They come across as playful and stylish at the same time, and give designers more creative freedom.

There are so many possibilities with gold earrings, you almost can't go wrong. Little gold studs can even be worn with casual outfits without clashing at all.

Popular designers of gold earrings

For centuries, gold earrings have been produced by famous goldsmiths. The market may have changed drastically in recent decades, but well-established brands still manage to consistently make a splash.

  • Marco Bicego: This star Italian designer has three simple, yet essential principles: 18-karat gold, multicolored gemstones, and handcrafted designs. These virtues come through in every piece, making Marco Bicego one of the most popular jewelers.
  • Bulgari: In addition to Bicego, Bulgari is also a major player when it comes to gold earrings. This large jeweler has been producing earrings for over 100 years and always adapts themselves to upcoming trends.
  • Gucci: The Italian fashion brand Gucci is also active in the jewelry sector. True to the Italian way, Gucci's gold earrings are very stylish and classy, though their range certainly includes some edgier pieces as well.
  • Shrenuj: Somewhat less well known is the Indian jeweler Shrenuj. Despite their relative obscurity, they produce extremely high-quality earrings. This designer is influenced primarily by Indian culture and fashion, so their jewelry is seen as quite exotic in other parts of the world.

Gold earrings with diamonds

When combined with diamonds, gold earrings become even more radiant. From little studs to long, dangling earrings, designers implement the precious gems in many different ways. Colored diamonds are especially cherished, and they offer a stark contrast to the yellow gold setting.

However, the classic white diamond is also a favorite of jewelry producers. Small studs can be adorned with numerous tiny stones. The nearly transparent gems sparkle under any light and are sure to turn heads.

Gold stud earrings

For those who find dangle earrings too showy, gold earrings can also be worn as studs. This option is ideal for everyday wear, when extravagant designs would be inappropriate. Yet, despite their small size, studs can also take on many forms. The simplest option would be earrings made completely of gold.

However, that may be a touch too classic, particularly for younger tastes. That's why jewelry designers usually also offer studs that feature individual gems. Studs in heart or animal shapes are also popular, though they come across as somewhat whimsical. They should be worn with caution, particularly in workplace settings, in order to avoid giving off the wrong impression.

Gold earrings: 585 or 750?

If you want to buy gold earrings, you'll come across a few numbers, such as "585 gold" or "750 gold". These designate the purity of the gold used, which should be as high as possible.

  • A higher percentage of gold makes the earrings more valuable.
  • Since gold alloys are always mixed with other metals, it is possible that oxidization and thus discoloration could occur if the gold content is too low.

It is therefore not recommended to buy "333 gold". The risk is too high that the jewelry will display a red shimmer after a few years because the percentage of copper and silver is quite high. Starting at the gold standard of 585, which is 58.5 percent pure gold, or 14 karats, you begin to find really high-quality jewelry. The only thing better than that is 18-karat gold, which is 75 percent pure. Anything above that is only used for gold coins or pure gold bars because it is impractical for jewelry making.

Dangling gold earrings for special occasions

Dangling gold earrings offer a stark contrast to studs. Classy, high-quality, and extravagant – those are the first three attributes likely to come to mind with this type of jewelry. Dangling earrings are the perfect accessory to be worn with stylish evening wear. Gold earrings have the advantage of pairing well with both simple blue or black dresses as well as more flashy hues, such as bright red.

The earrings themselves are around one to four centimeters long and can take on many different forms. Round earrings with a large stone set in the center are quite popular, but square or even asymmetrical gold earrings also look good on many ears. Thanks to the large selection, everyone can find the perfect gold earrings for their taste and style!

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